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Topdown Systems Promo for Captioning

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Topdown. For nearly 40 years, we have delivered software solutions that enhance how you communicate with your customers. Now we want to help you manage communications across your entire customer lifecycle to provide a better customer experience. That's why we created INTOUCH, the new digital-first CCM solution from Topdown. INTOUCH is a pure SAS application and the first completely new full featured CCM solution to hit the market in years. Built using microservices for easy and flexible integration and securely hosted on the Amazon Cloud Platform, INTOUCH will get your team up and running fast with intuitive template creation and communication editing tools. INTOUCH has all the features you need to create engaging customer communications for a better, more consistent customer experience across multiple touchpoints including web, mobile, email, SMS, and print all at a price that's easy to justify. It's extremely important to have an interface that is very easy to use and makes it very simple. And I think with INTOUCH, they've taken on that challenge. Most CCM solutions evolve out of old mainframe technology, and they still require programmers to extract the most value out of them. INTOUCH, on the other hand, is built with simplicity in mind from the start. Legacy systems in the insurance space were built with menu-driven approaches where it's difficult to find the functionality that you're looking for. But a modern interface can provide workflow like direction for the user so that ease-of-use concerns are taken away and business adoption increases. I think what we're seeing is a change from software that's very menu driven feature rich to software that actually is more contextual driven and has some intelligence inbuilt that enables designers to quickly and easily develop very useful templates. It's very important for a modern CCM solution to be built using microservices. Microservices allows you to construct an application with just the functionality you need with a minimal footprint, and it also provides you the ability to replace individual components without having to swap out the entire application. The base functionality that a modern CCM solution needs to have is document authoring capabilities. You also need to have workflow so that as the document moves through its lifecycle, users are able to follow through through the editing and template creation and other processes right within the CCM solution. With INTOUCH, it's very flexible. It's a really good solution that recognizes that there are different use cases. It's easy to use from a business use perspective but also from an IT perspective. INTOUCH is one of the first products to completely re-architect and redesign itself. It provides an open environment that will allow you to interface using a standards-based approach to content repositories, to other applications using RESTful APIs, and to any on-site legacy systems that you may have to interface with in order to achieve your customer communications goals. Part of the improvement in the digital customer experience for insurers is providing their communication through different channels— smartphones, tablets, SMS text messaging, whatever the customer wants for their communication channel. It's very clear that the future of CCM is in the cloud. The two major concerns that companies have when taking their information to the cloud are privacy and security. INTOUCH mitigates the concerns by utilizing all the highest level of security standards, in particular, encryption of data at rest and in motion. At INTOUCH they have security. They're compliant Not only with HIPAA and HITECH but also with the new European Data Protection changes coming up. We asked vendors to report to us the implementation times and the range of costs of their implementations. Most reported that they could implement in 90 days or less at a cost of about $100,000 to $500,000. If you look at the INTOUCH pricing, it's transparent. And that's what business users need a month. It's a single price point that includes all the features that INTOUCH brings and gives business users a lot of expense predictability. I recommend using INTOUCH because of the open API, the microservices approach, and open standards. That makes the product extensible and usable in any manner that a company would wish to utilize it in. It's price to entry is very competitive. And if you're looking to make a switch, this would be a prime candidate for evaluation. Thank you for calling Parsons Insurance. This is Joan. How may I help you today? Hi Joan. I'm calling about a claim I submitted last week. - Okay. - INTOUCH simplifies data collection and customer communications. Users quickly pick a template, then personalize the communication. INTOUCH tracks all edits for future reference. The form shouldn't take you more than five minutes. I'll send you an email version of a form and a print version as well. INTOUCH can automatically send related communications such as cc's to different recipients over multiple channels. Is there anything else I can do for you today? No, I got it. That's it. Thank you so much. You're welcome. Have a good day. Gain new efficiency and insight into your communications process with INTOUCH so you can focus on engaging customers and growing your business. INTOUCH, Topdown's new digital-first cloud-based CCM solution that is simple, powerful, flexible, and secure all at an affordable price. To find out more about Topdown and INTOUCH, visit us online. To see INTOUCH in action, just click the requested demo button to get a free one-on-one demonstration.

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