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Jacque Fresco from Project Venus 20/01/2010 pt1

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We're here in Venus, Florida, about to interview Jacque Fresco, from The Venus Project. They've got a vision of the future that is out of this world, and we're gonna check out what that means for you, for me, and for all people... all sentient beings, and the earth. Let's go check them out. (Interviewer): So how are you doing? (Jacque): Great! Thanks for the privilege of presenting these concepts, Have you seen the documentary?... Zeitgeist, the second one? (Interviewer): Yes (Jacque): Okay this is great. I'm gonna try to tell you what The Venus Project is about. I'm not gonna pull any punches, I don't want approval, I just want people to listen to what I say, think about it, and then join with us, or ask relevant questions. But if you say things like: "it will never work", I can't do anything with that, but if you point out specific areas... ...say "What are you gonna do about this? What are you gonna do about that?" Bring it up specifically. Alright, so here goes on The Venus Project. I've lived through the last depression, there were 15 million people sleeping in every empty lot across America. And there were still things in store windows... radios, washing machines,... everything, they didn't have the money, the banks failed. They bought new houses, they bought cars, and when the banks failed they couldn't pay them off. They couldn't get money, so they were kicked out. And in every empty lot in America there were millions of people sleeping. And of course at that time immediately, the government... ...didn't have any relief programs. So Al Capone, the gangster, opened more soup kitchens than the federal government. Isn't that interesting? The government also promised war veterans, World War I,... 600 bucks for they got out of the army, to start life anew. Well, of course, the government didn't have that money after the war So thousands of veterans marched on Washington. They were sleeping, again, all around the capital. And the government offered them AOU's, but you can't eat that, you can't pay your rent with that. So they marched, and they said "we want the 600 bucks you promised us". And so, the senate and the house of representatives didn't like all these veterans sleeping around Washington. So they said to Doug McArthur "get them out of there, looks bad". So he had tear gas thrown at the veterans. See, these are things that are not in your school books. Your school books are &%B.S.# And they're made to get people in line. So all your history books... ...have all kinds of men in government, always doing the right thing, always saying things nicely, those are not real people, real people make mistakes, they do foolish things. So your history book is made to look good. And of course, if you educate people to think, you can't control them. So you're educated not to think in school, you're programmed to uphold existent institutions. "What's the greatest country in the world? The good old USA." The real thing is great in what area? Where did we get this land? We took it, by force and violence, from people that already lived here. 50 million of them, and we drove them into the desert regions. Then we took California, New Mexico by force. After we stole all the land we needed... ...we put out the sign: "Thou shall not steal." Of course, England did the same thing, they say "the sun never sets on England", where do you think they got that land? They took it! And they went into other countries not to help them, but to exploit them. And this is the story of all countries, they are all corrupt. (Interviewer): So that brings up the question: Is it human nature to be warlike? (Jacque): I'm gonna answer all those things for you. So, in order to eliminate most of the problems that exist today, we have to declare the Earth and all its resources as the common heritage of all the world's people. As long as you got private property. Where did you get that from? Where did England get it from? Where did France get it from? They took many islands of the South Pacific. And they abused other nations, they went in not to help them, but to exploit their resources. So, all the wars that have ever existed are unfounded. None of them are real, none of them are based on anything. I'm gonna back it up by giving you detail. A friend of mine was a pilot in World War I, he flew over German munition dumps... ...eight times and he told me he was orders not to bomb them. He could not understand that. After the war, there was a book which is very hard to get, I suggest you look for it, "Arms and The Man", that's the name of the book, it was also run in Fortune Magazine, years ago, and it showed how Dupont had holdings... in I.G Farben. That's why didn't bombed it. That's what I mean by war is corrupt; not only... ...corrupt in the sense of killing people, it's worthless, doesn't solve any problems. So I'm going to try to point out... ...what real war would mean. If war were real, you would draft people, but you take all the war industries constrict them all, so no one makes a buck out of war, then it's real. But if you may sell war tanks, jeeps, trucks, guns, machine guns, cannons, submarines, air planes... Big business! War has always been highly profitable. Do you understand what I'm saying? OK So, it isn't that we outlaw war, what we have to do is ask the question: What makes war? What makes serial killers? What makes crime? So when I say all governments are corrupt, I meant that, all of them. Because they operate in the money system, and a money system is basically corrupt. That goes for religion too. All religions, brought up on a monetary system, caters to that system. If you don't understand me, there were movies you can get, very old movies out on World War II, you see the Catholic Church blessing war tanks, in this country and Italy at the same time. So you do all the blessing you can. So, this has nothing to do with the Christ's teachings. And when you think of the concept of God, at least the one they give you, is that God is omnipotent, knows everything, created everything, every galaxy, every universe,... and every bug and every plant, everything! And if it knows everything, they usually think in terms of telling him what to do all the time. So when you consider Christ, who was a teacher, a kind and good person, just before they crucified him, he insulted God. He looked up and he says: "Father, forgive them for they don't know what they do." You don't have to tell that to God, that's an insult. It's like telling Einstein 10 and 10 is 20. So, everybody is always telling God what to do... ... "I have an aunt ¿? she is six, she has a tumour, and she is suffering, please God, ease the pain." They assume he doesn't know a damn thing. They're always telling him: "I'm growing corn, but it didn't rain for 3 months, and my corn is drying up." They're always begging and pointing things out. The God that created, that man creates, is more like men, it gets angry, it gets pissed off, creates floods in the seas,... and then if you don't follow his teachings, you'll burn eternally! This is not God. This is a psychopath, made by men. All religions have made God in the image of man. They cannot conceive of an intelligence far beyond their own. So I'm telling you, that religion is a control device, attempting to control behaviour, by telling you what not to do. For example, God doesn't hung a penis on the male, and say don't use until you get married. Today you got married, ¿? it will pop up! So you see, you live in a pretty sick world, that makes everything around the notions of man. Man has a heaven, and it's got angels with wings. Really, they don't need wings to fly around, if they flew around without them, that would be a miracle.

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Jacque Fresco from Project Venus pt1

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