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Fundamentos de Termoeconomía - Tecnología del Cocuyo - Parte 1 (b)

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Let’s talk about excellent news, and that’s what I’ve got for you today We are getting close to the firefly technology These are the lamps of my workshop your workshop, regular, and they consume 80 watts each and at the end we’ve got the kitchen’s lamps installed with the firefly technology; they were designed for the Eco-Village and I’m delivering them to you now. These lamps use just 1 watt of energy They work using a hybrid technology, using two kinds of energy obviously. One of them is called photonic dispersion; they work through photonic dispersion during the day and when there is no more daylight, at night, they have already saved some energy and they work through luminous silicon diodes using a simple technology. We are getting close to the firefly technology. Let’s see. This is the light bulb invented by Edison and it worked well for a long time and now we have to thank Edison very much, but this is already anti-ecological because with one of these light bulbs, 5 economical light bulbs may work –their consume– and fortunately they’re everywhere already. We have turned from 1 to 5, which is quite important, but with just one of these economical light bulbs –which is the ultimate light bulb made so far, in United World we’ve got a light bulb that with one of these we can use 20 of ours through photonic dispersion representing a huge economy and they are working; it is not a tale. They’re actually working! These ones right here This is the kitchen, let me show you… I’m holding a lamp with my hand. These are working here, in the ceiling of the kitchen They are these lamps which work through photonic dispersion; and they are using a technique we will teach you very well. Their great advantage is that they are quite durable; they never get damaged. How long does this light bulb last? Let’s see how long do the others last. An Edison’s lamp, made with tungsten, those which produce a lot of heat, because of that heat, they last around 1000 hours, a thousand hours. The economical lamp lasts 5000 hours. And this lamp… it lasts 30 30 years; It is a big leap. It consumes 1 watt, and it practically does not produce any heat at all; it is very close to the firefly technology; it lasts 30 years and after 30 years they are not thrown out. All the lamps and light bulbs here are being replaced and thrown out for polluting, and they make new ones through complex technological processes and they waste a lot of energy. This lamp is never thrown out again, it lasts 1000 or 3000 years because it is made of a resistant material, whether it is thick glass or plastic or acrylic. It doesn’t matter, but they are materials which never degrade, then they last a lot. Every 30 years they are given maintenance in their system here, quite cheap, really easy, every 30 years and they work again. They are guaranteed to last at least… 2000 years. And if a lamp I give you breaks after 2000 years, somebody may bring it to me and I will gladly exchange it for a new one. Well, this is a fact. Let’s go on, let’s continue. They were designed for the Eco-Village’s houses at first because they’ve got a very practical system; they are already adapted for this technology. Modern houses, buildings, maybe they are not fit for these lamps. We’ll talk about it later; but, say, department stores, they may use energy through the firefly technology. Alright! So that this video is not so long for you, I’ll stop here, and you may meditate on the firefly. You may continue with the next video right away, “The Firefly Energy 2” Thank you… Magnum Astron - 2009

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Posted by: albasilente on Apr 13, 2009

Las naciones que más se enseñaron a depender y a derrochar la energía son las que más sufrirán, y sus ciudadanos entrarán en la peor desgracia.
Magnum propone a los Gobiernos del Mundo:
La ley de la economía termodinámica como la única solución que existe.
Se dispone a demostrar científica y matemáticamente, con ejemplos sencillos pero contundentes Fundamentos de la Termoeconomía.

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