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[ENG SUBBED] 160912 GOT7 JACKSON LIVE ON ALA APP. (Ft. Miss A Fei, JYP & Trainee Xiao Yu)

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Come in! San Shui ge (hyung)! Has anyone come in yet? Someone is moving. Eh? There's one person moving. Hello, one person! Over here, we have come to 'Weird Uncle is here', we are on our way to our 2nd stop. Right? -Yes! -Yes. Our 2nd stop, -Fenghuang County! Fenghuang County. Over there, we will see our 2nd stop's contestants. Are you guys ready? There's only 4 people. (imitating them) Ah~ we are ready! Raise your hands! And if they suddenly give balloons, (imitating again) ah, no. 7238, thank you for your balloon! Is it like that? Is it like that? Is it an illusion? My first live broadcast here is sacrificed! Wow!! -Really? It's your first time? -Yes. JYP~~~ Ge(hyung) Hello! -Hello! -Hello Xiao Yu! Xiao Yu, what are you doing now, Xiao Yu? -Are you learning how to sing? -Learning how to sing. Are you very stressed? - Tell everyone. - Come, turn around and talk to everyone. - Very. He is now already out of form. -It's here, it's here, it's here. -Now we're live broadcasting the music class. Look, how stressed he is. You can do it right? His face has become green. Face has become white! Mouth has become white too. San Shui ge, what are you doing over there? (Staff tries to explain) -Starting from airport, you already didn't care about me. Kept looking at your phone. I was preparing the events coming up later on. -You are... you are finding excuses. -Yes... Preparing different things. -Is it true? -Yes. Oh! Don't come so close! My face will be big. It's not very big. OH MY GOD! What are you doing? Everyone has such a process. Fei jie(noona) and I had this process. We are people who have gone through this. Yes. So now we aren't scared anymore. We are invincible. It's not that we're not scared anymore, it's that he has given up on us already. Gave up on you, but not me. He's carefully teaching him a new song. This is a lesson that cannot be bought back with money. At first, I thought that Xiao Yu's age is very small so he probably can be a bit more relaxed. However, I didn't expect, wow, for goodness' sake, it's really scary. Xiao Yu got scared. The blood on his face is gone. He's a little... his blood isn't flowing. A little... his face has turned green. -He keeps clapping his hands that it has... -Hit until it's numb. This was drawn by JYP hyung. This represents 'hand'. This is a hand, don't misunderstand, this is not a chicken claw. This is not a chicken claw. What are you doing?! So near?! So as to get closer to our audiences. How many people are there now? Now... 20.... 20... I can't see. Just up there there's eyes or something. -So laggy. -Our connection here isn't very good. Ah, yes, correct, it's because we're now on the road so the connection isn't very good. So let's see each other again at Fenghuang County, okay? Okay, our Fenghuang County stop, we hope that more people will be able to join us Then recently the weather is hot, so everyone please take care of yourselves. Probably they can't hear what we're saying now. It's too laggy, yes. Alright, let's meet each other at Fenghuang County! I think I have to sing a song. Hyung wants to sing a song. Song present for Tieba(the website this video was uploaded onto). -This is a little gift for you all! -Yes. Ask them if they can hear it. Can you hear, can you hear? Everyone, can you hear it? Can you see the words? Can hear it. Can hear. Batteries are almost finished so can't really hear well. Oh, over here, over here. The first time I saw you- Oh! I saw you- This was just a joke, right? Everyone has a time when they're not on form right? Oh, thank you for your fresh flowers, thank you for your fresh flowers! It's like that right? -Send you flowers. -Send you flowers. -Thank you for your fresh flowers. -Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for gifting the flowers, thank you for your fresh flowers. I have flowers! Thank (them) for gifting flowers! Say once: Thank you for gifting flowers. Thank you for gifting flowers. 32! 33! 34! 35! Thank for gifting the flowers. Thank you for gifting flowers, thank you for gifting flowers! -Thank you for gifting flowers, hyung. -Thank you for gifting flowers~ Thank you, thank you. -Live broadcast should be done like that right? -Yes, yes. Then let's see each other again at Fenghuang County! See each other again at Fenghuang County~ Weird Uncle is here! (The Audition Programme name) Bye bye~ How do you turn this off? Just now was it this? How do I turn this off? Bye bye~

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Posted by: wangjaqson on Sep 13, 2016

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