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Youth and Today's Generation (Part 1). Sadhguru

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Nobody will be sensitive. towards anyone who is talking about many things.. that does't make much to themselves.. If people arround you are to be truly sensitive to what you are saying then... you must make sure, that what you are speaking, means a wold to usual life otherwise they won't listen. It is not that.. students or young people you need to understand... youths. you are talking about youths, whether they are in college or outside college. youth means.. in some ways they yet to be created. partly.. created.. They not yet become.. anything in particular. they are becoming.. so those who are becoming.. are much bigger possibility than those who are becomes out. isn't it ? you got stuck into something they are not yet.. they are looking.. because they are looking arround for you It looks like they are big mess they are not such a mess even your parents thought you are a mess is itn't so ? did they think so ? because those who are grown up, don't understand who are growing up, but still looking arround they are not made themselves any particular way so, they don't look as stable as you are because you are stuck one way you look stable they not yet... they are still... if they are confused. I very much appreciate that confusion is Good.. that means you still you looking you have concluded something, thats not Good. because conclusion is death so, students are aping the west definitely its happening media is playing a huge role on it above all, there is no point in talking anything above all, the previous generations, especially last two three generations have failed to show the younger generations, the value that what you have. becuse, you yourself had not touched it you yourself are not living it you are talking about aping the west everything about you is western right now do you understand your shirt is western, your pant is western, your hair cut is western you are westernised.. only to the extent that you dared they are going a few steps ahead.. Isn't it so? always.. the next generation should take steps, that you did not dare to take is itn't so ? shoud they or shouldn't they ? aren't you westernised.. see you are very westernised every thing about is western, the language you speak is westernised your shirt is western, pant is western, hair cut is western what is Indian about you may be you are still eating the Indian food, they begin to like the junk food. They like macdonalds, you are still eating sambar otherwise whats the big difference you thought.. see you imitated the west of your time they are imitating the west of their times which looks exterme to you probably.. you have to fight with your father to wear a shirt Isn't it? that generation faught or no so.. you were also imitating the west as you knew west at that time. they are imitating west as they know west right now nothing very different.. If you don't want your children nor your youth to go crazy behind something which is of not much value you need to understand the whole world is trying to in some way to imitate United States right now simply because.. this is the nature of the masses who ever becomes dominent and powerfull,his ways become the best. whether they are best or not, thats not the issue who ever becomes dominent and powerfull and rich everybody wants to imitate them not too may people, in any population have the necessary intellegence to look beyond the trends of the day and do what they want to do isn't it? Isn't it so? not too many people have that kind of freedom and intellegence so.. if you dont want your youth to go co co cola way.. then you must dig into your culture and pull out something really valuable yes.. all you got is.. your Ganapathi drinks milk see you have not dug into your culture and pulled out the most valuable and shown it to them, isn't it ? yes.. All the youth in America, especially the second generation of Indians, whose parents went there and now they are there they are all coming back with me, because they see enormous value to this you show them the value. don't just try to convert them. it won't happen they are going that way.. because that is made somebody powerfull, strong if you want to them, to go this way you must show, what is the depth and value of what is here Isn't It ? if you do not know how to show it don't tell them, don't eat pizza eat dosa, they will eat only pizza

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 Sadhguru shares his thoughts on today's youth, the current generation and the trend of Westernization. (AO9-P1)

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