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imagenes verbos

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very good friends here I will show to you that is escencial to learn English the first thing you have to do when you learn English is learn as much as possible verbs right now you are seeing some images that show ... some actions that are doing some characters and it is precisely this ... if we want to learn to speak English we can not do without knowing verbs. let's say... that it is escencial, when speaking English or when talking any language It is to learn the verbs. But the question is ... Why verbs? Well, let's put a small example with a verb that comes out of here. see the following image let's see this verb, that would be ... EAT EAT CHICKEN As you can realize we would be talking about eating chicken the most important of a sentence if we would do it with this verb it would be ... imagine be able to say I eat chicken, at the restaurant obviously if we take the verb in that sentence we are talking about something that would make sense let's see how it would be ... the sentence without the verb yo___pollo en el restaurante. as you can realize the sentence makes no sense because it is missing the verb in ENGLISHOME INSTITUTE we insist enough that students must memorize verbs as much as possible because without them there could not be absolutely nothing and as you well know English we're talking about a very general rule a rule that ... we teach and which we call "FORMULAS" if these formulas exist is because they must be used and once we learned the formula, we can ... apply any type of operation what I mean is that I ... English formula is subject, verb and complement. must always exist and should always respect this formula we know that subjects are I, YOU, HE, SHE, IT, WE, THEY these are the subjects in English then come the verbs verbs like eat, sing, laugh, play call, for example, which is shown here on the screen for example, rise, up all these are verbs, and then comes a complement see in the next verb we have. hear or say could be then make an example I tell secrets I hear secrets I listen to music As you can realize, in those sentences we have always a subject but do not forget that we must be very careful very, very careful because... in Spanish it is possible to remove the subject imagine this we can say I eat pizza in Spanish I understand that the person eating pizza, is me but in English, that would not be possible say the word "EAT PIZZA" would not make sense because in English the general rule must be respected this rule says that we must use a subject that's to say that it would be "I EAT PIZZA" mandatorily and in other cases we can remove the subject And change it to a name for example miguel eats pizza to say Miguel eats pizza

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imagenes verbos

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