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Hoodwinked Too (2011)

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(narrator) There are many agencies meant to protect the security of their nation's citizens. But when there's a crime in this land, only one group can set the story straight. (frog) The Happily Ever After Agency is a secret organization, dedicated to giving every story, a happy ending. Ow. Broke a nail. (wolf) Huh? (narrator) But when a wicked witch... (boy with German accent) Oh please, we didn't mean to trespass into your delicious cookie house. (narrator)...abducts 2 innocent children... (wolf) Who names their kids Hansel and Gretel anyway? (narrator)...They'll have to get... (frog) Let's go team Alpha. Stand by for go order. (Granny) Rescue team standing by. (wolf) Hey - does anyone want to order a pizza? Wolf! (narrator)...the old team back together. Red. The leader. (frog) You two will work as partners... (Red) You can't team me up with him - he'll just slow me down. (narrator) Wolf, the clueless. [cycle revving] (Wolf) I've got me a foolproof rescue plan. [splat] (wolf, high voice) Huh-huh. Wow, this is even more painful than it looks. (narrator) Granny, the fearless. We're kickin' it old school. Alley-oop! [passes gas] Pfffft. Marvelous. (narrator) Twitchy, the inside man. (pig) Whoa. He's not wearing any pants. (sing-songy voice) Awkward. (narrator) Get ready... (frog) Let's go team Alpha. Move in. Move in. (Twitchy) We got mad skills. You swine. (narrator)...for the sequel. (pig) We're going to huff, and puff, and blow your house down. (wolf) That's not good. ♪ War -...what is it good for ♪ (narrator) That's 3D-quel. [growl] Uh... Hi. (troll) So you think you can cross my bridge. (Red) Uh-huh. (troll) There ain't no way my bridge is going to be crossed, by some red hood wearin' little girl. Bring it. Oh, muffin. [squeaks] (Red) Bye-bye! (troll) Huh? (pig) Great news! My doctor says I'm going to live! (Wolf) Guess I shoulda seen that coming. (narrator) Hoodwinked Too. Hood versus Evil. (Twitchy) What's that smell? (Wolf) Perhaps the children are nervous, and need to release a little tension. It's natural. Man that is strong. (Twitchy) Wow. ♪ Hoodwinked ♪ [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 13, 2011

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