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Woody Woodpecker in Pantry Panic

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From Universal Pictures comes... A Walter Lantz Production Woody Woodpecker in "Pantry Panic" In the quaint little town of Boysack, Scotland... There lived a little groundhog that went by the name of Jauque. He popped out of his door with an important weather bulletin. The news on the bulletin scared him out of his diaper. All the little children were like "OMG!!!" They all rushed to the bulletin board and conversed about what it said. Frohmyer said to the crowd,"Good thing I stored enough food." "Hide our flowers Louis," yelled Wilma. Batten down the hatches, close the windows, lock the door and lets blow this popsicle stand!" Louis hollered back. Bamford yipped, " wait for me my flies undone!" "OK I'm good to go, I'm not flyin low." Bamford rhymed. As tweedle dee and tweedle duum left their apartment their unborn child rolled after them. Until it was born two seconds later. Meanwhile off in the forest of Bigbush, Woody Woodpecker was out for his morning swim. Until he noticed the village people heading for Miami. He yelled," where yall headed for?" The koala replied, "Theres a cold wave coming and you better get your beak out of here." "You guys are just pullin' my chain right?" Woody answered. "Slurpslurpslurp." "Yah what he said." "Pffft, you just can't handle a little cold weather." Woody retorted. "Now I'm going for a swim." "Ahh that is refreshing." Woody sighed. But the weather kept getting colder and the days more windy. And then... The snow came. Elsewhere, Woody took a flying leap off his diving board. He soared through the air until he turned into an ice cube. He became so heavy he fell from the sky. The pond was frozen and woody was a little shaken up. "What a joke, I can't swim anymore!" exclaimed Woody. Just then a huge gust of wind picked Woody up and threw him into the sky. Then, it appears that the clouds started playing badminton with Woody as the birdie. He was hit so hard he went through a mail box. he temperature dropped drastically the next day. More snow came and the howling wind remained. Inside his cabin woody had just sat down to enjoy a feast. "Hahaha I sure got the best of the weather," Woody scoffed. It was almost as if the storm outside heard him, the wind started howling, and Woody started mocking it. The door burst open in an explosion of snow ice. And somehow a tornado formed in his house. It jumped onto the table and demolished all his food. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH my food!!!" "Thats it! I've had enough of this!" Woody yelled. He tried to tackle the twister but he was just rolled up like a cocoon. The swirling tunnel of air promtly left the house. Uh Oh;. (starring contest with Starvation) "Hmm Woody Woodpeckker eh? Sounds like a meal to me." chuckled Thelma the cat. "I'm gonna eat like never before!" "I havn't eaten since last month." "Now I'm comin' for you, you pecker." "Oh I'll be right back, someones at the door." Knock, knock, knock. Both were thinking the same thing, "I'm gonna eat you." 'Come on in," Woody said conivingly.. "Oh imma comin' "Hey 'bout we rassle?' And the fight commenced. "That was a dirty trick you rat." "Well I'm not a rat so it doesn't even matter." "Oh I guess you're right." "Hey you should try my new sauna!" "Haha, fooled that cat, now I'll just set it on simmer and wait." Catsup goes good on almost everything. But Thelma broke out of the fiery furnace! "WTF where did my cat go?"

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Duration: 6 minutes and 51 seconds
Country: Canada
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Genre: Animated
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Posted by: justineliason on Nov 4, 2009

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