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Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless System - Review

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♪♫♪♫..............[Music playing] Shure's ULX-D Digital Wireless Microphone System provides incredible performance at a great price point. The ULX-D means it's "Digital." Digital is 24-bit 48 KHz and you can put up to 14 channels in one television frequency spectrum. So you've got uncompanded audio, 48K, 24-bit. I mean, this thing just sounds wired.

They have put this through an incredible number of A/B listening tests with their wired microphones. So, for instance the SM58, you, of course you can get that in a wired microphone or you can get that on our wireless microphones. They simply took this microphone on the ULX-D, took a hardwired version of the SM58, talked into both of 'em, played instruments into the both of 'em, had people listen. They didn't know what they were listening to. They couldn't tell the difference! It's that incredible.

So you've got oustanding audio with ULX-D. The other thing that's really fascinating about this: If you've ever operated wireless microphones, you know that you go ahead and give the wireless microphone to the talent, they start singing, and sometimes it's really loud and you gotta run up, you gotta take the microphone apart. You've gotta adjust the trim control. The new ULX-D has an automatic range sensor in it. So it will adjust the input trim of the microphone so it will not clip. It tells the receiver when it's changing the range. So the receiver also adjusts the other way to keep your volume the same. You don't even hear that. So no more clipping the microphone. You do have a wide range of volume adjustment at the receiver that you can do. And so you can adjust your output level to match your on...your input on your console. So that's not a problem. But nobody else has this kind of feature where you can just give the talent, give the singer, whoever it is, the microphone and the input level will automatically adjust.

The other feature that they have is an incredible battery system. It's a special battery that's only available through Shure that'll run up to a thousand cycles of charging. The thousand cycles of charging is going to save you a lot of money on scrap batteries. I was at a church the other day. They had a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket full of alkaline batteries ready to recharge. It was incredible. You only need one battery and it'll equal that entire 5 gallon bucket of alkaline batteries. This you simply take and put it in the charger, like that, or you can take the belt pack and drop it in the charger, or you can charge the wireless microphone in the charger just like that. Set it right in, any of them. So take a look at the battery for this. It's outstanding. The other thing is that the ULX-D is fully networkable. All you do is plug in a standard ethernet connection, the RG45, use a standard router and you can connect all of these up. There's software that's going to be available, to run all of these, to monitor them from a laptop.

So you've got built-in networking. You've got the auto-ranging. You've got 24-bit audio quality. Uh, you even have encryption. This is encrypted to US government standards. Never been broken in seven years. So nobody can listen in on this transmission. Of course it comes with the belt pack. And the belt pack, uh, is heavy duty metal construction not plastic as you, you'd expect, so, professional quality. Any head that Shure makes can be put on this microphone, within reason of course. And so you've got the full selection of screw-on/screw-off microphone heads as well. So the ULX-D, outstanding performance, and incredible, innovative battery system,built-in networking, and in and just an oustanding price point for non-companded, full-range audio. Shure ULX-D. ♪♫♪♫...........[Music playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Jul 15, 2012

Shure's ULX-D Digital Wireless Microphone System features uncompended audio, 48K, 24-bit. Shure took a hardwired version of the SM58 and played them back-to-back with a ULX-D system and had people listen to them. People couldn't tell the difference. The new ULX-D has a built-in automatic range sensor in it. Nobody else has a feature in a microphone that will automatically adjust without your sound techs having to jump up on stage, take the mic apart and adjust the trim control. The ULX-D eliminates clipping the microphone. The ULX-D can be networked with a standard router and can be monitored from a laptop. The signal is encrypted to US standards, includes a metal construction beltpack. Microphone head screws on and can be replaced with any Shure mic head.

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