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20130422 YT - Dr Katsioulis' interview on West Channel (2013)

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Lets get now Ladies and Gentlemen to a very interesting event which is organized from the Forum of Kozani in collaboration with the volunteer educational organization group "Anadeixi" an Academy of higher evaluation in Thessaloniki with subject on Charisma and High Intelligence. This event will take place tomorrow Saturday at 6:00 p.m. at the hotel "Aliakmon"

We host on our main news program the founder and chairman of the volunteer group "Anadeixi" Mr.Evangelo Katsioulis. Good afternoon, Welcome. Good evening! Happy to be here with you! Thank you very much for having responded to my call to highlight both the specific event but your presence here in our news program is due to the occasion of the event. I would like to focus on some issues which will be said in a little while So a few words about what will take place tomorrow at 6:00 p.m.. First of all, having the opportunity, i would like to thank the citizens of the forum of Kozani the local team that with their cooperation, we will organize an event tomorrow to introduce this innovative substantially for Greece Greek team "Anadeixi" which we have started in Thessaloniki It is a group of volunteers as we said We deal with the charisma and intelligence of young children, and especially young people of all ages What our group does is evaluate, detect the charisma and the intelligence with specific tests and thereafter to recommend to parents and children to participate in an educational program always with the presence of child psychologists offering some support to children, advice for parents, tips for trainers, to teachers who may have some questions on how to approach the child, even giving professional advice on a second time when the child tries to catch a future career option. It's a little bit difficult to mention through our news program and through the limited time we have on air Mr Katsioulis the practices which you will mention in more detail tomorrow However a parent, how can a parent detect if his child is gifted? If it has, if it is connected with what we call high IQ. Intelligence and charisma are two different words logically they should be two different meanings Charisma is essentially the development that a child has which is a little bit stronger and more advanced compared to the age and physical stage of the child If a parent notices that his five year old child acts like a ten year old which is a friend of the family or another child out in the neighborhood, then logically in this child a growth is witnessed . This growth according to the existing data is Charisma. The child occurs gifted in different fields, it may be in all ,it may be in specific fields such as mathematics, the use of language, music, specific arts, any knowledge that has to do with school or outside school and also any other practical dimension. In what age is this noticed? From what age does this start? Is the Charisma innate? Is a child born with that? Surely there is a hereditary basis, a predisposition that is inherited, beyond that it can definitely be devoloped. There is a success in charisma and the heritable characteristic, from the environment. Parents can observe a child from a very young age that has questions about words, letters, numbers. It can start very early to write and read to use too many words, to be too active, continuously asking and not being satisfied with the answers, asking the answers too. To be very active and very communicative with older people. he may be bored in classroom with the subjects that he already knows. Essentially we see a child that doesn't have peace, in other words it is a child, he may be a good student he may be a bad student, they might hear the best for their son or daughter but they can hear the worse too. I see. Charisma can certainly be innate but it can possibly be cultivated over the years. So I want to send a message to parents who are watching us right now and also to the children Due to the difficult economic-social conditions we are all experiencing and you know that very well how can a parent highlight a child who has talents. Because we know that there are families, that have gifted children but because of the conditions we are experiencing they cant do a step further and show all of them. There is a popular saying that supports what I will say, "There's no need for trouble, there is always a way." Like if a kid can run it should not be required from him to start crawling to step on a brake or to walk slowly. The child must be given the tools and the opportunities to develop whatever he can any stimuli that seems more interesting, which he can do more steps. The parent certainly should not stop all this effort of the child to recognize and know the world Now I don't want to say many things about our team but parents can take away many elements and information on how to handle a child, by visiting our website which is very easy Thereafter there are many references on the internet ,mostly in English ,on how a parent can aproach a child who has more questions than usual for his age. Definitely going to school and taking only English classes , piano and dancing classes ,is not enough for many children. Now concerning high intelligence ,Mr Katsioulis, you as a voluntary group or as a Higher Academy Review in which actions do you proceed in order to locate people, i dont know if it relates only to young children or to older ones too that have high intelligence. First of all, one of the basics that our team does is to inform it is also the reason that we are talking now. It is the reason we are having this event in Kozani We are trying to inform people about what is intelligence, what is charisma, why it is worth the trouble for someone to be tested and find out if he has some special skills some flairs or some skills, and after he discovers them to get in the the process to utilize them. Specifically when somebody is interested in becoming a member of our team we interview the child and the parents with some demographics that we take from both of them and thereafter we apply specific procedures some of the most recognizable at the moment in the international literature, tests with which we try to obtain a profile of the child to see what his general IQ level is We also check the variety, the range of different Charisma s , the talents the abilities a child can naturally have, according to the feedback that we may have from our parents or from the child itself We watch the portfolio of the child,with what he comes in the team, what he has done, what his parents have seen ,what the teachers have seen, the reason why he wanted to find us. And from there on, as I said the very basic fundamental is that we have this innovative educational program, we are creating an educational program based on the development the children have on a specific subject area ,at a specific flair and all the classmates of these small classes have the same background knowledge. So there is no delay in class and the children run altogether. I think tomorrow many interesting things will be heard You must invite parents and children to attend the citizens forum with which you collaborate The truth is that it would be a pleasure and an honor to meet the people of Kozani, we are not from these parts of Greece, we came for a while, It would be a great pleasure to have attendance and to have people who will be interested and at least listen to what we say. Mr Katsoulis just before closing I would like to emphasize the following, of course the establishment of the voluntary group did not come by accident. You are leading this action, you are the founder and president as I said before and we are dealing with a man who has a very high IQ. If not known to everybody, most of the people do know you though, we have seen you at times and through other presentations you have made in nationwide media. You found out in an older age about it, right? Through a skills test if I am not wrong. First of all thank you for the presentation, Beyond that I dealt entirely as a free time activity with the intelligence tests, when for some reason before many years I had some free time . Completely accidentally i ran on a test of intelligence, I had very good results, I did more tests, participated in some communities, and created my own organization in global reach and some high intelligence communities, as well as international Now as for this specific special place that I have in the classification,this is the current ranking, the data can change tomorrow , someone else may have a better performance and it only concerns people who have done some intelligence tests. There are many people that are not available, they dont have the time or the appetite to try and they are very smart , you can tell from their everyday life. Is it true, I do not know if you will agree with me but i will say that many people are prejudiced to some other people who have a high IQ that perhaps surpasses the average of a common man. I do not know if you ever came face to face with people who treated you slightly differently, they take this kind of prejudice against you. Let me tell you, if someone started an interpersonal interaction at the level that " I'm too smart and I have these results, I have this position in the ranking or generally i have too much ego and i sell it substantially he complicates the interpersonal relationship. Beyond that, I personally avoid advertising it on a personal level Currently you are showing this topic because basically it is accompanying all my effort to approach people with high intelligence and Charisma in Greece so the two areas converge. What I wanted to emphasize, thank you and the question was very good, is that it is exactly the same with anyone that has some qualifications in any other field. If he uses them and they change his life, he creates a life based on his skills from which he gets power and he gets some perspective, then it is very interesting to have some special skills. If this complicates any fellowship ,some social adjustment then this can be a problem for him and for others who have him in the opposite side. Because I've been watching you as I said at the beginning , I have indulged in your personality, I think that, at least as they have introduced you in the beginning , the headline was "The smartest man in the world". I do not know if I'm wrong but I think Mr Katsioulis that there is distinct difference between cleverness and intelligence is it not? If you see a distinct difference I'd like you to explain it to me because personally I think that probably they describe the same quality quality which is essentially the ability to analyze in the unit of time, a mass of data and the elaboration of this data in the unit of time, and also the depth of analysis. Technically it is this. Beyond that there is the practical intelligence,the intelligence that can be seen in everyday life. When someone has to do with other people too, is in a process to complete a task and there is intelligence that is only on paper, which is the result of a process that has no practical relevance. I see. We can become Smart at any time , I think, in many interpersonal relationships or handle some situations intelligently. Intelligence though, is something different. Intelligence could have no practical dimension, it could be something very theoretical a result on a neuron-cognitive test which does not relate to somebody s daily routine who starts the process be tested and someone can have very good results ,having a very poor quality life and they both can be in the same individual at the same personality. I would prefer and that is what I do in my life generally , is anything I work on to converge and have a practical dimension . I do not like titles neither to take a line of mine and go by myself. I see. Well unfortunately I do not have any more time.I will be happy and i am inviting you now to my show "Entopismous" to track a little more effectively in a wider time frame Mr Evangelos Katsioulis. Thank you very much. The invitation is already accepted. Good evening. Thank you for your presence. Good evening.

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Dr Katsioulis' interview on West Channel (2013)
Highest recorded adult IQ 258: Dr. Katsioulis on West Channel (Kozani, Greece, 2013 04 19)

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