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extraterrestrial life as they have through the hidden truth who ask me to touch on that subject to play in the matter of extraterrestrial life friend me something is about to happen in this regard I do not know what not to speculate here voua but something is about to happen some time over here the media has given more attention these Questões about aliens for you have an idea what the Globe is in charge here to do the work of masters of the world we unmold and form an opinion she is now putting these matters there from time to equate appears on a flying saucer these days we even had a story that were disclosed documents show flying saucers appeared here, there or there and here we were watching why does the Globe and the media in general why the masters of the World that you now want we come to believe and extraterrestrial life and invasion from another planet I wonder what is behind all this trick them have us believe these issues I'm not saying here that exists or does not exist I'm not going into the merits what I'm talking about here is propaganda that is being done then which shall be made on this subject See the Globe for example being what it is behind us the world might see the first time today archives Amazing unidentified flying objects one of the most intriguing was 17 years, says Mark Losekan was a plane that was preparing company AirItalia to land at London International Airport Suddenly an unidentified flying object it would just scrape past 300 meters above the plane the object the size of a missile was seen by the commander and the copilot o incident happened in 1991 and only now been revealed by the ministry of defense Britain the nineteen files revealed until now, contains pictures like these recorded in the English countryside by people who believe in the existence of flying saucers how can 16 years have passed for whom they find what is right or at least that's time is the right time to give this information to us this appearance sheep found there by those countries, for these large organs why will that this was only revealed this information now is because it is time my friend, everything they do at the time I've talked about it here is a goal when the time comes to do they do, and now they want us to believe that there alien invasion is wait and see

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Duration: 2 minutes and 58 seconds
Country: Brazil
Language: English
Producer: verdade oculta
Director: jon
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Posted by: javimoya on Apr 23, 2010

verdade oculta

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