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opening the discussion with 12- to 18-year-old kids We're going to talk about the red storyline. Who wants to tell me what this storyline is about? What are the themes? Instructor feels out the group's level. If you know, you can tell me. The future. -The future, right. Sex. -Very well. A relationship. -A relationship. That, too. Picture 4, for example. What do you see there? Flirting. -Flirting. Right. I see a contraceptive. -You see a contraceptive. You can just sum up things for now. We'll discuss each of them later on. You think we've covered everything? How about the first two pictures? Man and woman. -Yes. Growing older. -Right. Development. -Development. Exactly. That's about it, isn't it? Let's take the latter one, about growing older and physical changes. What happens when you reach puberty? Your body changes. Where and how? Girls develop breasts and pubic hair, things like that. Anything else? Sperm develops. -Sperm develops. Certainly. You get periods, menstrual periods. You can get pregnant, as a woman. -Yes, that's very important. What kind of physical changes does a woman go through? More defined shapes. What? -Breasts, hips. And in the case of boys? Height, especially. -Height. Muscular development. A breaking voice. -Yes, a breaking voice. You hadn't thought of that. -Not really. You skipped it. It could be it hasn't happened in your case. No, I don't have it yet. Ask open questions, keep the atmosphere safe and respectful. Use a healthy dose of humour. So that's it, physical development. In many cultures, it's very difficult to show nudity. Why is that, you think? -Religion. Religion. Exactly. A certain shame. -Shame, too. Right. Habits. -Yes, habits. The instructor channels the talk, allows for the group's diversity... and involves everyone in the discussion. It's the same with talking about intimate subjects, physical change... sexuality, subjects like having sex and safe sex. It's not always easy to talk about these subjects. How do you feel about it? Is it easy for you to talk about? With my father, it's a taboo, but with my mother it's no problem. The instructor eases the tension... by switching from private to general questions. Where do you find information on these subjects? The Internet. -Magazines. Magazines, very well. -The Health Authority. That's right. -Films, TV. What did you say? Films, TV, books. You can find it everywhere. And from each other. Don't forget you can ask and tell each other things. Now I want to talk about card number 8. Who wants to say something about it? What do you see in the picture? They're going to have sex and are unwrapping a condom. That's it. Is a condom 100% safe against transmitting HIV and AIDS? That's the subject of the game. Can you say something about this? Probably not. They help in being resistant against sexually transmitted diseases. I don't think so, either, because you can have a bad condom that rips. You're in trouble then. Is a condom something for boys or for girls? For girls. -For both. Women need to take the pill, anyway, but for men it doesn't matter... because women can get pregnant sooner... if they don't use a condom, but for men it doesn't matter. What would you do? -I'd use a condom. Everything, the pill, a condom. -One hundred percent safe. Does everybody agree? The instructor confronts and asks questions from existing prejudices... without giving her own opinion. Some people say a girl with a condom in her purse is out looking for it. Is that true? -No, they don't say that about boys. It has rather to do with safety. -Safety, yes. At the moment a boy and a girl decide to have sex... and the girl takes out a condom, how would the boy react? He'd find it okay. -You think? It depends. Some boys want to make sure she won't get pregnant... but other boys don't care and they prefer to do it without. The instructor keeps asking questions. Do boys use condoms easily or men in general? No. -Why not? You hear that sometimes. It's more natural without. -Exactly. What is that, more natural? A more intimate feeling, I assume. Would your parents be okay with you carrying condoms around at home? Isn't it like they discover your first cigarette and think: Oh, what's my child doing? Yes, my parents are strongly opposed to it. They say: Don't do anything under 18. I can't have a boyfriend. But I don't really comply, although I don't want sex yet. But if I had one in my pocket and my parents found out, I'd be in trouble. Your parents say: No sex under 18. How do you feel about that? I don't really think about it, because I don't want sex yet... but when I'll be sixteen and perhaps have a steady boyfriend... and he wants to have sex, I may do it... but it depends how I feel then. If I'm not ready for it yet, I won't do it... but I may very well do it before I'll be eighteen years old. Can I ask how old you are now? -I'm fourteen now. Forming opinions and learning to choose... is better than instilling fear.

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