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teruma, tzdaka, maaser 2 - Prosperity seminar 2019

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Let's do a short recap and after this, also, if anyone have some questions or some things to share from what we have learned so far I'll be happy to hear it in the beginning. And then we can move on but but to begin with we spoke about so far about about three methods three tools that allow us to expand or make our connection with our metaphysical bank account to a higher and deeper level. But we discussed all these three methods so far are different from each other in their intensity and in the frame of work. To what it is connected ok, all of them do this work and we need all of them we cannot say let's use only this or only that if you want the whole picture. It's like them you build a puzzle that is built from ten pieces so you need all the ten pieces to complete the puzzle. You can say, ok I can build the puzzle from eight pieces and two pieces of the puzzle two parts of the puzzle I will not use. It's nice, and maybe you can already see what's happening in the puzzle. But, it's not complete so in order to have the complete set up of all the tools we will need to use all those tools sooner or later. I'm not saying right away do everything. But at least in your, like wish list things I need to accomplish as part of my spiritual work. You need to have all of these things on your agenda. That you want to complete it, why? Because all these things are connected to this principle that we spoke about the right column energy and what we call the silver. Versus the gold the left column energy, you know and the in the writings it says, in Hebrew it says (Hebrew) meaning, avoid yourself or restrain. Or avoid yourself from doing the wrong things and push yourself to do the good things. All the work is like this it's a bit like what you need to refrain. Like don't touch this but do this. It's all build on this principle so we said like with the left column energy the gold. What we call the gold consciousness the desire to receive for the self alone. Basically you need to refrain not to touch this is the (Hebrew) refrain from touching anything which has the desire for the self inside it. This is why we said everything you feel like , oh I must have it I must do it. And then you push back, no I'll restrict I'll restrict I push it back I let go. This is like the work with the left column energy and the tool that is connected to this is mainly the Tithing. Mainly the Tithing, the Tithing is, is not an act of sharing so much. It's more an action of refraining from touching thr selfish side refraining from touching the desire to receive for the self alone this is why it is so important. To start practicing Tithing on a regular basis and again on a personal level talk with your teachers what is your situation. I won't go into this now each one has his or her calculations but from the general note. Tithing is a very important tool to help you to refrain touching the left column energy. I'll jump to the Tithing, here why this is Ma'aser the Tithing. Why, because when you get money when you're getting paid for anything. Let's say you did some work and you are getting paid. Let's say you get 1,000€ for some work you did. Automatically you have the gold consciousness inside of you. Automatically. It's there already, why it's there? Because, you have the desire to receive for the self on this money. How do you know it? It's very simple, very simple. Imagine, they call you now from the bank and they tell you. Listen sir we are sorry to let you know but the money you thought should come to you will not come to you. Why? Because whatever you have some debt , debt to pay or whatever it is. You have something you did some mistakes, some calculation ok, we are taking your money. How do you feel when someone taking your money? You know in some kind of cultures I guess most cultures. When someone taking your money you even want to kill them. The person, right? Like someone took your money, oh, it's the most horrible thing. How could you take my money? Again it's physical money or something equal to money like someone steal your car or someone go into your house and steal some stuff from there. Whatever it is, when someone take something that you believe belong to you then it's like the end of the world. Oh how could you take this from me? It's mine. Remember Lord of the Rings? Right, Lord of the Rings with.. Maybe I should have put this movie here. The ugly guy, what is his name? You know that he is like with the ring. Oh, it's my ring, my ring. Precious. It's my ring, it's my mine. We all feel like this. It's like parable to humanity. This movie. We are all like Golum, right we are all like this Golum. We are all like this Golum that's like it's mine it's mine. Precious precious, it's mine. And he's willing even to die just not to let go of this stupid ring. Now this is how we treat our money. Or everything which is in our possession and specifically our money. And we said money in Hebrew is also called (Hebrew) from the word (Hebrew) which means longing. We have so much craving it's inside it. It's already inside it and the number one technology like, before the technology. So why it's so bad so I feel like this about my money. What's the problem? I feel craving to my money. It's my money I earned it I worked hard and I got my money. I earned it, it's mine. What's the problem with the fact I have craving to this? So very simple. As long as you still have this craving to this money. The light cannot be part of (Hebrew) the light cannot come in. That's it that's the only thing. You cannot, this money does not belong. The energy of this money. Physically you can hold the money you can do whatever you want. But the energy of this money does not belong to the (Hebrew) yet. Because you touch it and remember (Hebrew) like we said about the Mikweh is the (Hebrew) realm, the realm you cannot touch it's like this sitting basin of the Mikweh. That you cannot touch even with your little finger. You cannot touch it, so what am I saying? Everytime I get paid for something I did so I need to give all of it away? Well the Rav said. We saw this video last week. The Rav said yes, I want billions so I can give billions. So I can restrict billions but the Kabbalists and the Torah say, ok, people are not so strong. And it's not totally necessary. It's enough that you give away ten percent because the whole the whole ego is concentrated on the Malchut level. And even if you are able to give only the Malchut level it's ok. Now this money is now not attached anymore. Like you are not attached to this money anymore. It's enough so if you got 1,000€ for something you did. For a work you did and you give 100€ which is 10 percent of it. Which is a Tithing with the right consciousness. And with the meditation and everything, we shared it last week. So, what you are actually doing you are cleansing this money from that attachment. From the gold energy. From this, you know, from this. Mine, mine precious kind of energy. You let it go. Still, you have still in your hand you have 900€. You have 100 so you are left with 900 So I didn't gave away everything I gave only 100. But that was enough, that was enough because in this 100 which belonged to the level of Malchut it's, inside it there is all the energy of gold. It's all there all the craving all the attachment all the, how do you call it? The addiction. That you have to your money to the feeling that I have, it's mine. All this is there it's in the Malchut level. So once you give away the Malchut level it's like the (Hebrew) let go of evil. Let go of the gold consciousness. This is like the Tithing very, very important tool. Very important tool and by the way you don't know. Yeah, ok you can. We say already from Kabbalah one, lesson one. Don't believe anything we tell you but I'm telling you. Please don't believe me until you try it that you don't know what it feels like to have money. With light until you start doing Tithing on it. You have no idea what it means to be connected with (Hebrew) and light. Regarding your money until you start Tithing your money with the right consciousness and everything. Ok, I just did this as a repetition just to make some things clear. Ok, now. Second. I didn't do it in the order that we spoke last time basically we spoke also about (Hebrew) which means volunteer and contribution. Which is expressing our social commitment which is also of course important. Let's say if someone is totally selfish. He is totally for the self alone he doesn't help. Let's say someone is coming to the Kabbalah center just for the self alone, just coming to listen to the lectures. So they tell you maybe you want to volunteer? No, no I don't feel like volunteering. Maybe you can bring some friends to Kabbalah one that opens in two weeks? No, no, no I don't feel comfortable to talk with my friends. I don't want them to know that I'm studying Kabbalah. So, how far can you go like this? When you are totally into the self alone. Any frame, Kabbalah center is one example. In your family. Let's say you are married and you have some kids. Let's say you don't do anything you don't contribute anything to your family. You don't go to work, you don't cook, you don't clean. You don't take the kids to school you don't do anything around the house. Let's say if you are the husband so your wife, your wife is doing everything. Or your spouse is doing everything and you just sit all day on the sofa drinking beer and eating some donuts or whatever and watching TV. And when your spouse asks you. Can you do something and, oh no no. Maybe she is... Sorry I am washing the floor can you just move your legs a little bit. Oh why are you bothering me now I'm watching my favourite TV show. So how far can you go like this? It's like, eventually it will blow up in your face. Because there is no circulation no circulations meaning it's also not connected with (Hebrew). So when you are involved or the more you are involved in this kind of social sharing. Volunteering, contributing from yourself on all levels also with money. You see something is broken if you see something broken in your own house. Like something need to be fixed, so you don't give money to this? If it's important you will give the money thats needed to fix it. So the same goes if you are part of any group let's say if you go to a certain school or something happens or you're in some kind of social meeting. You do a party, ok, and they say everybody. Each one should bring something one will bring the salad, one will bring the drinks one will bring the chicken and whatever. Everyone will bring something. One will bring the dessert. So will you feel comfortable to come empty handed? Oh, I didn't bring anything. You know what, I brought myself. I brought myself. I brought my devine presence to your party. Isn't that enough? What do you think would you feel comfortable if you see everybody coming with plates? Brought and they put it on the table and you just come and taste, oh it's nice, it's a good salad. Oh the meat you did, amazing. The wine and the beer. Wow amazing. All so good. What did you bring? I didn't bring anyting. You see. It doesn't feel right already when I'm saying it's like I'm I am saying this in an exaggerated kind of way. Just to make the point (Hebrew) all this social kind of sharing. Is also a must it's a must to be part of the process. If you are in any kind of group that you belong to in your country if everybody let's say, go to the army or go to do something for the country or go to volunteer or so on. You are like no, I don't want to give anything. Everybody pay their taxes. Can you not pay your taxes? What do you do to someone who is concealing his money and not paying the taxes? They put him to jail, right? Because he is a criminal. Why am I a criminal I just didn't wait to give any money to the country. Ok, sorry sir this is not how it's working in a social environment. You need to give something from yourself to the social group you belong to. In this case your country, you need to pay for the government the taxes. I don't believe in this government. Ok, there are election in two years so maybe choose another government. But as long as this is the government this is the law in our country you need to pay your taxes. (Hebrew) is almost like paying taxes it's just to be part of a circulation of energy. It's not something you can say, oh I don't want to be part of it. You don't want to be part of it? Go live in the desert. Go live alone in the desert let's see how long you will survive with nobody to support you. There is a reason why man, people are acting as a group. As a social group. Rav Ashlag talks a lot about it. Anyway this is about the divine Ma'aser. Terumah. Donation which was say is (Hebrew) to elevate the letter Hei I explained something and some people told me that they had some questions about it. The idea is that, I gave this example last week if you remember. About this person at work that he or she they pushed themself and they care and expand their sharing and as a potential result they will be promoted. But I must emphasise and again, I said it but I think I didn't emphasise this enough. The idea is that you're not basically have this agenda. Oh, I want to be promoted! So I'll share or do some things beyond my limitation so then I will be elevated to a higher level at work. Or in any kind of setup that's not the reason. The idea is that I feel like, you know what and I share this a while ago with some of the friends. Like, everytime I feel like... You know, I feel like I need to share more. I feel like my level of sharing. Ok, let's say... It's from here to here and my level of sharing I feel like it needs to be more. And as I express this desire. And maybe I scan the Zohar or I ask the creator, please help me to share more. And also, the Rav used to call it to demonstrate your desire with actions. So I also do some actions, you know it can be giving some money. It can be working some extra hours it can be making some extra phone calls to people, I don't have to call them. Or taking different responsibilities that I don't have to take upon myself. It's like, let's do the night study. Nobody came and tell me. Joseph you need from now on to do every Friday early in the morning, to do the night study. Nobody told me this. I felt from inside. I'm not saying it to you know, to show off. I'm not even proud of it. It's just because it's part of what we do. You know, it's part of our process I do it for myself. Basically, I felt like I want to share more what can I do to share more? So the creator sent me this idea of night study that I used to do for myself. But then I thought, ok, why not joining other people for this night study. And it rolled to this kind of setup that we do now almost every week besides certain weeks that I'm not so much available. But basically it's a way, it's not like now since I'm doing also the night study so I'm considered to be a higher level of a teacher in the Kabbalah center it's a nonsense we don't have levels of teachers like it's such a nonsense kind of thing. You know it's, yeah we have teachers that maybe take different responsibilities but it's not the idea. For us, for each one of us, for me personally. The desire to share more this is (Hebrew) so I do something extraordinary. I take upon myself some extra commitment of sharing. Again, it can be with time, with money with caring, with praying with learning. Whatever, but it must be a way of sharing it cannot be for the self alone. Everything we have said cannot be for the self alone. This part of the silver column, the silver the right column energy. Is like, you need to do it with no limitation. Like night study, ok let's do it. Every week. It's not like, let do it once, once a year or once every two years we'll do one night study. No every week, every week. It's a committment you need to follow through and you need to push yourself and that's it. That's a committment. And again, everything might be change and maybe we'll decide one day instead of night study let's do something else. But the idea is, that this, it's coming it's motivated from the desire to expand your sharing vessel. To expand, this is why it's called (Hebrew) you elevate the letter Hei the letter Hei which represents if it's Malchut the letter Hei represent the Malchut which is the desire to receive. You elevate it to Binah which which is the desire to share so you grow your capacity of sharing. What will be the result? I couldn't care less. I couldn't care less. I don't care. If the result will be that they will give me to run another study group. Or if the result will be that I will have better marriage life or I will have this blessing in my life or that. I couldn't care less. The real direction of the desire is I want to expand my sharing vessel. I want to be able to share more. I want to express my sharing nature which is my devine force, my soul. I want to express, to express it to a higher level. And this is the idea of (Hebrew) so you can choose whatever it is like even, let's say. Ok people ask. So what should I do, let's say I see a poor person in the street begging for money. So I go give him a few cents whatever. Oh I feel good about myself. What is it? Is it (Hebrew)? What is it? So many times I will tell you. Maybe it's nothing. Maybe it's nothing maybe it's just reactive sharing which is not really sharing. Because you just did it because you feel bad about you. Because you just bought a pile of ice cream two minutes ago. And you go with this ice cream and you are like, the ice cream is dripping on your lips. And the poor guy is almost about to die and he's like. Oh, please. Give me some money. And he's like, oh, I'm eating ice cream and this poor guy. Oh I feel sorry for you. Oh, take some cents. Take one dollar, whatever. Buy some also buy yourself some ice cream. Just that I would feel good about myself. That's not even sharing that's not doing any connection up there. That's just for your ego. You just wanted to shut down your ego. You did nothing with this unless you stop and you say. You know, wait a second let's put some consciousness inside. Tithing is not because Tithing is something you. First of all you need to give Tithing to a place that reveals light for a place that represent for you your holy temple. Like we said last time. That you give. And we talk more about this today that the Tithing they only used to give to the holy temple. To the priests at the holy temple not to any organisation not to any charitable fund. Not to the brother to the sister, to the old mother that she's in a hospital and she needs some money. Never. Only to the holy temple. So, why? Because this is the energy that will help you to cleanse from your ego. Only the holy temple energy can help you to remove this layer of attachment. From your, from your inner existence. Ok, so today what represents for you your holy temple? Give there. For me personally it's the Kabbalah center. You choose your things. Ok. But the idea is that you need to give the Tithing to your own holy temple. What is the place that help you remove your ego? Give there. That's the place that's the indication so when you give to this poor guy in the street it's not the holy temple. It's not the one who's going to help you remove your ego. He might increase your ego. You might feel even better with yourself and go.. I'm the great charitable person, you know. You will go into ego trip because of this poor guy. So it's not helping you. But you can say. You know what? Maybe it's part of my social sharing so it will be (Hebrew) because you know, I'm part of society and there are poor people in society so we need to take care of them. All of us as a group we have a responsibility for them. So I'll share. So you can choose maybe to give one dollar to this person. It's not enough. Maybe you'll find up on google you'll find up some organisation that give food to poor people. Like Salvation Army or something. You know what I'll either go and volunteer there or I'll donate something there or whatever. But it's not a Tithing or the (Hebrew) or it can also be the (Hebrew). You say, you know what? I'm such a selfish person I only take care of my ice cream. I only take care of my own wellbeing. No guilt, ok, no guilt. Not too much guilt. But. You know what, I could do more for others. I could expand my sharing abilities I could express the nature of my soul to a higher level. How do I do it? Ok, I'll give to this person I'll give to this poor person. But not because I feel sorry for him. Because I want by me sharing money with this poor person. I will elevate my letter Hei I will elevate my desire to receive that it will not be for the self alone. That it will be for the sake of sharing. My ability to care and to share will expand. So this is why I'm giving. And then let's see how much I should give. That's another question but just the fact I'm giving is not because I feel sorry for the guy. Maybe he should feel sorry for me. You know, I don't know. Maybe he is doing his tikkun better than me. But I don't feel sorry for you. And I don't feel sorry that I'm eating ice cream and you're not but I know that I'm to a very big extent I am still selfish. And i want to change it I want to become less selfish and more selfless. And this is why I'm giving to you. Of course, you don't say it to the poor guy. He will think you've got crazy. Who is this crazy guy? Giving me now money or whatever. But give him whatever money you want to give him. But meditate you do it elevate your consciousness of sharing. And then it will work for you. And the result you know some people are asking. So, sometimes I give and I don't see results. First of all you need to ask yourself. What are the results you are asking for? If the result is a very specific kind of reward or you want an angel to come from the sky and give you some medal. A medal of honour for doing some action of sharing. Maybe the result is that you should have been in a car accident in ten minutes and now you will not be. Maybe the result is that tomorrow morning you will wake up with much more excitement to share than you had yesterday and this will be your reward. Maybe the result will be that down the road you will find your soulmate and I will share one very personal story later after we talk about the next tool. But, you don't know what can be the result. With Tithing you know, Tithing is cleansing you from the attachment from the addiction from the gold energy. That is connected automatically to any sum of money you get. And then you become free of it and then it's become part of (Hebrew) and it will bring you eventually more abundance. You grow your circulation of energy that's for sure. With all the other techniques like (Hebrew) you will have better social life. When you be more sharing in your society. You will have a better social life. And when you will do more (Hedrew) meaning you will do moe actions of sharing with the idea that I want to grow my capacity of sharing. You will transform your nature and you will become more and more, again, in a gradual process. You will become more and more sharing individual. Which obviously will benefit your life. Because, you know, when you are more sharing so obviously it comes eventually it comes with something. People would like to be next to you more people will, you know you'll smile to people and they'll smile back to you. It's like, it's cause and effect. But you don't do it so people will smile at you. You do it more to express your sharing nature. I hope it's clear. Any questions so far about what we said? About any of those tools? Please. Before we move to the final big, big thing. Clear. Ok, loud and clear. Ok, let's continue. So the next tool is called Tzdakah I guess some of you already. And I guess I shared it also last week. I said we'd talk about it today. Tzdakah charity and this is something totally different. And this is something I'll talk about it in many different angles But the purpous of Tzdakah is like, to create a direct link with (Hebrew) without any. You become a VIP member in the (Hebrew) realm. Right away, right away. This is something that, you become like. I said becoming like god you actually become. If not god you become, like, the best friend of god. It's like god is now committed to you like your committed to god. God is committed to you. This is what Tzdakah is all about I will talk about the consciousness and everything. Don't worry we'll go step by step. And we'll learn this idea. I dedicated the whole lesson beside the repetitions. I see we don't have much time left but stay some more time today. We'll dedicate all the time we have today to understand this concept of Tzdakah very well. And of course. Anything in Kabbalah you know. I have recordings of the Rav. Talking about Tzdakah something like between seven to eight hours. Only about Tzdakah. So obviously you can talk so much about it but we'll try to be focused and practical and a little bit go deeper. So, the idea is with Tzdakah you actually get total control over your life which is like you win the lottery ticket. It's like you become, again, the best friend with god. That much. And there is so many stories and I, and shortly I will share my personal story. One of my stories about it. But before that let's try to understand the idea of Tzdakah the different aspects of it. So first of all let's go to the writings, the holy writings. This is taken from proverbs of king Solomon. In Hebrew it's (Hebrew) again king Solomon "One gives freely yet one gains more". And it's written a lot about it in many different levels. There is in the writings of the Ari in the Gates of Prophets page 111 it's in Hebrew but if you. I will translated this paragraph to English. So let's read it together and then we'll explain a little bit ok. So it says. "The Yesod of Zeir Anpin is the charity collector." Remember Zeir Anpin what it is all about? (Hebrew) we read it in the first lesson (Hebrew) is Yesod or Zeir Anpin ok, by the way there are all kind of layers (Hebrew) Yesod of Zeir Anpin is the layer of (Hebrew) that is the most approachable for us it's the most accessible for us there are higher levels of (Hebrew) but they are not so accessible like Yesod of Zeir Anpin it's like the final kind of extension of (Hebrew) the closest to our reality. So for us it's the easiest to communicate with Yesod of Zeir Anpin as (Hebrew) and this is also the level of (Hebrew) Joseph the righteous. So it says. "The yesod of Zeir Anpin is the charity collector who collect all the light and gives to the poor, to the Malchut." And we saw the picture of the tree of life right. We have the Yesod of Zeir Anpin that is ending with Yesod and it's collecting all the light from Keter from the endless. Chochmah, Binah. All the levels of Zeir Anpin the Yesod and give it to the poor which is Malchut. Malchut is considered to be the poor because Malchut has no light of it's own. Malchut is like the moon like there is the sun and the moon. The sun is like Zeir Anpin the moon in Malchut. The moon has no light of it's own it's only reflecting the light that the sun shine upon it. So it says. "Therefore he gains even more than what he had and his light becomes endless. So does he who gives charity, even if it seems to him like he is spending his fortune he is actually gaining more and more to his fortune". I'll tell you one story it's a story about the parents of the Baal Shem Tov Ok. Now the parents of the Baal Shem Tov were very old people and they didn't have any kids. Actually the father of him was almost 100 years old. He. Both of them but it says mainly about him but of course it, he was one with his wife. But they were people of charity. They were all the time sharing it says he was quite wealthy and it says that he had, like a special people that he would put in the gates of the city to let him know if someone is coming. Like a stranger to right away call them to his house so he can host them on his expense and like he was welcoming guests and feeding poor people all the time. And was like totally a person of charity yet did he not have any kids. Nothing and they were very old so it looks like, very similar to Abraham and Sarah. It looked like they didn't have any chance to have any kids. And then what happened he went to do some business trip for his business and he came back with a lot of money. And on the way back he he came across some kind of situation. I can't remember what it was there was some situation. I don't remember all the details but there was some situation that there were people. They were in a great need of money right away and he happily, he gave everything. All he made All the fortune he made in his business trip he gave to these people. Unconditional just take it it's ok you don't owe me anything. Just use it. And it was some, some emergency and he gave them this money no questions asked, just take it. I'll do it with joy and happiness and he stayed with nothing. He came back from this journey with nothing. There was this action and he did a lot of noise in the heavens. A lot of noise and there was a whole debate between the angels and the creator. What he should be given so of course there was the opponent Satan. He an angel, right, he's a negative angel. He came to the creator he's telling the creator you know. This guy, you know, his name was. I don't remember now I will try to figure it out later. I have it in my mind. In any event he is telling. Satan is telling the creator, you know this guy just did this action of sharing. And so on. I'm sure he did it for his ego I'm sure it wasn't for pure intention. So we shouldn't give him anything maybe we should even punish him for this. So the creator said, like listen. Can you prove your point? So Satan said. Yes, let me go there and I will test him and you will see that he will fail the test. So I will prove the point. So Elijah the prophet, right away he jump and he said. You know what I'll go to test him. Not you, you Satan if you go to test him you will confuse him I don't like you to go there. I'll go to test him. So the creator says, ok Elijah the prophet will go to test this guy. So Elijah the prophet come to this guy. And now he is sitting in a bar like the at the end of his trip. He is, like, one day ride from home. And he is with nothing now, and then this guy come and sit's next to him. This guy is Elijah the prophet. Disguised as a simple person he is telling him, looking at him sitting next to him at the bar. And he says you know what? I just heard about this amazing action you just did. Let's make a deal, me and you. I'll give you back, you know, I'm quite wealthy myself. I know you gave these people, they needed all this money. I know you gave all this money. Let me give you back. I'll give you, from my money. I'll give you all the money you gave and you in return just give me the merit of this good deed, of this charity that you did. Just give me the merit, give me spiritual. I'll give you the physical money you just give me your merit. Your spiritual your metaphysical merit. For this action you did. So the, so the guy who did the action which eventually become the father of the Bal Shem Tov says no, no, no. No way I don't know how you even hear about it. But's it's ok forget about it. I don't want my money I'm so happy I had the chance to share and to do this action it's all good. So he started to argue with him. Maybe I'll give you half the money and you give me half the merit I'll give you twenty five percent of the money and you give me a quarter of the merit. Finally he says. Mr, listen I don't know who you are. I don't want any of your money I just want the energy I revealed I'm good with this. Thank you very much but please don't talk with me again about it. At that moment this person told him. Ok listen I just want to tell you I'm Elijah the prophet and I came here to test you. To see if your intention was real and now I see it was. So you deserve great merit, great blessing for it. What do you want? You can have a long life, you can have a lot of money, you can have a child. What do you want? He said listen. For sure a child. That's all I want. So he said you will merit a child that will share light in the whole world forever. and a year later the Bal Shem Tov was born. The Bal Shem Tov that was the head of the hasidic movement and he. Like all the righteous people we share from the wisdome in our classes and so on. And Michael Berg share from his books and all this they all originated from the Bal Shem Tov. And this is how you merit. By doing this and let me read this paragraph all the way so he says. "So does he who gives charity, even if it seems to him like he is spending his fortune he is actually gaining more and more to his fortune". And again the fortune, not necessarily the physical fortune also the fortune might come to you in the form of money but also can come to you in any form of blessing. So when we said charity is to become like god it's actually it's true. You can change your destiny because those poor people those parents. Those couple, this old couple. Maybe they didn't have in their destiny in their chart. They didn't have the ability to have a child. But because it did this crazy action of sharing and gave all the money he had unconditionally. And with happiness so he got the blessing to have a righteous child. Like the Bal Shem Tov. They said a soul like the Bal Shem Tov come to the world once in a thousand years. Anyway so they merit such an amazing soul. Let's continue. The word (Hebrew) come from the Hebrew word Tzedek. Tzedek we know it's also the planet. Tzedek is jupiter. But also Tzedek means justice. And Tzedek representing the Malchut. Now, the Malchut is build from three letters, right. There is the letter here, the letter Tzadik. The letter Tzadik the Kabbalists are saying is built from two letters Nun and Yud which are back to back. You see here. Nun is bent to one side, the letter Yud is bent to the opposite direction. And they are joined together, give us the first letter which is Tzadik. And this is actually representing when we don't see/feel the light. It's called back to back like if I turn now, I talk to you now. From the back. Ok, how do you feel now, you feel my energy. Wow, amazing energy. No. Of course you prefer face to face. So back to back. The letter Tzadik represents back to back kind of consciousness. Ok, which is lack of connection there is a blockage. When in our life there are those situations when I don't see the light. Where is the light, why the light is not coming? Why everything is blocked and so on. Not, the letter Dalet represents poverty or lack. It's coming from the Hebrew work (Hebrew) which means poverty. And it's representing all the lack or fulfillment that we have in our life. Not necessarily a blockage but any kind of lack. I'm not good enough, I'm not happy, I don't have health enough, I'm not successful enough. I don't have love in my life. Whatever it is, any kind of lack. I don't have wisdom I don't know how to study. Whatever form of lack we have, ok. And the letter Kuf we know is the only Hebrew letter that has a leg. That goes under the line which means it's connected with the system of Klipot. And it's, the letter Kuf is like any negative action that feeds our Klipot. Meaning every time we are reactive. Let's say someone press your button, you become reactive. You lost light, you lost some energy of your soul. It's going to the world of Klipot it's going to the dark side through the letter Kuf. So the letter Kuf is taking our energy and sucking our energy and giving it to the dark side. Now it should have been a very controlled kind of thing. But since it's touching the Klipot sometimes it without control and you know how it is when you are losing your temper or whatever. You get reactive and forget about everything and like after this when you are relaxed you are like, oh. What have I done? How have I allowed myself to behave like a... whatever. Stupid. And so on. How have I allowed myself to lose all of my energy. This is the letter Kuf. So, the first three letters of the word (Hebrew) which is Tzadek back to back. Poverty and connection with the system of Klipot. Now we need to transform it, to sweeten it. We need to change it, how we do it? We do it through the letter Hey again remember (Hebrew) same idea. A very similar idea but on a higher level. The letter Hey is the letter that can change destiny. But when we use the Hey of Binah Which is of sharing, it can change destiny. I'll give two examples, we have Avram and Sarai. You see on the right side and Avram became Avraham god added the letter Hey to the word Avram and also god added the letter Hey to the word Sarai made her Sarah and right after he had his name changed. They gave birth to Isaac or, there was some more process but eventually they gave birth to Isaac. So the letter Hey is the letter that can change the destiny from negative to positive to darkness to light. So, the work Tzedek which is justice. With all these limitations that we mentioned before. Become with the letter Hey become Tzdaka which is charity. So now you can understand another layer or another understanding of the concept of Tzdaka. How powerful it is. I'll give shortly the idea how to give Tzdaka and so on and how powerful Tzdaka is to totally transform your destiny. Totally change your life movie from all these limitations to enlightenment. Ok, another kind of idea with Tzdaka is all kind of connected so we have here the, we have the tetragrammaton Yud-Hey Vav-Key, right. Written from top to bottom which is representing the flow of light. The complete structure of the ten sefirot. So when we are doing a negative action we are breaking the Yud-Hey is the upper three. Kether, Chokmah, Binah. Vav-Key is the lower seven and basically when we do a negative or a reactive reaction. We are breaking, we are creating space between the upper three and the lower seven. Which again represents a lack of communication. Lack of communication. So, in order to restore the communication and create flow of evergy. So, we are using the Tzdaka says the Ari. I'll read the Ari to make the connection in Hebrew and then I will read the translation. (Hebrew) says the Ari. "Because the Yud-Hey" which is the head the three upper Sefirot "separated from the Vav-Key" from the lower seven. Which represents lack, blockage, darkness, emptiness and so on "need to do Tzdaka to unify the name of god (Tetragrammaton)". And one of the meditations when we do the Tzdaka I will show it shortly. Is we're actually building with the action of Tzdaka we are building the Tetragrammaton from A-Z. Yud and the Hei the Vav and then the Hei were completing the name of god the Tetragrammaton to become one unit. It's very very powerful. Very very powerful action there is so much power to Tzdaka I shared again the story with the parents of the Bal Shem Tov in a few minutes I will share my personal story. One of my stories. I have many but one of my stories with Tzadaka. But before that. A few, sorry. A few more ideas. Again says the Ari (Hebrew) Says the Ari. There is a verse in (Hebrew) in some of King David the Tzdaka stands forever. What does it mean Tzdaka stands forever? So it says that every time a person does any kind of good deed or any kind of action. Of action. Let's say study of meditate of even lower lever of sharing so there is a certain letter from the Hebrew alphabet that shines on the forehead of this person. But it shines only until you do another action and then another letter shines on your forehead and the first letter disappears. Now he explains. "But if he does the connection of Tzdaka, it's letter" which is the letter (Hebrew) " does not disappear quickly like other letters of other connections, but shines on the forehead all that week, and that is Tzdaka stands forever". And a week, ok, you say it's not forever it's only for one week. Still, one week represents a whole frame of energy. The frame of seven Sefirot, seven days complete frame so eventually it becomes forever. Ok, now. Benefits of charity I will go over it quickly. Removing the energy of death. It's why they say. If you read the article in the portion Behar in the Zohar about this guy who gave all his food to the hungry person and so on. And it saved him from death. So you can change any decree not only death. Any decree even if there is the decree that a person should die or if there is a decree that a person should not have children. Or if there is a decree that this person will never get married or whatever it is. Any kind of life movie that is so stuck and so heavy that it seems like, it says by the way in the Zohar that you must. If you are, if you love someone and let's say this person is either very sick of he is in a very difficult legal situation that he might go into jail or worse. Or if this person has any kind of very hard situation in their life. So if you like this person if you feel committed to this person you need to talk to him to give charity. Now I can tell you in the old days of Kabbalah center this is how we used to work. I remember myself some fifteen years ago as a young teacher in Kabbalah. I would like sometimes I would almost... You know, kill someone, give Tzadaka, come on it's good for you. And some people sometimes would give because we did some pressure. It was not right to do it like this. I'm not saying it was right. We did it with pure heart though. We did it because we really thought it would be good for the person. And it was, people saw miracles from it. But. It was also a bit judgemental because we were really pushing people to give. Today we don't do it like this anymore we more teach, we share wisdom. Like this, now I share things. Now you want, take it, don't take it. It's up to you. Of course, if you want to know more, talk with your teacher on a personal level what good for you. Or if you feel if you feel you are in a certain situation that is a bit stuck and you want to change it. Talk to your teacher. But, I'll show shortly the like, how to give Tzdaka. All the criteria so you will see it need also to come from love, like with the love of your heart. Like the father of the Bal Shem Tov he gave the money with a lot of love. He didn't feel like he was forced to give he didn't even want his money back. But it's something you need to consider like it's something I need to do one time in my life. Like at least one if not more, if not more. We recommend as much as you can to do this activity. But again with balance connected to who you are and what is your level. Let's, let's talk about it shortly. Removing death, closing the space we created Like the Yud Hei Vav Key coming back together like we said. Blessing from the upper worlds. From the (Hebrew) you become like (Hebrew) you become one with, you become (Hebrew). When you give this charity in the way we will describe shortly your become (Hebrew) what is (Hebrew) is taking all the light and giving it to Malchut. (Hebrew) doesn't keep any of the light for itself. It's a pure channel so when you take your abundance and you give it. You become (Hebrew) you become one with (Hebrew) that's why we say becoming like god. You become (Hebrew) you become like Joseph The Righteous. You become one so if you are (Hebrew) is there any limitation as (Hebrew)? You are the guy you are the guy with the keys you can do whatever you want. You can get any blessing you want everything is open. Ok, so. Escaping from the chains of physicality. And you will see that the way to do Tzdaka the right way to do Tzdaka it must be something that is beyond the physical. It must be something that is going against your physical limitation. You know Tithing is hard. To give ten percent of what you make is hard but Tzdaka is impossible. It looks like impossible to give Tzdaka not hard. Impossible. Yet, you need to give it. Ok. And creating an opportunity for miracles. Like we said. Now, let me share my story quickly. The time, ok, give me some more time with your permission. It's the last lesson let's give it fifteen more minutes ok? So. My personal story. Some of you know already my wife Michal some of you are her students. Basically we met in the Kabbalah center many years ago. I was already studying in the center I was not a hevre yet I was not part of the Kabbalah center. I was just a student there. But I was already like volunteering and so on also giving my Tithing I had a Zohar I came to all the lectures and the new moon and everything. I was, you know I was like a good community member. And then at a certain point. But with all this for many reasons which I will not share here in this forum. I felt my life very stuck very stuck. In many levels, relationship, financial, in my mind. In my spiritual process, with my ego with so many different layers I was totally stuck. I felt like there was a block of ten tonnes of whatever sitting on my shoulders and I cannot move. And then came one teacher to give a lecture in the Kabbalah center in (Hebrew) where I was a student there. And he didn't talk about Tzdaka, you know he spoke about other things. But when I came, on the way home, it was like five minutes walk. I lived next to the Kabbalah center. I moved to live specifically there but anyway I'm going home. I'm walking home it's late at night and I'm like, I must give Tzdaka. But the guy didn't talk about Tzdaka but I feel like Tzdaka and also like I had the number. I knew how much I need to give which was a crazy amount of money for me back then. Also today, by the way. Crazy amount of money. I will tell you it equals, this amount of money it equals one year of my work. One year of my work. Like imagine you work one year and everything you earn. Everything not a little bit. Not part not ten percent. Everything you earn, you give. That was my thought that I need to give that amount of money. Now, I had part of this money closed in a saving account that we planned to do something with it in the future. Whatever, maybe to save to buy a house or whatever. Anyway it was closed as a saving. But it was not so much so what I need I went to the bank and the next day. Right away, right. Those of you who know me a little bit it's part of me. Like quick. You feel something and you do it. I don't like to delay things too much. Maybe I'm afraid it will go away but in any event the next day I went to the bank. First thing in the morning I asked them. Ok, I have this amount of money I want to take it out. And I want also to take another loan to complete it to a certain amount of money. And I want to draw all this money right away. So they told me. Listen, it will take some time to arrange it but you have good credentials with us you know it's not the (Hebrew) account. It's a regular physical bank but you give your pay cheque every months and you give it and it's all in order and you're not in some debts. And your credit is ok. Ok we'll give you this money. And for this loan I took I had to pay for two years later down the road. Every month to pay back. In any event I took all this money I came to my teacher back then and now he's a good friend of mine teaching in another center. In any event I came to him and I told him with a cheque from the bank with this amount of money that was back then enough to buy around one hundred sets of Zohar. We didn't have the black Zohar back then we only had the sets. So with the Zohar project we used to give sets not one. Or in some places we gave one volume but the regular we used to give was the whole set. So we did only many years later. They came up with this genius idea to have the whole Zohar in one volume. In any event. So the amount of money I gave was enough for one hundred sets of Zohars. I came to my teacher I told him I have this cheque I want to give it. And that night we had some (Hebrew) trip for the center for the group of the students. I think it was either the (Hebrew) or something like this. We went and it was a very beautiful night, quiet. I did the Tzdaka like the action of giving with the meditation and everything. We did it next to the tomb of the Ari in Zvat. Which was like, I felt an out of body experience. I gave this money you know I didn't feel like. Oh, what I'm doing? It's crazy. There was some little thought, you know, it looks crazy what you are doing. Right, you give one years salary! You crazy? It's crazy, you know. But this thought was covered with so much light it was unbelievable I really felt like my soul leave my body. I gave it really, next to the tomb of the Ari. We did a meditation and that's it. Now, two days later. Two days later I'm in the Kabbalah center in (Hebrew) the Kabbalah center back then was in two levels. There was one on the street level and the venue where we used to give the lectures was in the basement level. And there was a staircase leading from the upper level to the basement. So I'm there. Working, cleaning whatever preparing for the lesson. Volunteering the day after the Tzdaka. Or two days after the Tzdaka. And who coming down the stairs? Michal! Back then I had to tell you. It was many years ago I was married with my first wife. She was dating somone that eventually she got married to this person and they got divorced after some time. No kids I had two daughters. Anyway, long story short of course nothing happened. Like, I don't even know her she came it was the beginning of Kabbalah one. She started her Kabbalah one course two days after I gave my Tzdaka. You tell me it's a coincidence. Now we had a whole journey and many, many years later down the road. I divorced she divorced whatever, we went through a whole process. Eventually, we came together and thank god we are now in this (Hebrew) this connection. That we are like, the same kind of direction (Hebrew). I don't share this story so often by the way. It's a bit kind of personal to share it has all kind of aspects to it. But I can tell you one thing. Tzdaka works Tzdaka works. You give Tzdaka, I gave my Tzdaka. I gave later more Tzdaka later as a student. But then after this I already became Hevre some years later and then I became the one who tell others to give Tzdaka. In any event, basically I gave this crazy not kind of possible even action. When was the last time you gave to anything? A whole year of your work. And again I'm not saying you need to be a whole year you need to be different.. That what was for me. That was also the number I got. I got a specific number it was like, I know what I have to give. It's a blessing not always you know. Sometimes you can talk with your teacher what is your level also maybe not to give beyond your level. Maybe also dangerous. But I knew I gave it and two days later my future wife came into my life. Again, I had to go through the other process. But she was already part of the movie. Ok, that's my story. And trust me if I had some more time I would share dozens of stories similar to this with myself or with others. With students or so on about the power of Tzdaka. Let's see. Oh, that's beautiful. A short movie by the Rav and Bill Gates about giving until it hurts. Which is part of the idea of Tzdaka. Let's watch it together. You can remember that. Giving charity is not restriction that's why there's another saying. You give and you must give where it hurts to give. Because when you give and it does not hurt we know what no pain, no gain. Right? That's called restriction. That's called restriction. So, he's done restriction and now. (Someone in the audience is speaking) What? Not necessarily. If Rockefeller or let's say those wealthy people give five cents to a, to a charitable place. Even with all the (Hebrew), ok. He's giving (Hebrew) right. Oh, yes yes yes. Yes, yes. Absolutely, absolutely. Absolutely. The giving I can say I will give and I'm gonna give until it hurts. But I didn't give yet and that's the ninety nine and the one percent. Ok, absolutely, right. It's a subterfuge, right. You know, a myth might be that the most generous philanthropist of all time. Which in a pure economic sense You know, through my life I'll give away over a hundred billion But somebody who chooses to live in Africa and work on a hospital. Or give money so they're giving up a vacation or something they need. You know I've not had to sacrifice. As you've said I've got a plane you know when I wanna get a hamburger I get a hamburger. And so I've not really sacrificed my time or my economic wellbeing in the same way lot's of unnamed amazing people do. So they're you know, the worlds Ok you're still with me. Ah, ok. Ok, sorry for this technical thing I don't know why. But in any event the idea is clear. First of all no pain no gain. And then what does it mean pain? So pain means you need to let go of something. Like Bill Gates even to give one hundred billion dollars for charity. He says it. it's not painful for me to give it. I still have my private jet, my plane. And so on, I have every wellbeing of life. So I don't know what should be for Bill Gates a sharing that will be. Really kind of charity. For him. But most of us are not in this kind of example or this kind of case. For us must be something that you give up. Must be some, must be some pain. I will call it in this word this is the word the Rav is using. Must be some pain in the action. Let's read about the principles or study the principles in giving charity. Ok. So giving what is impossible to give It's called the Yir'ah or fear. It must be something like I said, a whole year of salary. Or you give up your vacation or you give up something like your savings or whatever. It must be something that you're like, oh I cannot give it up. It's not the ten percent. Ten percent which is Tithing is also hard but still it's doable. It's ten percent. I'm still left with the ninety percent. Ok, I can handle it. But to give, to give so much it must be some. Again, what is so much? It depends on the person. It depend to the person, It depend to the financial level of the person. But also it depend to the spiritual level of the person. Ok, then. Giving with love and an open heart. It means Ahava or love. This is the other side of it. I cannot be with coercion it cannot be that someone force you. If someone put the gun to your head and tell you, give all your money. It's not Tzdaka it's a robbery. They steal from you. Or if someone tell you, if you don't give Tzdaka you will never be cured from the cancer. It's like putting the gun in your head. It's exactly the same thing. Or like, it cannot be in this way it must be something you give out of love. And yes, maybe you give it because you feel stuck and you want to open up something in your life. But the real thing is, you want to become like god. You want to become one with (Hebrew). Ok, giving to a real poor person. This is something really, really essential. What is a real poor person? It is someone who is places in your life movie only to give you a chance to give. It has nothing to do with himself it's there for himself. Most of the cases it will not be a person it's very hard unless it's Elijah the prophet disguised as a person. Some says and the Rav and Karen used to teach us that is someone ask fom you. Bread any kind of food but specifically bread. If someone comes to you and says. Can you give me a piece of bread? You need to quit everything you are doing And run find bread somewhere and give it to the person. Why? It might be Elijah the prophet if someone is asking for bread. But to our thing. If a person is asking but is asking from his own neediness. He is not a real poor person it cannot activate the Tzdaka properly. How do you know it? I'll give you an example. If you give to someone and he is like checking how much you gave. Most likely it is not a poor person. The found some years ago. They found here in Tel Aviv this lady. She was like a homeless not homeless. She had some very poor apartment in the south part of Tel Aviv and she was like begging for money. And they found after she passed under her mattress all the money she connected. There was the money there. Basically she kept it under the mattress. She had tens of thousands of shekels maybe hundreds of thousands. She was, basically she had a lot of money. But she kept behaving like a poor person. Obviously she didn't take the money for herself and she was there just to allow people to give. For our kind of thing you know you can choose. We'll talk about it any charitable kind of organization or people and so on. Again, it cannot be someone that you have agenda with like oh I give to my Mother Tzdaka. I give to my Father I give to my Brother to my best friend. No. It must be no strings attached like nothing you will have any kind of getting back sometime. And, it must be someone who is not needy for your money. If this person you want to give is in need for your money so it's a problem. This is why we represent giving charity to the Kabbalah center to different projects and I will represent it shortly. We never say oh we need your money. We don't need anyone's money you don't need. We are here to give opportunity to people to share to be part of this movement of spreading Kabbalah in the world. You don't want to give? It's your thing we love you. No problem and the money will come. The Rav used to teach us that all the money in the world is the treasure of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. (Hebrew) and Joseph the righteous. We don't need anyone's money. If there's some money we need, let's say to print a book or to print more Zohar's or to open a Kabbalah center. Whatever it is we need money for and there is no one to give it. Somehow the money will come, somehow the money will come. When we approach a person and say. What do you think we want to print to translate a book to German. Or to Swedish, whatever. Do you want to donate to this? So, we never say to a person. You are the last choice, if you don't do it. Nobody will do it. No. It's your choice if you don't want to do it. Great, we love you anyway. It doesn't matter. It's just a way for you to connect to (Hebrew) to become like god. You don't want it. Up to you. No problem. Ok but for that sense the way I see it and the way the Rav and Karen used to educate us. The Kabbalah center is totally a real poor person. We don't need the money, anything for ourselves. We can do without it because we know the money exists. All the time in the treasures of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and Joseph the Righteous. And giving. The last principle. Giving where it can create the maximum effect and revelation of light. So again, if you give to a poor person in the street ok it can create a certain effect. If I would give, let's say if I would take one year of my work. All this amount of money and give it to a poor person in the street. Or if I would give this money to buy one hundred set of Zohars Where would we create more effect? What do you think? You can debate on it. I don't say like, you need to agree with this. I think giving to one hundred sets of Zohar will create much more effect and revelation of light than to give all this money to the homeless in the street. And maybe this money will kill him. Maybe people, you know maybe people will see this guy with a suitcare with a lot on money they will kill him and take the money from him. So I didn't so him any good. Maybe he won't know what to do with all this money? Where this money came from. I only wanted ten shekels to buy some falafel. You know, what do I need all this money for? I'd like to sit on my mattress in the middle of the street. You know, so this a very important where your money will create the maximum revelation and effect. And, now about the meditation I will go, here. This is actually the manifestation of what is written here. Says the Ari. When we give the Tzdaka those of you who already practice it with one of your teachers. Maybe you went over this process. The letter Yud which is the first letter of the Tetragrammaton. Representing the level which is Chochma is it the energy which is the money. Representing the pure raw energy like you take the money whatever amount is the money. Is energy. You can do it, you can buy something to eat you can buy drugs. You can pay for whatever, to watch a movie. Or you can give it to charity. Still it's raw energy it's not directed yet to anything specific. Then the letter Hei which the numerical value is five represents Binah consciousness which is the hand of the giver. We have five fingers, right, which is the numerical value of the letter Hei. Five so when you hold the money with your right hand and you give the money with the consciousness of sharing. You are saying, ok, I take this raw energy and and I imbued it. I give to it the energy of selfless sharing then, the letter Vav which is Zeir anpin, represents the arm of the giver. Which is the shape of the letter Vav like a line you see the letter. Like the straight line. So when you extend the money so it's Yud the money, the energy. Hei sharing consciousness. Vav the action itself of sharing which is Zeir anpin. Going against the nature , giving is the action itself. And finalized by the last Hei which is the hand of the receiver the Malchut. The hand of whatever it can be a bank account or whatever. It's like the vessel that receive this so when we do this action. We give and basically we receive it, the hand of the receiver if it's a teacher of the Kabbalah center of whatever. And then we, basically we elevate it to the head level to create circuitry. But that's already, maybe a lot of details. Anyway, just to make this point a bit more clear and again I'm not promoting, it seems like this and in a way maybe I am. But it's not the purpous I just want to open your mind to this idea. Then you will make your choices. What does it mean. Supporting the effort of spreading Kabbalah in the world. In any way, also financially or in any other way. It says "the root of the world's chaos is the desire to receive for the self alone in the collective consciousness of humanity". This is coming all the way from Rav Ashlag and from the Zohar and the Ari and so on. Of course with the Rav and Karen teaching us. If you look anywhere in the world. Iran, Syria, North Koria, global warming. Whatever it is. Any form of chaos, car accidents, any form. It's somehow connected to a collected consciousness of selfishness. People driving too fast because, oh I must be there first and I will not give you to be the first. It's my road! Selfish, selfish all this selfishness eventually manifest itself in a way of collective chaos. It is the root of world chaos. Now "Kabbalah Center's mission is to remove pain and suffering from the world by guiding and supporting constant transformation of that consciousness". On an individual level one by one we are taking people and we teach them how to become selfless. How to recognise their ego their selfishness and how to go against it. And to uproot the selfishness and to transform it into selfless and sharing consciousness. Which eventually will create global transformation. That's our belief system. Now we have all kind of charitable initiatives. The scholarship fund which is a beautiful thing by the way. We have all kind of students that cannot afford certain things. If it's books, if it's cources if it's any activity. For anything you basically, Michael Berg said we should be like... It cannot be that someone will say. I cannot study Kabbalah because I don't have money. Not possible, not possible. If someone doesn't have money. Through the scholarship fund which is based in charity of our students. This person will be able to study anything he wants forever. Of course we always recommend that eventually the person somehow will find work and be able to support himself. Not only for Kabbalah thing but for life. But, if it's still not happening for whatever reason eventually we will approve and he or she will get a scholarship and can keep on studying. And there are some people that are really enjoying this wisdom. Because of the scholarship which is donations that were given by other students. Of course the Zohar Project and this is our goal to have the Zohar all over the world and we know that every place the Zohar is located it will be a chaos-free zone. Will not be chaos, for sure, not in the level and possibly not at all. Not at all chaos in the place where the Zohar is located. The we have the Kabbalah Children Academy KCA. For now it's still in Los Angeles but they were talking to open Kabbalah schools in different locations. It's a bit not easy because of legal stuff in different countries. But still, this is the vision of Karen. To have Kabbalah schools in different places and we have, until we have this. We have we call it Spirituality For Kids or Kids Creating Peace in Israel. It's called Kids Creating Peace because it's mixing Palestinian kids and Israeli kids. And in the world at large it's called Spirituality For Kids. That we are guiding and teaching kids from the age of six and up with the principles of Kabbalah. Now we have so many, we have more but these are like the main ones. That are actually changing the world. These projects changing the world. I can say it loud and clear. Changing the world. I would even say more than any other thing, more than any. You can give food to hungry people. It's a blessed activity but they eat and after two hours they are hungry again. You didn't not change on the root level you did not change the situation. But when you give Zohar, when you teach the kids from age six to think differently, to change their consciousness. And so on. You are changing the world on the seed level. Ok, this is a very familiar paragraph of the Zohar. Portion Terumah I don't know if. I think some of you already heard it a few times. I'll just repeat it not shortly to summarize all we did so far is to basically to give us some idea. What, what we came here to do. We came here to be like god to become united with the metaphysical world. We did not come here to live life of physical struggle. Day by day surviving. Oh I survived another day in this physical reality. No, if you live your life like this you are missing something bigtime. We came here to be divine, to live divine life. And everything we have in our lives is just designed to help us become more and more divine. Let's read this Zohar this is the (Hebrew) the translation. "Everyone who holds the hand of the wicked person and endeavours him to leave the path of evil is elevated in three elevations, to which another person cannot rise. He causes the subjugation of the Other Side, he causes the Holy One blessed be He, to be elevated in His honor and he causes the world to be preserved both above and below". Meaning global transformation. When you help one person to change his consciousness global transformation above and below. On potential level and manifestation level. "About this person it is written. My covenant was with him for life and peace and he merits to see the children of his children, and gains merit" meaning long life for longevity "and gains merit in this world and the world to come". Meaning physical and metaphysical merits. wisdom and connection and so on, enlightenment. All the accusers will not be able to judge him in this world and in the world to come. Meaning cancellation of all the judgements "He enters through the twelve gates THAT ARE IN THE FIRMAMENT, and there is nothing to prevent him. It is written, "His seed shall be mighty upon earth; the generation of the upright shall be blessed. Wealth and riches shall be in his house, and his righteousness endures forever. Light rises in the darkness for the upright: He is gracious and full of compassion, and just." Like I say I rest my case my friends. If you learned anything valuable and you want to use it. This is the time to think about it. Not right now you can think about it later also. I would like to hear from you for now, any question. Before we simply say goodbye and finish this course. But anything you want to ask, please. Is the time. By the way if you have some question in your mind and you forgot to ask it now. Maybe you can ask it through the night study tonight. We will do the night study. Same time, same link. By the way we are now in the full moon. We are now in the full moon of the month of Gemini which means we have all the support of all the righteous people. And also we have a very strong (Hebrew) of Jehudah, Judah the son of Jacob the head of the tribe. That he is basically the father the first of the fathers of Kind David and represents the final the Mashiach. Which means that the total control the total kingdom of the light of the creator so this is a very, very powerful day. Tonight and tomorrow to do all kind of elevation. Let's see. Question. I wasted data which was a lot of money at the beginning of (Hebrew) course and received all data back from recovery company exactly at the end of (Hebrew) course. Ok, I wish you now to waste your data anymore. Ok, at what time is the night study? As usual, 3am CET right? 3am Europe time. Ok, what else? Guys, no question? Ok, so again I wish you a great journey. If you'll have questions in the future talk to your teachers talk to me. You can have it through the, what we call it? The KM People on the facebook. All is open. All my love have an amazing journey and keep growing your divine kind of existence. All the best have a great weekend. Bye, bye.

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