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SpaceUp HOU 11 - NASA Human Operations T-5

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[To Tim] I think you went over by a minute. But whatever! I think mine will take less than five minutes. And actually the purpose of my talk is I want to do a presentation later on but i want to find out what people are interested in, in here. So my talk is mostly just to plant some ideas of what I can at least talk somewhat intelligently to you about and then I want to find out what you want to know about so we can have a conversation later on. So briefly ... I went the wrong way but that's alright. What I do is Human Research On-Orbit. I enable it to happen. I write procedures. Do some crew training. And then sit on console at mission control. There's a lot of human research science that goes on on-orbit. And what we're trying to figure out is how to keep people safe in space for longer. How to figure out what's going on in their human bodies, and how we can prevent some of the deleterious changes that occur. You know, loss of bone mass, loss of muscle mass. Loss of cardiovascular fitness. People have a lot of questions on how we keep astronauts healthy. How we rehab them once they get back to earth. If anyone is interested in that kind of thing I can do a talk about it later. But you need to tell me if you're even interested in finding out anything more about that. And the last slide which actually showed up first was another little project of mine. I am writing a book about Columbia. Mostly from the perspective of people who really knew Columbia. So it's kind of an oral history if you will. If your interested in that at all I've got a kickstarter project. I'm trying to raise some funds so I can get some travel. And kind of just some seed money to make this happen. So I'm on Kickstarter. If you're interested in helping out I'd appreciate it. Even a dollar helps because it tells potential publishers that there are people out there that are willing to part with their money. Even if it's a dollar. So that would help me out. So thanks.

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Posted by: spacevidcast on Feb 12, 2011

SpaceUp HOU 11 - NASA Human Operations T-5

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