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Time Travel? Time hiself teach you: More on Origin of Time! with Examples!

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: A Chat with Time - 2 This is time, once more. to give a, more 'specific' perspective, of time in itself 'as an example'. Let's use, Anu, and the creation of this existence Started off at a point which is a beginning, that means: that is a starting point - indication of 'the origin of time'. Because whatever, has a 'beginning, Must, have an End' because, the very nature, of 'time' in itself, is that of, having a beginning, and an end. 'Due to' the manifestation of time, coming from, the expression of 'Here' - It was compressed, into a 'spiral' (spire down) So, within Anu, creating 'this, existence', at a beginning point, where everything, and all of this 'creation' this existence, came together within a, 'compressed placement' - at the 'beginning'. What occurs due to a 'spiral' (spire down), it indicate 'that' this creation, and existence of, Anu and those that assisted and supported him, 'must have an end'. Naturally, Anu was not 'satisfied', with this Because, he realized that: whatever has a beginning, 'must', have an end. This is the 'constructed essence', of 'time'. the, 'limitation' of time, so to speak. So, from here, that's when Anu, realized, he can take the beginning and the end and link them together. to form, to what is now, referred to as the 'infinity' sign(∞) and in the, 'infinity' sign(∞) Anu realized: Yes! I do not now, I am not limited to the construct of time of having a beginning and an end - the beginning 'spirals out' to an end. I now am able to 'trap time', into itself within, the infinity designed, symbol(∞). and that's how, this, manifested, designed 'creation', has been, existing within and as 'endless cycles'. where, the beginning and end always 'meet, and bounce it back' So creation has a 'beginning'(right), and then it ends(left), and then it 'begins', and then it ends, and then it begins and then it end so, in 'essence', the principle of 'beginning and end', was 'removed'. and, this creation this existence was 'trapped' within an infinite cycle(∞), just continuing as it is. With no deviation or escape from it's primary design. So this, section of the interview, to give perspective of Time in itself, manifested, into an 'infinite form', which is also 'time', so infinity is limited. and it's very nature, of 'only being' able to infinitely exist, within that, which it has been designed and 'created' within, which is this 'manifested', 'existence'. Infinitely continue, as it has been designed and programmed, and created to. No beginning and no end. just infinitely continuing. Where time's, where the construct of time's beginning and end, has met as one. (sigh) and at the end of, my first interview, My sentences was not 'complete'. 'Time', does not exist - 'Here'. Infinity, does not exist - 'Here'. Time, and Infinity, is a constructed design, to 'trap', this manifested existence into continuous 'cycles' and circles(∞). Within it's pre-programmed, nature design. So the key is to transcend the perception believe of 'time within infinity' The only way to do that is to 'stop the cycles of the mind', identify, the cycles of your mind, that would be indicated by, and through, 'habits'. Which is manifest in your 'behavior', you have to become, 'very specific', about 'Every Bodily Movement you make'. Because each movement you make, is an, indication of 'accessing a', mind manifested cycle as 'habit', to which you have defined yourself. and thus enslave yourself, to cycles. cycles, is time, 'manifested' within, an infinite 'movement, or motion' 'Stop the cycles' 'Stop time'. Stop, the infinite, 'motion and movement' of cycles, of time, as time. and be 'Here'. Thank you. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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