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It may sound like a joke, but it surely isn’t. A Czech political scientist Vít Jedlička is a new president. No, don’t be afraid, he didn’t attack the Prague Castle, but he used the international law and established a new country on a no man’s land. He named it Liberland, it has 7 square kilometres and it lies on the bank of the Danube River. The story was prepared by Filip Pultar. We declare the existence of Liberland. Liberland is a free and independent country… Roll out the red carpet! On 13 April 2015, a new country was established in Europe. Since the first day, its president is a Czech Vít Jedlička. Vít Jedlička, 31 years old, unmarried, girlfriend Jana… Master of Political Science, Bachelor in Economy… President of the country of Liberland. It’s simple. You just notify the neighbouring countries… you notify the UN and you are awaiting which country recognizes you. It is claimed neither by Croatia nor Serbia, thus we are not violating territorial integrity of neither of the countries. By raising the flag in a Danube’s meander, Vít Jedlička and his girlfriend, beg me pardon, now the fresh first lady, and two other friends made it clear that since Monday 13 April, this is Liberland. Including beaches on the Danube’s bank and an island, Liberland extends on an area of 7 square kilometres. Liberland. The capital: None. Population: Rising. Currency: Any, Bitcoin and gold preferred. Official language: Czech Yellow is a libertarian colour, a colour of capitalism. Black is a colour of resistance against the system. Traditionally, a tree is a symbol of abundance. A bird is a symbol of freedom, the sun of energy. And the water symbolizes the Danube. To elect the president, no campaign was needed. Only the votes of the Preparation Committee were needed. Miškovský: “I suggest Vít Jedlička. Who is for him?” Jedlička: “I abstained from the vote.” Miškovský: “Vít Jedlička has been elected as an interim president of the republic.” They left the raised flag in place and went to explore the new country. Liberland had already been touched by civilization. There is a dusty road and one abandoned house. It will be hard work before any deparment store is built here. We already have a local tradesman, who already placed a Liberland sign on his tractor. We also have a guy who is willing to come on a boat to bring people in over the Danube River. There are also already people applying for positions in the Liberland government. Even such a small country was not spared of interest in these jobs. The first lady is already set. Vít Jedlička’s girlfriend is taking the position. We had to persuade her a bit to give us an interview. She will yet have to get used to cameras and represention of Liberland. Czech first ladies are simply a bit timid. In the first 3 days of the country’s existence, we gathered 18,700 registrations from 184 countries. Liberland will be favoured among the countries especially by the businessmen. The president of the third smallest country in Europe, (only Vatican and Monaco are smaller) wants to create a tax haven in Liberland. We want to be the first country in the world where paying taxes is voluntary. We want people to contribute to financing of specific projects. The presidential and government office is currently here in Prague, the Czech Republic. Daily, president Jedlička recieves tens of interview requests, including by the international media. Every minute, ten new Liberland citizenship requests appear in his mailbox. Jedlička: “If you mean it seriously, come and help us with the administrative work.” There can be an enormous boom and inflow of companies and banks, who feel tied in the current system. But Liberland should not celebrate prematurely. Liberland borders with Croatia on one side and Serbia on the other. And both countries are far from having their territorial claims settled. Liberland probably won’t impress them. “We are crossing something. Do you think we are here?” Jedlička: “We have just crossed the country border.” Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “These virtual jokes,… putting aside that they were sometimes interesting,… it remains to be a question what this one should mean… We definitely have no official statement on that.” Are you afraid of a military invasion to the territory? On the contrary, I think they have enough of wars. Vít Jedlička admits he probably wouldn’t defend Liberland. To establish a country and start a war, especially without any army, is rationally not the choice. But Jedlička doesn’t see such a dark future for the country. Soon, he wants roads and power lines to be built… and possibly even a city for the citizens. Meanwhile, he is looking for at least someone to sell hotdogs and draft beer here. To work there, probably not. It’s going well here in the Czech Republic. I wouldn’t move there. I am satisfied here where I live. I probably wouldn’t need to move to foreign country. Firstly, it seemed to me as a funny joke. It can’t be that anyone could come and take some land, raise a flag there and declare that they own it there. But it seems that it is nothing extraordinary. For example, before Vít Jedlička, this was tried by others. Among them, by an American, Jeremy Heaton. We had our eye on a land between Sudan and Egypt,… approximately 2,000 square kilometres. But we were preceded by an American, who went there and seized the land and most international media took his claim seriously. Sudan as well as Egypt received his official note. Princess Emily, how are you doing, princess Emilly? Good. And it was Jeremy Heaton’s case where Vít Jedlička verified that seemingly crazy idea may stand a chance of success. On the same basis, North Sudan was established. It is internationally recognized and it has a few embassys around the world. And Vít Jedlička’s actions are meant seriously as well. The president has already received his first diplomatic note from no one else than Jeremy Heaton, the president of North Sudan. He has already established diplomatic relations with us. Thus, at least one country, which came to existence similarly as we did, has already recognized us. The president of Liberland celebrates success. But maybe he will have to solve a minor (well, maybe rather a major) issue soon. Where to harbour more than 20,000 citizens who, as of now, want to move in on the 7 square kilometres of land. Maybe a new Hong Kong will grow up in the middle of Europe. We have to add new information to the story. Filip finished the story on Friday (17 April) and on that day Liberland had received 20,000 citizenship applications. Nevertheless, the numbers are rocketing and thus at this moment (19 April) 190,000 people are registered to the country. Therefore, it is almost certain we are going to hear about the country soon again.

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Country: Czech Republic
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Posted by: on Apr 19, 2015

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