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Creating a Project: Giving Youth Control

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[CLICK 2 SCIENCE pd] [Creating a Project Display: Giving Youth Control] >> Okay, what I want you to do now is take about five minutes and we are gonna talk about what we want our interactive room to look like. And I'm gonna give each group a piece of paper and a pencil and you're gonna draw what kind of project you want. What I encourage you to do is look around the room and find things that could work in your Makey Makey and try 'em out, and see. Right. >> Youth are challenged to create a device that will complete a task. They then prepare to display their designs to others. Using a Makey Makey device, youth work together on a project. Watch as Frontline staff give youth the choice in what they are creating, provide support, but also let the youth do the work. Listen as staff get youth to explain their projects. Pay special attention to the body language of the facilitator, the space given to the youth, and the materials needed to successfully complete the challenge. >> Let's brainstorm. So what kind of big thing do you want to make for other kids to come in and try out, so they can see what you made with the Makey Makey? >> Uh, a giant boat. >> A boat? Okay. Team, how do you feel about a giant boat? >> That sounds good. >> So, um, we connected the circuit to these, to the circuit board, which controls the arrows and space, so we can control the computer. >> But you have to be holding the ground wire because that is what helps it power, 'cause that's what connects the circuit. >> I'm gonna see if this is gonna work. >> So what are you planning to do? >> We are gonna connect it to the play dough, and like make it move... And the Scratch move and like create sounds. >> So why are you guys using Scratch? Why did you decide to use that program? >> Because it has computer programming, and it helps you... It helps you program the buttons to make sounds. >> What are you gonna do with those sounds? >> If you press like a button. >> If you press like an arrow button, you make sound. >> It makes a sound. >> You made it too... You made it too flat. You made it too flat, wait. >> So how do you fix that? >> You make it taller. >> Okay, is that one connected? >> No, that can't jump. >> So, you got to fix it. >> So, connect it. >> So, can you explain to us, how does this work? So, how did you make that wires make sound? >> 'Cause it's metal, you got it connected to this Makey Makey thing. >> There is different arrows and like... Okay, so white is over here. And you'd hold that, and it would like... It shows the down arrow, 'cause white is going down. >> Jump, jump. >> Here we do, control it. We are the human controller and it's actually working. [CLICK 2 SCIENCE pd] [Creating a Project Display: Giving Youth Control]

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Posted by: click2science on Mar 23, 2016

Youth are challenged to work together in groups to design a device that will complete a task, to be presented to an audience of family and friends later that week. What strategies do you see staff use to give youth control of the materials, space and, in turn, allow youth to be in charge of the learning?

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