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2017 - MyTup Subscription Levels (English)

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Tupperware subscription levels today, and I want to introduce you to Daniela Triana. She's new with the digital marketing team. Hello everyone! She's working on the Sales Force website a lot with My.Tupperware and she's learning about all the other different pieces so I thought she would be really great to come in and ask some questions that you might ask if you were here. So, welcome Daniela, thank you for being here. Thank you so much. Alright so let's get going. We're going to talk about each of the different levels that you can subscribe to from My.Tupperware because we've been getting a lot of questions about this right? So we'll talk about each of the levels and then we'll talk about some of the features that come with those levels and why it's important why you want to consider upgrading to Plus or Silver or Gold. Okay. So let's get going and we will talk first about Basic. So for the basic level, and that's free, this comes with access to home office news, that's the Sales Force website. And it also comes with customer care actually can help you if you have any questions for them. You can call them and they can answer the questions about My.Tupperware. And then, if you're one of those people that likes to make a list and check everything off like I do and feel really accomplished when you make that check, then we have tasks as well. And that's all available for free with My.Tupperware Basic. Now Anna, when you talk about home office news, you mean product alerts, catalog backorder's, things like that? Yes, brochures, anything like that, training there's a great training section that Cheryl and her team have out there. So all of that Sales Force website and training sections those are all available for free. Excellent. So we'll move on to Plus. And Plus obviously has everything that free has right, and it also includes notifications. So this is when someone comes to your website and says they're interested in hosting a party or joining your team or about the product. This also includes— what do I have next, I'm out of order— reports. So there are quite a few reports that are built into My.Tupperware that are really cool on top of what we have in My Sales already. And if you haven't checked those out, that comes with a Plus account, they're really cool. Obviously your paid website comes with that Plus account. And we'll talk about all the different things that come with that. But my favorite part about the Plus okay, my favorite part is TupperConnect, and I'll talk about why that's my favorite. There's some really great benefits to having that TupperConnect access. Wait Anna, so how much is Plus? Plus is $9.95 and that's for both U.S. and Canada. So how is that billed in Canada? Is that Canadian dollars or U.S. dollars? That's a really good question. So if you're one of our Canadian Sales Force members, it's billed $9.95 in U.S. dollars so you'll see that converted on your credit card bill. Thanks. Alright, let's move on to Silver. Silver obviously that has everything that Plus has in it. And then the really big addition for Silver, and that again is $14.95 U.S. and Canada same price, it comes with Party Plus. Is that the feature that allows guests to watch a demo from home? Yes, this is the one that lets you set up your mobile device, your tablet, your web cam, and invite guests virtually into the home party. It's really cool. It also comes with the Zoom onferencing platform. And that's just really cool to have, we'll talk about that in a few slides. So that's Silver right. Right. So let's move on to Gold. Now you'll notice for $17.95, you get the Gold but you'll notice that Tupperware Party Plus is missing. So Party Plus is not included in the Gold. But what we do have in Gold is Photofy Mmmm, I love Photofy. Why? I love Photofy because you can post great images to support your business but you can also schedule your posts so that if you're traveling, you can do all your social media marketing ahead of time. Which is awesome! Yeah, that is awesome. And we've been loading in lost of great images, high-res images for you guys to use. There's some memes that we've created out there. So it's really a great tool, I love it. So that comes with Gold. Move on to of course the package that has it all and that's Platinum. So, everything we've talked about is included in Platinum and that's for $22.95 per month, U.S. and Canada. And it just has everything. Now, we've talked about the different packages and I want to just give a recommendation. If someone came to me and said, "You know, I hear you saying what are the different things are that come with each of the packages but I'm still not sure", I'm going to say, "You really need to have at least a Plus package". Yes. Right? —Yes. Everybody needs to at least have that Plus and you'll see why as we go through these slides. So, talk about your website. Every paid subscription comes with a website. Your own personal website. So your slash whatever user name your chose, that's your web address that you can hand out to everyone. And you can have your visitors come and place an order, they can fill out a contact form to get in touch with you and let you know that they're interested in the opportunity or in products. They can join your team from here. It's a really great tool for you to have. And, it's kind of cool the way it works right. So we want someone who visits your site, we want to know that they belong to you. So when they visit your site, we actually give their web browser something called a cookie. So that when they come back, we remember them. So Anna, can you explain a little bit more about what a cookie is. Yes, I won't get too technical but just think your guest is using what, Safari or Chrome or Firefox or maybe Internet Explorer, and when they visit your My.Tupperware website, we give that browser a little but of info so that when they come back to, we know that they belong to you. And it's just a way that we help you maintain a relationship. Awesome. So, a little bit more about your website. When a visitor comes to your personal website and clicks on shop, and they place an order, that order actually belongs to you and you get your full sales credit and you get your commission for that order. Did you know that about half of all of the orders that come through actually come through a Sales Force members website? That's awesome, I did not know. So, everybody loves that site. Let's talk about the pool, the eCommerce Pool. [laughing] So, this is something that a lot of people hear about and there might be some questions about what exactly is the pool and how does it work. So, when someone visits and they haven't been to a My.Tupperware website, and they place an order. That order goes into the eCommerce Pool and we share that with all of the eligible Sales Force members at the end of the month when the commissions close. So, you said eligible Sales Force. What makes someone eligible? So, that's a great question. You're eligible for the eCommerce Pool when you have a paid site, you have $500 or more in personal sales, you're in good standing and there's no balance remaining on your kit. Right? Okay. So Anna, if I have $500 in sales for the month of April, then I will receive that months eCommerce Pool at the end of April? At the end of April right. So your 500 in personal sales is qualifying you for that same months eCommerce Pool at the end of the month. Makes sense, okay. So, we share that pool a little differently depending on your title. If you're a Consultant through an Executive Manager, then you receive 25 percent commission on your share of the pool with no sales credit. If you're a Director or above, you receive 100 percent sales credit for your share of the pool with no commission. Okay. So, you can actually see these at the end of the month after commissions is run. If you're a Consultant through Executive Manager, you can view it on your commission summary screen. And that's available from the reports drop-down in My Sales. You'll see it there on the left about half way down, called eCommerce Pool. And if you are a Director and above, you can see your eCommerce Pool share on the personal history screen also available from the reports drop-down in My Sales. Alright. So the Tupperware consultant finder is another feature of having a paid site. We have this 'Find A Consultant' on the left side of the website all the time. You might have noticed that it says "Your consultant is" and it has your name, and that's what people see if they've been to a My.Tupperware website. But if they haven't they actually see "Find a Consultant". So we believe a listing in the consultant finder is a reward for those who are very engaged with the business. So the worst thing that could happen is someone comes to, clicks on "Find a Consultant", and then never hears back from them. So this is really something for those who are engaged in the business. Excellent. So we'll talk about eligibility again. You're eligible to appear in the finder on again, if you have a paid site, if you've hit 500 in personal sales or more from the previous month, you're in good standing and have no remaining balance on your kit. So let's use our example from before, if I have $500 in personal sales in the month of April then that qualifies me to be in the finder for May right? Correct. Yes, so it's always the month before that qualifies you. And then when in May would I start appearing in the finder? Once the commissions for April closes, then you will appear in the finder for May. Awesome. So, the finder works pretty simply. A visitor comes, we ask them for their street address their full address, and then we find the 10 closest eligible Sales Force members. And we just show your name, your city, state, and zip and then a link to your website. And that way you have control over what personal information you show them because you can control that on your website. Alright, we talked about TupperConnect and it being my favorite part of having a paid site right. And this is why... So any paid site, Plus and higher, has TupperConnect. And TupperConnect allows you or your host to invite guests who can't make it to her home party, but they can place orders online and those orders still count towards her home party. On average, and this is crazy, you won't believe this, a TupperConnected party does 20 percent more in sales than a party that doesn't have TupperConnect. So then I want to connect all my parties right? Yes, absolutely. Connect all of your parties. Fundraisers can also be TupperConnected. And this allows organizations to accept orders online and it's something that they really like. And it's the only way that you can accept the credit card payment for fundraiser orders as well. So, definitely look into TupperConnected fundraisers if you do fundraisers. We're going to be doing some Tupper Tech Talks. We'll do one on the party and we'll do another on the fundraiser and those are going to be coming up in the next couple of months. So definitely look out for that. Party plus, we'll talk a little bit about that. I know it's an unknown to a lot of people. We said it actually allows people to watch your in home demo from home, right, in their pajamas. So, it's made possible by Zoom, which is a video conferencing service, a really great one. You might have used Skype in the past. You might have used Ustream or GoToMeeting. These guys do a really good job it looks really nice and clean on the screen. I agree. And outside of the party, it's a great way to do team meetings as well. I know we have a lot of leaders out there, who are using the Zoom to do their meetings. And this is a great way because really, if you look at it, you're paying 5 bucks extra to have this service and if you go straight to Zoom, it's a lot more than that. So, really highly recommended. I do want to point out, when you upgrade to Silver or Platinum in order to get Party Plus, you get an email from Zoom, and if you don't click on the little confirmation email, the little link within 30 days, then we start to have problems making sure that your Zoom is working. So when you upgrade, look for that email. And we're going to be doing a Tupper Tech Talk on this as well in the coming months. Awesome. We talked about Photofy, I missed this part. When we talked about Photofy for gold and for Platinum, if you have any questions about that, we did a Tupper Tech Talk on that already. Yes. Was it a couple months ago I think. Yes. And any of these Tupper Tech Talks that we do, they're recorded, and right now they live on Tupper Live. So if you go to and click watch shows in the top right hand corner, there's a section in there called Tupper Tech Talks and then all of them are in there and recorded. And were working downloading them and moving them to the training section. But you can go out there and watch any of the Tupper Lives that we've had in the past. Great. So Day 1, we talked about this a couple weeks ago but I just want to make sure everyone understands. When a brand new consultant signs up for My.Tupperware for the first time ever, if they choose Plus, then they get a free 30-day trial. Wow. Right. If they don't choose Plus, if they choose basic, then they give up that chance at having the free trial. Okay. Some people might get a little alarmed, it does ask for your credit card but that's not going to get charged til after the 30 days are over. So, really it's a great idea to get your new consultants to sign up for Plus from day one and enjoy that first 30 days and see how much they can benefit from having a website and having TupperConnect. Really a good idea. That's an amazing opportunity yes. And then the last thing I want to hit today and again, we talked a couple of weeks about this, is upgrading and downgrading. So, when you go to My.Tupperware— Oh, was that the right screen, yes. When you go to My.Tupperware, in the top right-hand corner you see your picture and you see your flag and an arrow. And if you click that arrow, you can go to your account. Yes. And then on the left you'll see subscription and when you click that, it'll show you all the different levels and it'll have highlighted in a dark gray the level that your currently at. And if it's a paid subscription, it'll have your next billing date. So it actually tells you when we're next going to bill your card. Right, so that's an important date to know. When you downgrade, let's say your next billing date is June 30 if I downgrade today, it's not going to actually downgrade my site until June 30 because I've already paid through June 30 right. Right. So if I downgrade today, it won't be in effect until my next billing date. Upgrading is a little bit different because we can't prorate. And we know that when you upgrade, you are ready to go to that next level. So when you upgrade, you get billed right away for the next package. So, if you want to make sure that you haven't paid for a partial month of Plus and now your paying again for Gold, then you want to wait until a day or two before your billing date before you upgrade. And that's just something to keep in mind. Alright. Excellent. Alright, well that's all we have for today and Linda, do we have any questions? No questions, alright. Well thanks again Daniela for being here. Thank you for having me. And I hope you guys enjoyed our Tupper Tech Talk. We'll be back on June 28 for another talk and we'll make sure that we get that out to you in my week and tell you what subject it will be. Alright. Awesome. So have a great day. Thanks for joining us. Bye.

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2017 - MyTup Subscription Levels (English)

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