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Rise of the Prop Drones

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What is up you guys, this is SpaceKryptonite here to bring you the rise of a meta breaking robot that has rippled a new evolution of drones This type of evolution is one that breaks the balance and friction between pizza and tacos Ladies and gents, we have been spotted by the rise of Propeller Drones or to keep it short, prop drones (prop is short for propeller in English) So why is this type of drone so deadly and how is it on the rise Just as a disclaimer, propeller stats used in this video may change in future updates Let’s start off with discussing the new movement part known as propellers These propellers comes in 2 forms There’s the Propeller Tomahawk which is a Rare tier part and the Propeller Thunderbolt which is an Epic tier part The health of these parts are pretty high compared to other movement parts in the game but also uses a good chunk of CPU This is not a huge problem since everyone has access to 2,000 CPU along with propellers serving a unique purpose They are built to be strong enough to carry heavy flyers along with its primary ability of bi-directional force This means you can apply force in two directions rather than just one Ultimately, this helps a lot with building flyers since propellers are strong enough to fly without the need for thrusters It's biggest strength is its windup time The amount of time needed to accelerate to max speed is within a matter of seconds The more propellers, the greater the effect With Propellers recently released, we are still in its early stage of diving into what players have built and inspirations that propellers has done for the universe of Robocraft It only came out just yesterday. Calm down If you are watching this in the future with a taco in your hand. I WILL---- With the all seeing eye of Reddit and Youtube videos the discovery of prop drones came at an instant since the movement type compliments the purpose of drones Drones are like the alpha when it comes to flying They have the ability to move in a number of directions while maintaining speed and agility but creating a Drone with propellers is insanity In definition, I classify a drone as a robot that can move in ways that no other build is capable of doing and not by the parts used to create it Some could argue that drones need to have thrusters inside of a box and must have rudders and or helium but it is all in the matter of perspective which creates diversity in the way we use the term drone Now that we have the idea of what we are diving into let’s jump into the creation of the Prop Drones The first of its kind were a couple. No, not like that There was the Sanic created by Alexborr Drone NextGen created by Stille7 Drone 2.0 created by clement.serant and a whole lot more prop drones that keeps popping up as I am scripting this video Prop Drones are very fast, very stable when using camera control steering, and insanely maneuverable Some builds utilize rotor blades on the back side of the robot to provide more stability and others will use only propellers in all directions This type of robot can move forward and back as well as side to side strafing with ease What makes this deadly is that this robot can juke incoming damage like a boss while providing damage to the enemy more quickly than what other drones are capable of doing Prop Drones are quickly on the rise and players are improving its design The future of this drone can be bright, but it is ultimately up to the player and… patch notes but let’s enjoy the sun while it is setting A new meta has evolved and the Prop Drone is one example on how a robot can break the meta So that pretty much wraps it up for this video Let me know in the comment section down below your experience against a prop drone Is it something you think is good or is it something you think is bad Definitely, I want to thank you guys for watching Don’t forget to like and subscribe for all your roboneeds and until next time This is SpaceKryptonite Logging out I will catch you guys later

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Jan 23, 2017

With the new release of propellers comes new bot designs. This is the rise of Prop Drones where drones utilize propellers to show their moves like Jagger. Learn about the functionality of propellers and why are Prop Drones so deadly. Enjoy!

YouTube channel of Robot Engine for gameplay of Sanic the Prop Drone:

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Richard F - Awakening

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