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Apresentação PRODimage Professional - GED NORDESTE

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We have created the type of document Within the type of document And where we define what are the indices Index This was a kind of document that I created yesterday It has a kind of document that is called REGISTRATION I'll make the digitization of documents relating to the registration of students So I set what type of fields that I want to get future or that I'll actually be indexing I speak and what type of indexing, to farm number of registration I have the bar code I have seen the number of registration of student So I speak the kind of indexing that I will use will be the cod bar. So today's agent has 6 types of indexing A MANUAL Index, crawl through the bars of condigo (Read the bar code and returns the value of the field). Or that the OCR is the recognition of digital characters, OMR recognition of markings and ICR recognizes that the manuscripts and Dictionary. What is that the main index hit? Barcode. If I set a parameter of indexation where he composes a result he finds the code here and returns the value of this code? This here cod. the bar, here I REGISTRATION I do not view the result marked position any longer and he brought me here. A has more than a cod. I want him to return me another, you make his mark here without problems and he does the most reading in the same way. The other camp I will do for OCR, this is the OCR "zonal" I mark the region from where I want to capture the data, so it brings me the result of Created the type of document and clear that created the profile before scanning. that will be my template, so I set a profile of scanning for this cover of the document that will always remove the edges, will always stop at that line here at the margin, which will make a cleanup that will align ... Created the type of document The structure of pulp is just for you define levels of access, is not to be navigating folders and find documents. Because at the time that you find is you will find in accordance with the types of documents that you created: registration, CONTRACT, TAX NOTE etc. I choose Registration, NEW DOCUMENT he opens the window here with the type of document that I'm using I will then select the Registration, which brings the fields of documents relating to registration So I'm going to digitize now ... At the time I enter the digitization I created the profile of digitization; also created the template and send scan. In the case here I will select the images to make the test agent here. If you have scanned images that you may be importing these images to make the treatment of these images within the software. So here the images as if they were been digitized Oh you wonder how I know where a document begins and ends the other? Today the separation of documents can be made through a COD. OF POT, Blank page or through the amount of IMAGES You down to 5 of 5 images is a new document, from 10 to 10 images is a new document or each image is actually a document. So in this case here in time to save I will select what will be a way of separating the documents In my case I will separate the COD OF POT, he has already cod. of bars in this image that I will use indexing and field as well as a separator. And if I did not have the bar code? could pick up as a blank sheet, scan and leaves only the blank sheet. Because the times vary slightly comes with dirty and does not recognize the blank sheet. Then you have the option from within the system, insert a bar code, called ZEBRA. he will recognize this code, go talk to him is a tab and then found out that image? Most customers do that already has 100 pages with cod. bar or make a label and glue on the front page of each document. At the time he scans the system already separates. We will continue My tab in the case will be the cod. bar that belongs to the document, so I saved .. I have the screen crawl, and simple, then I can do so manually type here and saved. We will do so automatically, we will divide that document divided by the IMAGES or activating tab In that case we will be in the bar code, here you choose the type of cod. bar he will be separated. You can have several cod. bar within that documents belonging to the document and you want to point separating, then you select the type of him understand? The more I do not know what kind of what I want? Oh you enter the advanced options ask to do the reading and have him in the response of the type of COD bar. So you click OK, and he picks up the data at the time that he is a cod. the bar for him and made the capture of data that we set the type of document, the name, sex. What happens is this: that sometimes the quality is bad, then instead of M puts an N, then you have the option to do after the conference and make the correction manually. He separated the documents, documents containing 1 page, with 6, with 4 Then you have the option to come in here to see the result PROPERTY we had, so he got the number of registration that was the cod. bar, name current and sex. So I want you to go and giving. You see and go through This one got wrong, failed to recognize, then the operator has the option to come here and put it right, which is the correct way. We are following what we call option to apply OCR, then we will come here and apply OCR FULL He clicking 2 times he will see the document, if you want to send by e-mail it, save the network and make you sign a digital signature by the software. FULL apply OCR on all pages, it will capture all data within the image and transformed into text Oh you have the option to change and save as TXT or DOC. If you want to export to TXT, or HTML, DOC have him the option to delete so. Any content that you search here: ex: DECLARE, I do a search with the word DECLARE He vak

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Duration: 11 minutes and 3 seconds
Year: 2008
Country: Brazil
Producer: Digitar Soluções
Director: Justo Dantas
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Posted by: ivanezjunior on Aug 10, 2008

Apresentação feita por Saulo Balbi no GED NORDESTE 2008, demonstrando o software prodimage professional. Mais informações conte conosco:


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