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This is Manu's House And this is Manu Before we enter his house let’s enter his brain The brain is divided into two The creative side and the logical side The first 22 years of his life, Manu exercised only his left brain He completed 265 assignments 73 practicals and 104 class tests... realize that he was meant to be an artist Hence after a long period, his right brain's engine gets started Manu started to paint The canvas was his life and universe If there was anything that could pull him from the canvas... ...It was his acute interest in Puzzles Riddles, crosswords, rubik's cube, sudoku or anything which could perplex him... ...could distract him from art But Manu did not know that the biggest puzzle of his life was fast approaching A meteor weighing 10 tons and 40 feet wide hits in Chelyabinsk, Russia At the same time in Dhaanupuram... 85 Kg, 5.8 Ft big problem crashes on Manu's head Name - Suku The so called poetic and beautiful life of Manu... ...suddenly seemed to be controlled by Suku's Manhood You should never mistake Suku's intention to harm Manu But his thought process often attracts violence in a radius of about 1.5 km Suku demanded a share of 70 percent of Dhannupuram’s beatings And Manu being his close friend was entitled for the rest 30 percent - for free! When and where of the attack couldn't be anticipated... ...It could happen any time Anyway Manu's creative life came to a big halt. How could art flourish in violence [TV] " In its quest to fertilize an egg, around 300 million sperms are ejaculated... " [TV] "...most sperms will lose their way " Hey... ...Have some fruits Manu knew that Suku could never harm him voluntarily But if he doesn't finds a solution his life will go up in smoke Suku spreads his net across Dhaanupuram He anxiously waits like the pervert who writes phone numbers on public toilets Hello Hello, Is it 9890247498 Yes Did you stick this number at Angadimukku bus stop? Yes Do you think its right? Who is this speaking Whoever! but surely not your mother! er! I just did it seeking friendship Why! don’t you have any friends? Of course ! wait a moment How did you know that I am a Malayalee? Whats there to know? Only a Malayalee comes here for Pervert adventures I am not a Pervert I simply did it, when there was nobody to talk Whats your name? My name is Suku Ok Suku, do you have an ID card? What? Do you have an ID card or not ? No Election Card ? Yes Ok then I want your photo ID, address proof and rent agreement emailed to me within 10 mins But why ? Only If you want me to talk with you If you send within 10 mins we will talk again, else I will destroy this SIM I will message you my email id Hello ! I have sent it ! The time is up but I will excuse But why do you need my documents? Are you planning to sell me any insurance policies? Don't worry. I am not an Agent Don't I need some convincing proof to trust a stranger like you So are you convinced now? Yes, to some extent So we will talk again right? Yes we will. But before that... ...I need your form 16, copy of birth certificate, attested degree certificate and 4 passport size photo I swear! I don't have them It’s in my hometown, I promise (chuckles) You don't need them right? - (chuckles) In the coming days, Suku focused his attention on Smitha and hence Manu was relieved of attacks Meantime, Manu respected Suku’s privacy... ...from a distance Smitha, shall I gift you a dress? So, don't you need my size ? Yes XXXL What XXXL ! Yes, why! even XXXL is a bit tight for me Oh Didn't you make the dress plan to know how fat I am? No no, I just wanted to imagine you while talking Then why Imagine? Can't we meet in real? Meet in real? Wow ! I wasn't asking, as I thought you would disapprove Ok where shall we meet? Coffee Day, Starbucks, Barista ? How about my house? Your house! As I live alone I don't have to fear my parents. Let’s have a dinner today at 9pm Smitha, are you talking seriously? Yes I am serious. I will message you my address But make sure you have something big to impress me Ofcourse. But, Smitha, aren't we still strangers What made you to trust me to your house? That’s true. Maybe, I am also a bit Pervert Its me Suku So you want me to impress you. I’ve got my own patented item for that Suku, any more rehearsals will put you in trouble Smitha, Suku is coming ! Ah! Aren't you Suku From that day, Suku was cured of his perversion. He didn't whistle neither did get a beating. At the sight of a lady he was gentler than a gentleman But how did this happen? Where did his perversion go? Manu cracked his brains but couldn't come up with a reasonable answer What would have happened at Smitha house? Would she have advised and corrected him? No way! playing flute to a buffalo had more chances to be heard But, Why did he stop all contacts with her, that very night At first, Manu thought that Suku was up for some prank But 6 months of sincere respect for women seemed genuine When asked, Suku said he took a resolution to change overnight Which was not very convincing for Manu How could one change an uncontrollable behavior ? Manu craved for an answer desperately Manu exhausted his left brain and his search for logical reasoning seemed futile Atlast Manu concluded that Life is the biggest puzzle on Earth A puzzle which has no pages for hints A puzzle which has convoluted possibilities A puzzle so infinite that your starting and finishing line bend together to form a loop

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Duration: 16 minutes and 9 seconds
Year: 2017
Country: India
Language: English
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Producer: Arun Vignesh KS
Director: Sreenu Romi
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Posted by: ivorytuskpictures on Nov 8, 2018

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