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Flash Player 10.1: Hardware accelerated HD video

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[ADOBE® FLASH®PLATFORM] [♪music♪] Hello, my name is Neil Trevett from NVIDIA [Vice President Mobile Content] and I've been working closely with Adobe to bring GPU Acceleration into Flash Player 10.1. Flash 10.1 is a real advance for the Flash Player-- actually, much more than the .1 would indicate. But we think one of the most important is the GPU Acceleration for video. By offloading the intensive video processing from the CPU to the GPU, we can certainly make high-definition web videos spring to life on a range of machines--even inexpensive netbooks. And actually, I've brought some netbooks with me today to show you just what a difference Flash Player 10.1 can make. On here, we have the older Flash 10.0 running a youtube video. It's playing, but it's not an ideal experience. The frame rate is not smooth; it's a little bit choppy. That's because the video decode is running on the CPU and the CPU is not designed for intensive video processing, and particularly in a portable device like this the CPU is not as high-performance as your desktop PC. Okay, now let's go to the other netbook. In fact, both of these netbooks are the same model--they're the Asus 1201PN, which includes NVIDIA's Next Generation ION GPU, and ION provides full graphics and video acceleration and Flash Player 10.1 taps into the video acceleration of ION to deliver a silky smooth video experience. So let's bring up the same video as we were watching before. This is at 720p, and you can see now the video is everything you could want it to be-- it's very smooth, there's no stuttering, it's a great quality experience. So now let's bring up another example. This is a pretty cool video from NVIDIA's GPU technology conference, and this video is showing you how--as opposed to a CPU, which does it one pixel at a time-- GPU's process graphics and video in parallel. Now, we can actually take this all the way up to full screen, and you can see that it's still silky smooth. In fact, ION lets you go all the way up to 1080p at full frame rate, without dropping any frames at all. That's what lets us go much faster using a GPU. It also uses less battery power because the parallel architecture of a GPU is more power-efficient, so your battery will last longer. If you'd like more information about NVIDIA GPU technology, please visit If you haven't already upgraded to Flash Player 10.1, run--don't walk--to Thanks very much. [NVIDIA®] [♪music♪] [ADOBE® FLASH® PLATFORM] [♪music♪]

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Neil Trevett of NVIDIA shows how Flash Player 10.1 enables smooth HD web video across devices, including inexpensive netbooks powered by NVIDIA's next-generation ION GPU.

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