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London runners getting fit and helping others

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Another evening pounding the road. Like lots of Londoners, Rebecca likes to go running, but her weekly jog isn't just about exercise, it's also about doing some good. Midway through her run, she stops off to visit Elisabeth. Hello!- Hello! How are you? Both are members of "The good gym", a scheme in Tower Hamlets that matches runners with elderly and less mobile people. I brought you a fan, 'cause it was hot last week. Elisabeth acts as Rebecca's coach, motivating her to run. In return, Rebecca's visits are an opportunity for friendly chat, something Elisabeth looks forward to. I'm expecting her every Wednesday, somebody would knock at the door, sometimes I'm alone, in the house, so, if she comes I'm happy to see her. And it's knowing Elisabeth expects her that makes Rebecca put on her trainers. Those lazy weeks, when I just want to sit on the sofa, I gets me up. So if I know there's someone waiting, and there'll be...questions asked... if I don't turn up. After their visit, Rebecca hits the road. It's another two miles to home. She's one of thirty people signed up to the scheme, and it's growing each week. The aim now is to make it available London-wide. The plan is... to make it as big as possible, I think the exciting thing is trying to bring volunteering into the mainstream. we're trying to make it fit into people's lives. So they're changing their behaviour and in a very small way so they may already be going for a run we're just saying: "Why not stop in on someone on your way, you know, and improve the quality of their life?" Safety is also important, and runners and coaches are protected by a system of CRB and community checks, meaning Rebecca can run safe, now she's swapped the treadmill for the streets where she lives. Emma Jenkinson, BBC London news.

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