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NANO Class 11 : Yitro The Revelation of Immortality

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Teachings of the Rav Yitro. That so much confusion has emerged surrounding this mystifying event known as revelation or the 10 commandments As some referred to on Mount Sinai That precisely because this event was so crucial in the lives of mankind and specifically because what this particular section came to address that we therefore, says the Kabbalists, can expect the greatest corruption the greatest misunderstanding the greatest misinterpretation by the anti Kabbalists to so place all of their entire emphasis on the maintaining of chaos, pain and suffering that brought about this kind of corruption, this kind of misunderstanding and came to mean something other that what its true objectives were when this event took place Firstly let me make it very clear. There is absolutely no basis, no foundation, no urge as to why the section that refers to the "10 commandments" were ever intended as such. My friends. This section had never being connected with or associated with an idea of 10 commandments. Can you imagine that since the passing of that event three thousand four hundred years ago and to this very day all religions with their unfortunate acknowledgement of the corruption that began forty days following this great revelation, that took place on Mount Sinai. But before jumping ahead, of what we, the many millions of Kabbalists around the world, should feel and experience that monumental obligation that we must set the record straight. once and for all. And I thank the Light force of God for this opportunity To have given us something known as the Internet. For as a result of this Internet, the possibility of the Kabbalistic interpretation and mind you to bring forth the truth after so many millenia of corruption that as a result of Internet this message will no longer be confined to the forty or fifty Centers around the world that are privy to this old information which had been so denigrated and placed on a back burner so that humankind and the opinion of these anti-Kabbalists would assure that this planet continues without interruption in maintaining the chaos, the pain and suffering that all of mankind endures today. Chapter 19, Verse 8 Something that in all of my years I could never readily accept a superficial translation interpretation of what I consider to be a glaring falsehood I'm going to use that word falsehood As previous verses state, and God said to Moses That here I am about to present to the nation a compendium and Moses came and called upon the elders and put before them the words of God and the entire nation heard it {...Hebrew...} the verse 8 the entire people responded together {...Hebrew...} in unison and said everything that God has spoken we shall do And now suddenly we are to believe because so it's says that we will do all of us. We'll do whatever God has to tell us Remind you, they didn't hear the word of God yet And so there is another feature here let alone that they all agreed after hearing what God had to say But even without being told what God is offering what God requires of the Israelites they already responded no matter what we shall do. And we have in our time, in our day in our observing of human kind have never come across a unified expression of opinion of one thought one consciousness The word {Nase} also means we shall become And back in the beginning of creation on the sixth day when Adam was born What does it say? And God spoke onto the angels and said {Nase} Adam {...Hebrew...} Let us make man, let us produce man in our image. The image of God. And so the true interpretation reveals when it says {..Hebrew...} All was one Voice? No. All with one consciousness. What happened at that moment that what happened was they were accepting this higher level of consciousness that was required for them to comprehend the full impact or revelation on Mount Sinai. We are told by the Talmud that prior to the acceptance prior to the acceptance of God's words to the Israelites, a certain incident took place What was that incident? Talmud says, that God took Mount Sinai the whole mountain and kind of folded it over from the bottom to the top and expose the crater beneath the mountain. And the Lord says to the Israelites If you accept these 10 utterances as the true name of what has been known until the present day as 10 commandments, If you accept these 10 utterances well and good, however if at this point before the revelation takes place If any of you have any doubts of whether to totally acquiesce to the acceptance of the 10 utterances then I want you to know that as you are assembled in this crater there shall be your burial site. For I shall take the entire mountain and re-seal this crater and you shall perish. Now, Let me ask you, Does these sound like people who are so willing and prepared to accept the word of God? That God has just threaten them either or you either accept or take the consequences which means your end, your demise. And so therefore, there is no other understanding of this word {Nase} that we shall do but rather that they were prepared to accept and achieve a higher consciousness. The higher level of consciousness that was required for this coming event that we should shortly delve into. We are told by Zohar and the Talmud that this event, the event on Mount Sinai brought about not the possible demise of the Israelites but rather brought about the demise of chaos and the greatest feature of chaos: mortality itself. In other words The Creator with his infinite compassion for mankind no longer capable of restraining Himself when He observes mankind's desperate effort to enhance to expand the chaos around him That the Creator felt the time had come when the opportunity for the removal of that ultimate chaos death, would come about. My friend, this is what happened on Mount Sinai. My friends when we celebrate Shavuot what we are celebrating is not a memorable occasion or event that took place three thousand four hundred years ago No. We don't believe in celebrations of past events But what we do connect with on Shavuot together with revelation on Mount Sinai is to achieve and go back in time to that moment when mortality ceased to be in existance. And with this interpretation that sent us, forged ahead with an idea of mortality nowaday that by connecting as we do on Shavuot to this event by listening to Torah at Shabbat we can have that opportunity of connecting to the force, the Light force that so shines with His brilliance to bring an end to mortality. Religion my friends was not form as Shavuot by the "10 commandments" The seventy nations of the world present at that time All received these 10 utterances All participated in this remarkable event that will bring about inmortality. The end of chaos No more pain and suffering But I must say those anti- Kabbalists they don't lay down and die like maybe many of us give up they never give up they haven't given up since the first moment. When this event became a reality. Forty days later the golden calf was created by these very same anti-Kabbalists Without going into the full detail convinced the entire then known world that this event had nothing to do with anything but the establishment of religion. And perished the thought that maybe God in His Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Capacity of Compassion, thought that maybe the world was entitled to a break maybe the world was entitled to the end of chaos No they wouldn't have it . And therefore what they did was create a golden calf. What was the golden calf about? That the power does not lie in the Light Force of God Power lies in this material world For there is no other world outside of this one percent the illusionary world that perspective of what Torah is all about unfortunately prevails for most of the world today. But it is changing and we will change it. We must change it. For there is no hope that mankind will ever extricate themselves. from these kind of circumstances that each and every single person one time or another must inevitably undergo some form of chaos. Some form of pain and suffering. This my friend is what we are hopefully connecting with with our reading this Shabbat. What happened with this raising of consciousness which is why we are striving now with all of the tools, that have been provided for us by Kabbalah, Again to return to that level of consciousness to understand mind over matter my friends. To understand that time, space and motion is the tool of Satan. That time space and motion is that level of understanding of this universe, which Satan imprints actions into our brains so that we can never achieve that concept, that consciousness I know that maybe what I have just shared with you goes contrary to a long history of understanding but my friends the long horse race of humanity have been one of failure have been one that has ultimately ended with death That is a reality. And what the Kabbalists had appealed for was an understanding that could this had been possibly the ultimate goal for mankind to achieve to be brought into this physical reality for the sake of pain and suffering? and no other purpose whatsoever? And so with the renewal of parts of Yitro let us assumed that obligation that the truth must go forward It is an obligation Nay, not an obligation. It is the way for us to achieve inmortality. Is by no other method but sharing this kind of information. Para más información

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