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Good morning everyone. My name is Alessio Pennasilico and I want to thank you for taking part in this webinar today, organised by Clusit in cooperation with Osservatori, to talk about cybercrime, and try to understand the risks we are facing. Above all, how to tell colleagues and, in particular, top management inside our company about the risks we face and their implications for the company's business. I'd like to begin with some numbers taken from the Clusit Report. This report has been published for a number of years now and can be requested free of charge on the Clusit website. The report has been published for years and its purpose is to provide a snapshot of what's happening in Italy. There are a number of reports dealing with security around the world, but they contain data from various countries where the reference market, and the average size of business firms, may be quite different. Clusit believes it is very important to have a document that offers a true picture of the situation in Italy. The report is usually presented at the Milan edition of the Security Summit, which is held in March. The 2015 Report describes everything that happened in 2014, and that we consider significant. And, based on historical trends, given that we have been publishing the report for years, it sets out what we expect during the current year. I am one of the authors of the report, which is intended for non-technical readers in other words journalists, non-technical corporate decision makers, so it is written in a style designed to convey this information to people who probably need to understand these phenomena because, unlike some participants who have joined the webinar, they may not be involved in security on a professional basis but may be responsible for some other line of business inside the organisation. The ability to make people aware of certain risks is vital. As one of the authors of the report, every year around January I receive a pdf of the Clusit Report which I read over again to find any inconsistencies, mistakes or whatever, and after reading it all in a single sitting I always have a nasty feeling which I describe for the people who know me by saying "I'm worried", because the scenario that emerges throughout the Report is certainly not a positive one: there are many risks, they are evolving fast and, unfortunately, too often, even large organisations fail to protect themselves correctly against some of these risks. If I had to summarise the entire report in a single slide, I would probably choose this one precisely because what is probably most needed today is a change of mentality and approach to some of these problems. I often use this slide, especially the "it doesn't matter who you are" because I still find myself with people who say: "In my line of work, who would want to attack me?" This is a remark that might have had some truth to it, but probably not, in the 1990s, but today it really does not hold up any more. Specifically, the following are also extremely important: "it doesn't matter what you do" or "what you do it with". I still hear people saying: "I use a Mac so I won't be infected by a virus" or, when they talk about tablets or smartphones, they don't consider them on a par with a computer but on a par with a telephone or other types of household appliance, with the result that we don't apply the same approach that we need with regard to security on all the devices we use and on which we store data. And the trouble is that, despite this shortcoming on our part, the people attacking us do their job very well.

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