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Ibtisam Mahameed - Affinity of Hearts

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We, Palestinians and Israelis, believe that there is a word of mercy, that is found in every religion, and every messenger calls for it. It is found inthe Holy Quran, the Gospel and the New Testament. We didn't devise this principle, but we should enforce heavenly laws on earth among us as humans, since we all have one origin: Adam and Eve. We all are created from earth and will return to earth. For this cited saying, there is in our Holy Quran, a verse which says, "In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, O Mankind! Lo!" "We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes," "that ye may know one another." The phrase "nations and tribes" refers to nations and tribes that Allah created on the earth, and we--peace activists-- are calling people to lead a new life, a life of love and mercy among all people. I come from a land where there was a disaster, which afflicted my family, a massacre that took place in Tanturah. My father came from Umm El Fahm. He was killed, and my grandfather and grandmother's brother as well. I witnessed the war that took place on this land. But we can't remain living with hatred and rancor in our hearts. It is my duty to make peace and to live peacefully. This will be done through the activities I perform. This way, we can live with a new vision. This vision is how to pave the way for Palestinians and Israelis to co-exist without killing, without wars or misfortunes. This will be achieved through my collaboration with Iliaho, Ilana, Sarin, and Ester. This activity we perform is called the "Affinity of Hearts." When I open my heart to the other party, the Israeli, I can hear and feel that he has experienced, just as I did, the disasters, has lived in wars, and has suffered pain. So, my heart should be full of mercy, through which I can work with them. We can build a new land of peace where we can live together.

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Posted by: global on Feb 2, 2009

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