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How to Best Learn ASP.NET MVC

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Microsoft Hi, this is Scott Hanselman. I want to give you a brief guided tour of some of the resources that are available to you on the website. Right here from the Home page, you can see that we've got Get Started, Download, Find a Hoster, and Discuss. Let's start with Get Started. If I click on this, you'll see that we've got an overview of What is Just the fundamentals. Step 2 sends you to a page that will let you download and install using a web platform installer. It will use the free versions of Visual Studio and make sure that your system is set up for Then you can decide whether you're going to use Web Forms or MVC. Now for the purposes of this video, we are going to assume that you've chosen MVC. You can take a look at Joe Stagner's video on Web Forms if you chose Web Forms. Then we can click on this Build Your First Application MVC example. And then optionally, of course, you could find a Hoster. You could find Hosters for as little as $5 a month. Now I'm going to click on the MVC tab at the top here, and you'll see that there's a whole series of resources and videos that are available to you, as well as this video, How Best to Learn MVC. There are a number of tutorials that are available to you with MVC. There's the NerdDinner tutorial. This will show you how to build an application from beginning to end, literally from File New Project until a complete application. It's broken up into steps. There's a PDF that you can download as well as HTML. I suggest that you start with Fundamentals of MVC. Work through the basics, and get an understanding about how to build an application and how to access data. If you are a little bit more advanced, then you could step into some of the videos from our conferences, including things like Ninja on Fire, Black Belt Tips, and other application development and architecturally- specific videos, and there's a lot of them. I really suggest that you spend some time looking at security, particularly things like preventing javascript attacks. You'll also learn how to authenticate users using Forms Auth or Windows Auth authentication. Under the data section, you'll learn about things like Validation, Data Annotation Validators, Filters, and Model Binders, as well as videos that are specific to using Visual Basic and Linq. If you find yourself with questions that you can't get answered, remember that you can always come up to the Forums section. This is a very, very active user community. There's forms for general questions, as well as MVC specific questions. Back on the home page here, notice the Spotlight section. These are articles that we think that you mind find of interest from all over the community, as well as from Microsoft bloggers. If you click on More News and Community Content, you'll notice this widget that let's you move around and see just Microsoft blogs, blogs specific to the Community, podcasts that you might be interested in, on Using or Web Technologies, as well as recent activities in the forums, New Controls or activity in the wiki. Thanks for looking at the new website. I hope you enjoy it. [♪computerized music♪]

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Posted by: neudesicasp on Aug 30, 2013

Microsoft's Scott Hanselman shows you what you need to learn how to use ASP.NET MVC to develop your web applications.

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