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Ana Teresa

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My name is Ana Teresa Fernández. I am an artist, originally from Mexico. The most apparent thing in my work is that it deals with gender and the inequalities between male and female. I come from a family where there's 15 women, so I've largely been influenced by my family; and I seek this balance between education and labor and behavior patterns and kind of social expectations for females and males. And so I've always been really interested in using a different sculpt to try to talk about these issues. It's not 'hit you with the head feminist'; I'm trying to make it a little bit more subtle so people can approach it. These scultures were a project that I did to talk about the issues that were happening in Juárez, Mexico. All these females are being murdered and then leave orphans behind. I work with orphans from Juárez and I did molds of their bodies of these little girls. And then, we did live size statues of their bodies to kind of create this exterior skin. Almost like a very utopic type of protection for such a fragile and miniscule body. The last performance I did, I went to the San Diego-Tijuana border And I went where the border actually penetrates the ocean And I did a performance there where I started mopping the ocean beach with my hair. My garments made the visuals of when someone wears a cocktail dress while doing very demeaning type of work and seeing how that can create a reaction. Out of that performance came a hundred photographs and I chose one And I've been working for the past five months on painting it. I moved to the Mission seven years ago. When I walked on Mission Street I smelled all spices that I grew up with: oregano, chili peppers, meat. Music, really loud music that when you're walking you can't help but stretch a little bit more. It's more close to who I am. The notion that I got. It feels like wow, you know? I never imagined I would be an artist having grown up where I did and I would want it to make really sensorial how what the community itself gives me. I would like to give that back in terms of creating something that would awaken a sense in them.

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Posted by: missionlocal on Jul 24, 2009

andrea super chicaaaaaaaa

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