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Lisbeth Goddik

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Yes, so my name is Lisbeth Goddik. And I'm the dairy processing professor here at OSU. I'm also the extension specialist for dairy foods. Well one of my passions right now is that we used to have a really good dairy plant here on campus that was a wonderful place to train students in dairy processing. And in fact, a lot of the people running the dairy processing plants in Oregon today came through that pilot plant, but it was shut down 30 years ago. And we're just starting it up. It's only half a year old the kind of plant you see in there. It's completely remodeled and we're still purchasing equipment and getting the place ready. And my dream now- well, what will happen is that we're going to get it licensed so that it becomes an incubator plant. And people who want to start up a specialty, artisan dairy processing, they can come in and make products and start selling them. And if the sell well, well then that's a good reason to go out and build their own production plant. And I suppose my other passion is a little more hands on today, working with students from under-served communities now and then. I really like helping other immigrants. I think that's really neat to to help those kids. Well in part because I can see the advantage when my kids grew up in a home where one of the parents are a professor, it's so easy for them. But I know the way i grew up, I didn't have parents who are professors or anything, it was much harder. So I think those kids need a little extra help, so anything I can do to help there, I'm really happy doing that.

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Posted by: umarket on Nov 13, 2009

Talks about OSU's involvement in Oregon's dairy industry.

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