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Victims of Samsung : Park Jiyeon

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Another Family.... Thrown Aside by Samsung The Story of Park JiYeon, Part 1 July 2008, We visited a hospital at Yoido, as JiYeon needs treatment once a week. But she was admitted to the emergency room as she had Herpes Zosters viral infections on her face, and other complications. JiYeon worked in the inspection department since late Dec. 2004 at Samsung Semiconductor, OnYang factory. At first, I didn’t allow her to work at the factory. I wanted her to go to the university. She didn’t want to go to university, there wasn’t enough money at home, her brother went to college. She said she would work at the factory of Samsung, and earn money for us and her brother. I told her your life is yours, not your brother’s. So, go to college! But she insisted that she didn’t want us to have a life so hard and difficult. I worked in the inspection department, checking items to see if there were any inferior goods, doing X-ray inspections, C-SAM (C-mode scanning acoustic microscopy) inspections and doing some inspections using solvents. A long interview was not possible as her health condition was not good. So, we recorded her when she met and communicated with her labor attorney to claim workers’ compensation. I added lead to units of flux and there was a lot of white smoke and bad smell which gave me a headache. I cleaned units on Solder using 141B (a type of HCFC solvent), dipping it in for 15 minutes to clean the flux. My protective device was only cloth gloves, and I could smell it as the hood to remove the stink was high. When I washed a beaker, my gloves were often wet with 141B, and when I washed it with water after work it still would not come off. Under the dangerous working conditions, she barely had time to eat lunch, as there was not enough time. <Attorney says> You had one hour off during your work, right? No, no, my break was only 50 minutes for lunch time. Always? No, if we had to work 12 hours, we had 30 minutes for lunch time. JiYeon said she might have been exposed to radiation during working hours. <Attorney reads JiYeon’s statement> My other job was molding work. There was a Quality Engineering (QE) room for the molding process, and there were two radiation machines in the QE room. Doing X-ray inspectionis the main task in the molding process. There was no protection equipment during the X-ray inspection, nobody informed me it was dangerous. <Attorney says> Before the X-ray equipment was turned off, did you ever open the cover, or did you have to open the cover if it was an emergency? Yes there were some times when I did. When I thought it was off, and opened the cover, but it wasn’t off. It didn’t happen often, but when I was busy or the work was urgent, Or other people hadn’t turned it off, but I didn’t know it and opened the cover. Aug. 2007. She felt something was wrong with her body she had shortness of breath, dizziness, vomiting, swollen gums.. Other colleagues told her that her face looked unhealthy, that she looked very tired. She was continually tired and dizzy… She would sit alone when she went outside for fun with other colleagues. So, her colleagues recommended that she visit to the hospital. Sept. 9, a month later, she went to see a doctor on Sept. 12, there was a call from the general hospital in Daejeon to ask her to come to the hospital right away. She had been diagnosed with leukemia. The Doctor asked her “What kind of work have you been doing? Have you touched anysolvents?” Then she realized what was wrong… she asked her doctor to put his opinion in writing, but he refused. It seemed that the solvent exposure was the cause. She applied for sick leave and for workers’ compensation for industrial disease. but Samsung would give her still further pain later. I was so upset. I couldn’t stand it. If one of them was nearby I wanted to grab them and beat them up. My daughter is not some street puppy but a human working in Samsung’s factory. How could they do this to my daughter?

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Posted by: stopsamsung on Apr 12, 2010

Park Jiyeon (1987~2010) began to work in Samsung semiconductor factory at the age of 18. Her job was to test the microchips using various chemicals and X-rays (radiation). She got acute leukemia (a kind of blood cancer) at age 20. Finally she died last March, before achieving workers compensation from the government. This is the first part of her documentary made in 2008.

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