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Trombone 12 (Crazy Stuff)

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[male speaker] In this lesson, I would like to talk about crazy stuff on the trombone. We've been playing some very straight music and properly, but the trombone really can get pretty wild if you think about it. We just have the slide. [trombone slide sounds] That unto itself is pretty fun. Watch how I move the slide down and the slide back in and the pitch goes down and back up. [trombone slide sounds] Now let's do the opposite— I'm going to make the pitch go higher but still the same motion with the trombone. [trombone sounds] And that's pretty crazy— it sounds like falling down the stairs, doesn't it? [trombone sounds] We could also make a horse sound. [trombone horse sound] We could sound like an elephant. [trombone elephant sound] Or we could do a flutter tongue. [trombone sounds] [trombone sounds continue] That's by going [tongue flutter sounds] with your tongue. [trombone sounds] Another thing we could use is a mute— I brought a special mute, it's called a cup. [trombone sounds] [trombone sounds continue] And then growl. [trombone sounds] [trombone sounds continue] Also, we could do trills. [trombone trilling sounds] Shake. [trombone sounds] And a variety of singing and playing at the same time. [trombone and singing sounds] [trombone and singing sounds continue] [trombone and singing sounds continue] [trombone and singing sounds continue] These are fun things you can eventually learn and definitely experiment with your instrument, like I have, to find new, crazy sounds. [trombone sounds]

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Posted by: lifeboat on May 24, 2015

Trombone 12 (Crazy Stuff)

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