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What are rudraksh? (Part 1) Sadhguru

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lot of people are using Rudraksh around the world today because a certain segment of doctors have started recommending it because it lowers your blood pressure, it calms your nerves and that kind of effect but fundamentally rudraksh is worn first of all, what's a rudraksh? you know what's a rudraksh? rudra means shiva, aksha means tear drops Shiva's tear drops now once again, I'll tell you a story this is not a fact but this is a truth One day, Shiva was sitting in meditation he closed his eyes and for many millenia, he did not open his eyes he went into such a deep state of meditativeness and then he became so ecstatic in his meditation tears of ecstasy flowed those tears of ecstasy fell on this planet and they became rudraksh that's the story rudraksh is a particular kind of seed the rudraksh trees grow in a certain altitude in Himalayan ranges rudraksh is a very...every substance in the world has its own vibrations, but rudraksh is a very unique vibration it is the only substance found like that on the planet it has many benefits if you wear it on the body the fundamental reason why people on the spiritual path wore rudraksh is it cleanses the aura you know what's aura? A-U-R-A, aura you know the halo that you're carrying aura means, there is a certain field of light and energy over every body and every substance human aura can vary from a pitch black aura to a pure white aura in between there are a million shades you have seen in your you know all those printed in shivakashi calenders your Gods, your saints and sages anybody means they have a white halo behind their head, yes? these days they are getting psychedelic though. Generally for ages they always put white halo it is not that these people walked around with lights behind their heads it is just that the artist is trying to impress upon you, that this is a pure being he has a pure white aura so if you wear rudraksh, it purifies your aura it is not that if you wear rudraksh today, tomorrow you'll have a white halo around your head now you're seeking to purify your life now Rudraksh is a helpful tool it's not that it will set everything right in you but now you are aspiring to move towards purity and it's a support when you walk on the inward path every little support that you can get, you want to use it so that, you go Rudraksh is definitely a good support it has... can somebody bring a rudraksh these rudraksh vary. It comes in many forms from a single face rudraksh upto twenty one faces they are used for different purposes they're used for different purposes like Ekamukhi for renunciation Trimukhi for wealth, panchmukhi for wellbeing, like this different faces of Rudraksh are used for different purposes just taking a Rudraksh and putting it on your body may not be a good idea because if you wear the wrong type of Rudraksh, it is capable of disturbing one's life quite a lot we have known people who have in many ways destroyed themselves, simply wearing the wrong type of Rudraksh, attracting the kind of situations for which they're not ready for example in the tradition it says, if you wear a Ekamukhi, within twelve days, you will leave your family now suppose you wear Rudraksh, a Ekamukhi, whether you leave the family or not it is just that if you wear that, it won't support family situations you don't like to be with people, you would like to be alone, it creates that kind of a situation around you so once you're like this, but still you're compelled to be with people naturally you will create problems or others will create problems, whichever way

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 Sadhguru explains the origins, history and special qualities of the rudraksh seed. (AO38)

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