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عرب الجهالين وخلة المية Final Story

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"Ministry of Education and Higher Education" For over half an hour on this rugged road and terrain, the principal of Arab Al-Jahaleen school drives us to our destination. At last we arrive at the Wadi Al-Hindi Bedouin Community, located east of Jerusalem. Specifically, we've reached Arab Al-Jahaleen Coeducational School, which is considered one of the poorest and most isolated schools. But conditions at the school are not quite as challenging as they once were... The Leadership and Teacher Development (LTD) Program, funded by USAID and administered by AMIDEAST, has provided the school with computers and wireless internet, connecting the school to the outside world. We always hoped to have a computer lab and see our students actively using the computers, and to see administrative work done electronically by the principal, the staff, and teachers. Thanks to the support of AMIDEAST in providing laptops, our work has become much easier and more efficient, both administratively and educationally. As for the students, in the past they used to reach ninth grade without any practical computer literacy. Learning about computers was just theoretical, that's all. But now that we have computers, students have quickly learned how to use a computer for learning, which we see reflected positively in their academic performance and motivation. Next, we traveled from the Jerusalem region to the south of Hebron to visit Khalit Al-Mai Girls Secondary School, where we see another example of the impact that technology is having on students in an LTD school. Khalit Al-Mai School modernized its traditional library by adding electronic books and resources. Since making this change, students have started reading more than before, and this is reflected in their improved studying and achievement. The region where our school is located has so few (technology) resources. Gradually, we were able to improve the situation (through LTD) and now the students have access to computers and internet. At first I actually had a student who was afraid of the mouse! But now she's so self-confident that she can stand in front of the class and explain something (using the computer). This is what we want. We want students to be actively engaged in their learning, not like the traditional way it was before. We can now use computers for working on projects for all our classes. We now understand our lessons much better. We're able to improve on what we're studying from our textbooks by applying our learning through the use of a computer. The Ministry's Standards for Effective Schools are not limited to the integration of technology in the classroom only. On the contrary, the standards also stress the importance of nurturing the students' sense of belonging in a child-friendly environment. This is what Khalit Al-Mai Secondary School has achieved. The school leadership has initiated a variety of extracurricular activities to address the needs and interests of the students and which are sensitive to the cultural values and ways of the surrounding rural community.

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عرب الجهالين وخلة المية Final Story

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