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Believe it or not, new rocks are being formed every single day. How they form can be as loud and as violent and as dangerous as an erupting volcano. Or it can be as soft and as calm and as peaceful as the slow dripping of water in an underground cave. The fact is That rocks are being formed, transformed, and reshaped continuously, all over the world. As we speak, rocks are being transformed in the hot desert sun, on cool ocean shores, and along rivers and streams. Rocks are being reshaped in the highest mountains, thousands of feet in the air, and being formed thousands of feet below the surface of the earth. Hi, I'm Max Orbit. Learning about rocks is way cool. And, so is finding and collecting rocks. Do you find rocks fascinating? Would you like to go on a rock hunting mission to start your own collection? Well, you can do it. And, become an official rock finder. But first, you'll need to know all about rocks, the tools you'll need to go exploring, and what to look for when you get there. I can show you. But, first, let's start our exploration by answering a simple question. What is a rock? Rocks are found everywhere on earth. And throughout history, people have been using rocks to build things. It's been going on for thousands and thousands of years. The Egyptians used large rocks to make the pyramids. Stonehenge, in England, is made of giant sized rocks. The Great Wall of China is made of rocks. And, the ancient Greeks made temples out of rocks. For centuries, different cultures throughout the world have carved rock to make statues, monuments and other works of art. We still use rocks every single day. As a matter of fact, this building is made almost entirely of products made from rocks. Can you name them? Go ahead! Give it a try! I'll wait! Time's up! What did you come up with? If you said steel, you're right. Steel comes from iron mined from the earth. How about concrete? Concrete comes from limestone. Now, there may be one more material that may be a little tricky? Did you guess it? Well, it's glass. Glass is made from sand. Steel, concrete and glass, are all materials that come from rocks. I guess you can say this is one rocking building. I guess you can say, but, I wouldn't. We've seen how people use rocks in different ways. But, did you know you can actually make paint out of rocks? Here's what you do. Gather some different coloured rocks. And, hammer the rocks until they turn into fine powder. It should look something like this. Now, make sure you get permission to use the tools, and always wear safety goggles when hammering the rocks. Next, you add some soap flakes. And then, mix in just enough water to make a thin paste. That works great. Now, you've got your paint. You want to see what I painted? What do you mean you don't know what it is? It's a rock. Anyway, we now know that rocks are everywhere, and, we use rocks for lots of different things. But, what are rocks? Well, rocks are made of one or more minerals. Minerals are solid matter found in nature. So, now you're asking yourself, what's a mineral look like? Well, some minerals you already know about. Here's a mineral you all know, and probably use all the time. It's salt. In nature, salt looks like this. Wow! Check out this rock! It's a diamond. Diamonds are minerals used in jewellery. Now, here's what a diamond looks like in nature. Silver that is used in coins, is also a mineral. This is what silver looks like, just after it's taken from a mine. Gold found in gold chains or rings is a mineral too. This is what gold looks like in nature. Pretty cool, huh! No matter where you live, there's some great places to hunt for rocks and minerals. Here's rock finders' top 5, best rock hunting places. Number 5: Outcrops, where bare rock is sticking up out of the ground. Number 4: Quarries, where people mine rock. Number 3: Along rivers and streams. Number 2: At the bottom of a steep hill. And, the number 1 place to look for rocks and minerals: The Sea Shore at low tide. Welcome to The Rock Show. Our topic, Minerals! Here are the basic facts you need to know to understand the importance of minerals. Minerals are the basic building blocks of the earth. Minerals are found in the earth's soil, rocks, and water. Scientists have identified over 3000 different minerals. And, as you can see, they come in all different colours, shapes, and sizes. Another way to say that is, they have different properties. Like minerals, rocks come in all different shapes. Round, square, flat! They come in all different sizes. Large, medium, small, and very small, and very, very small! Rocks are very colourful too. You got your basic black rock, your brown rock, your grey rock! You've got red, white, and blue too! Some rocks are very smooth, while some are very rough. Some rocks are very hard, while others are very soft. There you go!

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