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What is Discover

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[♪music♪] [Adobe® Training Services - For Omniture® technology] Hi, everybody, this is Doug, and today I'm going to talk to you about Omniture® Discover, and more specifically--what is Omniture® Discover? Well, first and foremost, Discover is part of the Omniture Online Marketing Suite, like SiteCatalyst, and it's part of our Analyze section, or our analysis section here. And so we're going to talk about some of the differences between SiteCatalyst and Discover and where it really fits in. We have our little graphic here of our needle in a haystack, and so if SiteCatalyst helps you find the haystacks, perhaps-- this is my poor analogy-- then Discover helps you find the needle in a haystack; It lets you get deeper into the analysis and provides the web analysts and online marketers with really the deepest insights and most concise segmentation as revealed by unlimited real-time visitor information. Discover delivers a comprehensive, multi-dimensional view of customers that enables marketers with accurate, timely, and insightful decisions, improving the performance of their business. How's that? So, again, it is a companion, really, to SiteCatalyst to analyze the data on your website. So how does it work in conjunction with SiteCatalyst? Well, basically, as you can see here, you have on the y axis the number of times a question is asked. If you have something that you need answered every day-- you need to know just which products you're selling the most so that you can know which ones to market more or if you need to know which campaigns are working the best, or which pages are getting hit the most-- those kinds of things--SiteCatalyst--perfect. But if you really need to go deep and really see a very small sliver of your visitors and how they act on your site, then Discover really takes that long-tail, question depth and complexity and can answer those questions for you. Let me give you a couple of examples. So first of all, SiteCatalyst versus Discover. SiteCatalyst is perfect for knowing on which pages and how often people are getting stuck in my conversion process, okay? But that's kind of everybody, so you can take that in Discover and say, on which pages and how often are not only just everybody but something like--you know-- non-converters who come in through campaign "x" who saw this one page and it's their second visit. Where are they getting stuck in my conversion process? So you can see that you can get really specific on this stuff. Or another example--which keywords are driving the most success on my site? Well, that's great to know--we want to monitor that in SiteCatalyst-- but we can also then take that and say something like, For First Time Visitors to my site who live in specific geographical areas, which keywords are driving the most success on my site? And then you can take those campaigns and you can customize those and target those to specific geo areas. So you can see here that it is a nice companion to SiteCatalyst, where all your everyday stuff, and for most of your users, SiteCatalyst--perfect. But for those people who need to go deeper and really uncover the hidden gems of analysis, then Discover is your friend. There are metric-based and item-based reports just like we have in SiteCatalyst, and you'll see in just a minute when we go into Discover that it mirrors the menu interface of SiteCatalyst, but just allows us to really break down to any number of breakdowns and we can just grab any number of segments and just throw them on reports at will--just at a whim-- so it's very exciting. Let me jump over to Discover. So I've got a couple of reports open in Discover and you can see, actually, over here on the left, it mirrors the menus for SiteCatalyst. So for example, I just ran a Site Metrics Page Veryiews report, and it just popped up like this. And of course, in Discover, you can do really cool things with stuff like that. Also, as you move across your numbers, you can see above where you are and that's a Page Views report--neat. Well, the cool thing about this is here's my All VVeryisits segment, and I also dragged over a First Time Visitor's segment so on the same report, I can easily drag segments over-- either pre-built segments or custom segments that I create-- and just easily drag them over and drop them into this report. So now you can say, I want to see all the Page Views, or I can see just First Time Visitors or Loyal Visitors. And if I want to make this a little more simple, I can always just delete or remove a column, and now I just have the First Time Visitors and Loyal Visitors. Another example--Pages--Fall-out Report. If you know SiteCatalyst, you've seen this in there as well, but you can go one step further here and see exactly where they went, if they didn't go on to the next step in this conversion process. We can see little spark lines at each step of the Fall-out Report. We can also see what were the most popular pages in between each step. We can also just drop segments on this as well, and this is very powerful because we can just go--you know what--for First Time Visitors-- let me see how this Pathing Report works-- and there we go, and now we have our numbers there. We were also able to put groups of pages, and I've got about 6 or 7 pages grouped here as Jeans pages-- in fact, I'll just go over here and you can see my Jeans pages right there-- and I've got a bunch of pages that I've grouped to see when I went to any of these pages and then went on to these other spots. So--in any case, that is just your quick intro to Discover. It just allows us to really jump into the deep end of the analytics pool. I'll give you one more example, and let's go into Visitor Profile, and Geosegmentation--Countries. I can say for the United States, what were the Traffic Sources when they came in through the different Search Engines, and then I'll say Google, and we'll go down to Product, and we'll say Product Department--this is a Classification Report-- and in the Men's Section we can also break that down by the products, so just in a matter of seconds, we can say for people in the United States who came in from Google and were looking at the men's products, what were the products here that they visited? And then of course we can easily jump in here and grab the Conversion Metrics and grab our Revenue and pull that over as well. So we can see not only how many people that was, but how much revenue, and then we can sort by that, etc. So Omniture® Discover is a very strong, deep analytics tool. [Adobe®]

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In this episode, you will find out what the Adobe Discover product is, and how it can help you.

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