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Once somebody asked me a question: "Why are we punished for sinning, while the Americans who commit more sins are left happy?" "When we don't pay our religious tax our wheat crops are destroyed by locusts "While in Canada, where they do not pay any religious tax, "How come their crop is not ruined by locusts?" I have explained this a few times, but let me tell you too. Using an example. I am drinking a cup of tea. I sneeze and tea drops fly everywhere, staining three sorts of surfaces. One drop stains my eyeglasses. Another drop stains my shirt. While another drop stains the carpet. We respond in three different ways. When it stains our glasses, we immediately wipe it off with a tissue. When it stains our shirt, we say, "I'll clean it next time we are doing laundry." For the stain on the carpet, we say why bother now? We'll take care of it the next time we are doing spring cleaning. That is how we respond in three ways to something that happens in an instant. For the eyeglasses, we immediately wipe it off. For the shirt, we postpone it for the next laundry. There are verses from the Quran in regards to all three sorts of responses. It says, "those who are decent humans, they will be punished as soon as they don't pay the religious tax." God punished them as soon as they commit a sin. Why? Because they are good. Just like those eyeglasses. We take care of something so good as soon as possible. Here is the verse: (in Arabic) "They receive punishments because of their own actions." You were a good man, that is why God punished you immediately. But for some people, God reserves his punishments for later. Just like around the Shah's time Many used to shout "Long Live the Shah" Whatever crime the Shah committed, those people used to wish him a long and happy life. God says here, let's wait . . . Until 1979, where the people will be shouting "Death to the Shah" Let me recite you the verse from the Quran: (in Arabic): "We promised his destruction." What is the promise for? 1979. And then there are individuals like Saddam. Nobody shouted "Death to Saddam" while he ruled Iraq. Saddam lived happily and boastfully. He was happy, happy, happy, and happy. The Quran says that we are saving his punishment for the spring time. (In Arabic from the Quran) "We won't have anything to do with (evildoer), until the judgment's day." Question: "You tell us that our problems are caused by our sins." We respond: "Yes." Question: "But X commits more sin than ours!" "Why does X not receive punishments?" We respond: "Because God is saving X's punishments for later, for 1979, for the Judgment's day." (in Arabic): In the Quran says that God is lurking for everyone.

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