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Bref. - S01E02 - Je remets tout à Demain

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Brief. He's Tomorrow. Everything I have to do, I leave it for Tomorrow. I had to cancel the Internet subscription of my old apartment for the past two years—I leave it for Tomorrow. Same thing goes to for the mouldy Tupperware on my nightstand, I've left it for Tomorrow for the past two months. I'm like that, I leave everything for Tomorrow. I have 284 unread e-mails. One day, I decided to clean my inbox, I replied 4 e-mails, and moved 280 on a folder named "To be replied". I've been pissing in the dark for three months, I still have not changed the lightbulb. - If unsubscribing takes more than two steps... - Press number 3. I stay subscribed. I haven't thrown the batteries to the garbage since they said they shouldn't be thrown in the garbage. I have to cancel the movie theater membership since I don't use it, and whenever I want to go to the movies, I can't find my card. I clean my house when someone's coming over. In truth, I just move the mess away. I have to do something with my pennies. I bought a hard drive to make a backup copy. I never did the backup, and I lost everything. I called myself a moron. - You moron! Damn it! - It's been a year, I still haven't done a backup. I started 12 books, I didn't finish either. I applied for welfare, entered name and last name. I was asked for last year's annual income. I do not receive welfare benefits. I bought a picture frame for my parents' photo. I never did it. I've had the photo of a girl I don't know on my nightstand for the past 6 months. Her name is Alice. He's Rouky. Brief: I leave everything for Tomorrow. I'm Tomorrow. When this guy gives me something, I pass it along to Never. Of course, tomorrow night, Sophie. I'll write it down, don't worry. Tomorrow night, Sophie. Alright. Thanks, count me in, you know me. BRIEF.

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Posted by: jdamiani on Jun 7, 2014

Bref. - S01E02 - Je remets tout à Demain

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