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It takes a very very powerful longing In fact it takes all that longing that wants to become somebody, all that repressed energy the oppressed uniqueness, when it is awakened towards inner liberation this is the force that can liberate us because from the society it cannot come you can be smiley and friendly and you can get from someone around you. their approval of "wow you are great man" or a woman but it will be like a drop of water in the desert, it won't be enough to set us free, that approval from the other, that attention that we get, the confirmation cannot quench that thirst of our soul Only one thing can quench this thirst and it is to become the unique expression that we are to fulfill the destiny of that masterpiece that was created, and I'm saying unique I'm not saying special because special is this effort for confirmation Special is taking this uniqueness which is natural and which is your true nature and turning it into an ego trip So I m saying "the unique" Uniqueness does not compare itself with other Special can exist only if it's comparative to ordinariness that's why special is a state of the ego. It looks around and, the orientation is around the other and it's evaluating, and according to the other I am special, or I am ordinary or I am better, it is competitive uniqueness is not competitive Uniqueness is the most natural flowing expression of who we are and before we could become that We can go gain a drop of water here and there to quench, temporarily the thirst and sometimes we get a drop of water and we think "Ha" I think I found the formula and I will continue to improve on this level and I will continue to pretend this and that and, maybe I can get a full glass And so sometimes you find people becoming, so powerful and so rich that whenever they gain it You look at them and you see They are not fulfilled. All their life they were thinking if I will become the prime minister or if I will become that rich The inner desert will become into a rainforest and then they attain it, they gain it, they achieve it and it's still drought because only when we express the uniqueness of who we are become that liberating ourselves from the chains of society and surrendering ourselves to the mystery of being that quench, that thirst is quenched

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Posted by: narottam on Aug 18, 2011

"Only when we express the uniqueness of who we are, when we liberate ourselves from the chains of society and surrender to the mystery of being -- only then our thirst is really quenched." (Tyohar, Pacha Mama)
The Sanskrit word 'Satsang' means "Meeting with Truth". In Satsang, Tyohar exposes the workings of the mind while pointing to that which is beyond the mind.

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