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Hawkeye Sings About His Super Powers (Ed Sheeran

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复联有一个成员经常被遗忘 他也很棒,只是和其他人比就稍逊一筹 所以他特意要阐述一下自己的能力和特长 搭配着Ed Sheeran的《Thinking Out Loud》曲调 有请鹰眼! When you're on a team with the Hulk and Thor 当你和浩克及雷神组队时 And we're all up there on the movie screen, 一起出现在电影屏幕上 People believe that I'm not quite as tough. 人们就觉得我就没那么强壮 Will anyone even notice me? 会有人甚至注意到我吗? But listen I've got powers, too, 但是,听着,我也有能力的 And they're pretty sweet. 它们也相当不错 I promise I can do so much more 我承诺我还能做的更多 Than just archery. 除了箭术之外 ...I'm serious, guys. 我是认真的,同志们 I've got a collection of scarves and berets, 我收藏了一系列贝雷帽和围巾 I play trombone in a ska band. 我在牙买加风格乐队也吹过长号 I once got to second base on my Tinder date, 我在约炮软件上也上过二垒 (一垒牵手,二垒抚摸,三垒亲嘴,全垒打上床) My cat has got his own Instagram. 我的猫也有它的Instagram! I'll tell you now... 请让我告诉你 That I kick ass at Mario Kart. 我也是个马里奥赛车大师 This year I played an extra in Paul Blart. 我在《商场战警》也演过一角 I can open a pickle jar, the freaking hard kind. 我也能打开罐头盖,相当紧的那种 Baby, I'm as super as they are. 宝贝儿,比起他们,我也不差 So maybe I still haven't lost my virginity. 尽管我可能还是个处男 But when I bowl, I always score at least 70 但是我打保龄也至少70分 ...After six beers. 还是在6杯啤酒之后 Yes, I know about Captain America's strength, 是的,我也知道美队的力量 And the Hulk becomes a towering man. 以及浩克能变成高耸的巨人 But I got seventh place in my fantasy league, 但是我在《梦幻联盟》(一款网游)中也能拿第七 And I once butt-dialed Jean Claude Van Damme. 我也误播过尚格·云顿的电话 I'll tell you now... 我要告诉你 When I go to Chipotle I get free guac. 我去Chipotle(快餐店)也有免费牛油果泥 I flirt with the cashier, she says I rock. 我和收银调情,她说我老牛了 I own water-resistant socks, freaking Hawkeye. 我有防水袜子,鹰眼牛的一比 Baby, I'm as super as they are. 宝贝儿,我和他们相比,我也不差 Baby, I'm as super as they are. 宝贝儿,我和他们相比,我也不差 Baby, I'm as super as they are. 宝贝儿,我和他们相比,我也不差 感谢鹰眼!

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Hawkeye Sings About His Super Powers (Ed Sheeran

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