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Moko Le Secret Des Etoiles

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The Secret of the Stars One night, Moko couldn't sleep he gazed at the bright sky full of stars with a moon at the center of attention "Do you hold up the stars?" he asked the moon Suddenly, a train of light blasted across the sky behind the mountains it was a shooting star! "wow!" Moko said "the stars seem to be going somewhere.. I must go and find out more!" Moko set off, his heart full of hope The moon was a constant source of light and accompanied him to the peak but, arriving at the summit, Moko became so tired that he fell asleep and couldn't perservere any longer the sun rose then the night returned Moko slept all day a sudden breeze awoke him it was the crackling of a fire Moko approached it, and there he found a woman creating a breeze for all of the world oh! with each breath she blew on the enflamed wood, the flames danced and then escaped the inferno and climbed into the sky certian and agile were they, like the flying stars Moko exlaimed "wow!" that this woman created the stars it was the most magical sight seen by the heart and the eyes of Moko early in the morning, when heading back down through the countryside a man carting along some supplies stopped him: "where did you come from, my son?" asked the man "I came from behind the mountain, where i saw an old woman who made stars at night, by blowing on a fire!" the man was surprised, and when he regained himself he said, "There is a woman who sometimes makes a fire at night behind the mountain, but it is just for boiling water for a clothesline, for her children and babies..." Moko said to himself that the man didn't know a great deal about the stars, and that he did not know the old woman from the night before. at the end of the day, he arrived at his village and decided each night to sit and look up at the sky until he found one of the flying stars and escape into the secret of the maker of the stars how are stars born, and how do they die? did you know it is like us that stars are born, live and die? although the stars live much longer than us they are not immortal when the night is black, you can see the immense cloud of gas and dust that we call Nebulas it is inside these clouds that stars are born a star, taking the shape of an enormous ball of gas, is full of light and heat after they shine for more than millions of years, stars die by exploding sometimes with the explosion of one star, there is a rebirth of other little stars...

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Duration: 4 minutes and 13 seconds
Country: France
Language: French (France)
Genre: Animated
Views: 358
Posted by: pamela1108 on Oct 8, 2010

Wonderful French Animation of Moko, L'Enfant du Monde

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