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Wonderful good evening and thank you very much for coming to this special event tonight. My name is Sandro Lemmen and I´ve got the honour to introduce some of the very special guests we have here tonight . I would like to start and welcome the attache of a Syrian embassy here in Prague Mrs. Abeer Al Assad. As well present and with us tonight is the Honorary Consul of Belize Mr. Antonin Šimek. Well and even Czech politicians are with us, so please welcome two members of the czech parliament. Please welcome Mrs. Pavla Golasowská and Mr. Pavel Šrámek. before I hand over the microphone, we have even more support from our fellow Liberlanders, our representatives from across the globe Our representatives of Liberland from United States, Slovenia, Pakistan, The Netherlands and Poland. Now, I´d like to wish you a pleasant evening and please welcome the President of the Free Republic of Liberand. Dear guests, ladies and gentlemen The Free Republic of Liberland was born on 13th of April this year to celebrate the birthday of Thomas Jefferson. It has been formed on the very same principals as United States. It is a result of enthusiasm and belief in freedom by its founders and lots of its supporters. I would like to express my gratitude for their support at this evening. In short time, Liberland has made news around the world. The intention to make a free country in the world is appealing to around 400,000 people around the world that have registered on our website. Country is as strong as a number of people that believe in it. If we insist on our belief, then it will become a reality. According to Montevideo conventions on the rights and duties of states A country has to satisfy few conditions for its existence Its population ... its territory... its government... its capacity to enter into relations with other states We now have more than 70 000 people that would love to live in Liberland. ...if it was possible at this stage Our land is well defined and it doesn´t interfere with territory of any other state. Tonight I will introduce you the members of our new government and I am very happy that we have here diplomats of other countries which proves that we are able to start diplomatic relations with other countries We are also establishing diplomatic relations with Czech Republic and that s why I am honored to have 2 members of Czech parliament here with us as well. We are expanding our diplomatic network around the world We opened up around 60 offices of Liberland around the world, which are seeking recognition of our country I am very happy that we have so many representatives that traveled from all around the world to see this event. People from Slovenia, United States, Netherlands they all have come here for this event to celebrate the creation of our new government Preparatory committee of Liberland has passed articles of provisional government of Free Republic of Liberland which allow me to nominate 2 vice presidents and 5 ministers Tonight I will introduce 3 ministers which I pick out of those 300 000 people that applied for the citizenship. It´s my great honor to introduce you to Monika Chlumská. She has been my great support for the last 3 months. She has made amazing steps forward in terms of diplomacy She comes from a very well established family with diplomatic background So please Monika, if you can introduce yourself briefly and tell us what is the vision for Liberland. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I will try not to steal too much of your time and I would just basically like to tell you that the main topic or task we are trying to do with Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to start and set a very fruitful and in future hopefully very nice relationships with everybody who is around us, any country or state that is willing to cooperate with us as a neutral state, we try to be friendly, trying to negotiate on the basis of correctness, honesty and we are looking forward to start of a relationship with anyone Thank you Monika. Yes we are a neutral country and we intend to be that way for quite a long time. Another gentleman who has been quite helpful with settling the country itself during the summer is Mr. Ondřej Příhonský, he studied political science and international relations He is libertarian at heart and he was also working with a private security agency so he has got some background for the job as well. Please Ondřej, explain us a little bit how the ministry of interior will be running in the following years. Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a big task ahead of us. ..and we have several ways how to do it. We need to apply political pressure and diplomatic pressure we can rely on our economic benefits, but one of the angles we need to do properly if we want to get recognition soon is the relations with local community and local presence in the area, which is maybe something that you will be interested in over the summer, there has been lot of great work done. There were some permanent settlers and lot of the locals Serbians, Croatians ... they viewed us with mistrust, not knowing what we are about and given the history of the region when you say you want to found your own new state it sounds bad... but over the time, they warmed up to us and you could see the Liberland flags in the windows. They were actually quite happy that were there at the end and that we brought some economic boost, some tourism, but mostly it was just common people that gained nothing from us and were just happy about the idea of Liberland and that gave us great pleasure to see that common Croatians and Serbians, once they got to know us, they were all up for Liberland So I think that there is lot of potential and we will be working on it in spring to establish a permanent settlement not only in Liberland but also in the surrounding areas we have some great projects ahead of us and you are welcomed to come and please let us know and we will find some accommodation for you so you could see Liberland on your own eyes you see it s real and please do come and I will set you up. Definitely we have got a big music festival ahead of us than there is number of conferences already being arranged in the region these are all critical things for success of Liberland. Let me introduce you now Mr. Jan Purkrábek, who is our finance minister He is a great folk who has got lot of experience in finance, also libertarian He studied at the Economic University in Prague ... so floor is yours Good evening, I will be much shorter than my colleagues. I would like to mention just four points related to Liberland finance and that is: No taxes No debts No bonds, so you can´t buy Liberland bonds ever. No commonly used budgetary expenditures like education, health care and culture or transportation. It s not the government´s job and the fourth point is free competition for currencies. It´s not the government´s job to do any monopoly. Support Liberland and have a nice evening. If I can ask you Monika to introduce also our special activities - extra curriculum activities. We have the pleasure to be having among us tonight Mr. Košik who is actually the leader and the coach of our football representation team. He is the main person, who is going to tell you in brief what are they preparing for us. Thank you ladies and gentlemen I´m very proud to be a new headcoach of the national team of Free Rep. of Liberland. I hope there you all are going to be the first supporters of the team. Please remember the colors are yellow and black Have a nice night and enjoy this pleasure time. One of our most honored guest is Varhan Orchestrovič who is the author of our anthem... let me play it for you, it s only 1 min .long and than after that we can go and enjoy the dinner together. I must not forget one more thing, it is my First Lady, Jana Markovičová, who has been a great support and of course Jaromír Miškovský who both are members of our preparatory committee, the first settlers of Liberland as well as the first democratic body that elected me to be the president so don´t be mistaken, I am not self-proclaimed president I was elected by this couple so now we can enjoy the dinner.

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18.12. 2015 at Hotel Le Palais Art hotel in Prague

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