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Your Freedom Tutorial

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Hi! I am going to show you how to install and activate the “Your Freedom” software. Once you have downloaded and installed the "Your Freedom" software, you turn it on, and it turns your computer into an anonymous web proxy and an anonymous SOCKS proxy. This means when you send a request out to the Internet, it goes to a “Your Freedom” server first, then to the Internet. It grabs the information you want, brings it back through the server, and back to your computer, all anonymously. The great thing about “Your Freedom” is that it works with your web browser, but it also works with other software, like your IMing software, your email software, and even online games. So with that in mind let’s get started. The first thing you are going to want to do is get the software itself. We are going to open up our preferred web browser. I am using Mozilla's Firefox. Go to On the main website you can see a brief overview of what the “Your Freedom” software does, and if you want to know more I would suggest going to DOCS and FAQ. There is a pretty hefty user guide which, in very easy to understand terms, explains everything the software can do. I would suggest downloading that and looking through it when you can. For right now we are going to go to the ‘Downloads’ tab here. The one thing about “Your Freedom” is you have to have an account. You have to sign up. You don’t have to give any personal information if you don’t want to, that is optional. But you do need a username and password to use the software. We're going down here. There is a version for Windows and a version for Mac. We're going to use the Windows Full Installer, which is 12 megabytes, and I am going to click “Mirror US” here. You are going to save the file, but I have already saved the file for the Tutorial, so I am going to cancel this. But you want to save it. Go to the place you saved it to, so you can install it. Go to ‘Downloads’. 'Your Freedom'. And double-click the icon. Click 'Run'. Click 'Allow' I am using Windows Vista, so this is installing on a Vista machine. It is a pretty straightforward Installation Wizard. Click ‘Next’. You can choose to install a ‘current user only’ or ‘anyone who uses the computer’. I am going to leave it on ‘anyone who uses the computer’ and then install the default directory. Click 'Next'. I am going to let it create a shortcut on my Desktop, and let it install. It should not take very long, because it is not a very large program. It gives you the option of ‘start Your Freedom right away’ but I want to do it manually so I am going to uncheck the box, and click ‘Finish’. Close this out Notice over here is the “doorway to ‘Your Freedom’” which is their icon. Double click the icon and allow. Then you are going to select your language. I am going to go with English US. This is the User Interface for “Your Freedom.” The first thing you are going to want to do once you get in here is going to ‘configure.’ In the configure screen you can set all kinds of options, but for right now we just want to find the closest server that we can use to browse the web anonymously. We are going to click on ‘use wizard’ and this brings up pretty straightforward 'wizard' to connect to one of the servers. Click ‘next’ here If you are using a proxy and you know it you are going to want to put the information here, but I am not using one so I am clearing these fields. You also have the option for ‘try to auto-detect.’ I am going to click ‘next’ here. These are the different protocols that “Your Freedom” uses to get you around censorship and firewalls. So I am going to leave all the ones that are checked ‘checked’ and click ‘next’. What this is going to do now is search for the closest and most reliable server it can connect to in order to get to the Internet anonymously. We are just going to let this run and we will come back to it once it is at a place where I can actually connect to a server. Here we can see all the servers that it grabbed for me to connect to. This gives you the server name, the address, which country it is in, and the protocols that it can connect to. Since I am in the US, I am going to try to get the closest possible one, I am going to click on this one and then click ‘next’. This is the point that you are going to have to input the username and password you got earlier. If you didn’t get one you are going to have to go back to the website and sign up for one. I am going to enter mine here. ‘Freedom’ and my password. Click 'next.' It comes up with a congratulations screen, saying everything should be OK. You are going to save and exit, save and exit, and then start the connection. If you disconnect and then reconnect quickly, you are going to have to prove you are human, and that is why I am doing this. Enter the number the number they give you and click the ‘OK’ button. So as you can see the icon here is an open door and you can see I am sending information back and forth. Now you don’t have to leave the user interface open, you can close the user interface and down here in the task bar is the “Your Freedom” icon. You can 'right click' that to stop the connection, configure, and exit. You can also click ‘show Your Freedom window’ so you can get your user interface window back. And that is about all there is to installing and activating “Your Freedom.”

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Guide on downloading, installing, and using the Your Freedom Software

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