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Jacque Fresco - We Have the Resources (Repository)

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In the world today we have enough resources to solve most human problems. We can build cities, hospitals, all over the world if we use resources! But if you conscripted all the money in the world, there's not enough money to build hospitals and housing all over the world and finance the education of students who want to go to college. But we do have enough teachers and enough buildings we can use for universities. We have the resources; money is an interference, because it limits our ability and it limits our dreams. The average person doesn't think of going on a world cruise because it's outside of their purchasing power. So, we dare not dream. But once people are free of hunger, money, problems paying rent, keeping a job to support their family, for the first time they can now dream and think of better worlds and different things. The only reason we only have one Edison and one Madame Curie and one Louis Pasteur and one Michelangelo is because kids are not given the opportunity! Like in America it was possible, at a time, to buy a car for five dollars. I bought a car for eight bucks, so we could take it apart in our garage. In Europe at that time, no kid could make a radio or buy a car. So Americans did lead for a while in invention because they had the facilities! There were an abundance of things! So if you deprive people of things - like they couldn't teach the slaves how to read, because if they learned how to read they'd begin to think about things, and they'd be hard to manage. So, we did that for intentioned purposes. So that's why our schools don't teach kids how to think! First of all they don't know how to. And if they knew how to, you couldn't get them to join the army and you couldn't get them to fall in line with the system! There'd be so many different political parties that you couldn't get anybody to vote any one direction! a real democracy, which we've never had. Special thanks to Maja Borg. Out takes from her film "Future My Love"

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Duration: 2 minutes and 19 seconds
Year: 2017
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Maja Borg
Director: Maja Borg
Views: 23
Posted by: ltiofficial on Apr 30, 2018

A short video explaining the importance of resources. Outtakes from Maja Borg's film "Future My Love".

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