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Rav Pesach 1987- Seder Plate

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You think God needs your Seder? I would think that would be the reason we would have to perform it Would you say you're doing this because of a tradition? Because of a tradition that maybe has some connection with the freedom but if you don't even know what is accomplishing for if you don't know what the purpose is then in the final analysis you have not even accomplished what was once a tradition. There are different ways of establishing the Hakearah. That's the Seder plate, which seems to play a very dominant role in the Hagadah. The Hakearah, on the right side, which we'll go through is the Zeroa, which means the shank bone, ok! We go over to the left on the top and we have Beitzah, the egg. And then we go down and we have the Maror, the bitter herb. Then we go down again to the right and we have Charosset and then we go over to the left side, which is Carpas that is the parsley and then finally, the Chazeret, which actually is roman lettuce. It is not bitter herbs, it's roman lettuce. Chazeret. Now, what this all this signifying? why do we need the Hakearah? and beneath this Hakeará we'll have our three Matsot. The three Matsot because from a Kabbalistic point of view this is your software. If this is your software and if you know anything about computers let me see the one who doesn't know anything about the keyboard You think he can access into to the hard disk? You think he can access into information? If he doesn't know how to operate the keys what does he accomplish? It's the same thing here By the establishment of these things if you merely put it on the plates you've accomplish zero. Accomplished zero because the Ari says, very clearly, when we are discussing again the Zeroa, the shank bone we are discussing the Sefirat, the energy intelligence which is referred to as Chessed. Chessed. and when you place the shank bone, we'll understand why it's Chessed. When you place the shank bone the Zeroa on that plate You'll have designated as an energy intelligence of Chessed. The scientists told us there's a tremendous cosmic dances that goes on in inanimate objects. So it's not that we are talking to the wall. Sometimes we are talking to the wall in a sense that it hears the walls have ears. I wonder where that came from. Right?! The walls have ears. Yes, they hear. It is an intelligence. Maybe some of you are not used to that only because the scientists didn't come out in bold letters and say "Mind Over Matter" So we should understand that if I don't believe it or not it's a fact. It's a fact according to the Kabbalistic understanding.

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