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How to tie a tie

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Hi, I'm Jennifer Morris for Howdini. And here's a skill I'm sure a lot of wish you had which is how to tie a tie. I have no idea how to do that. But luckily, today we have with us Brett Fahlgren who is the style correspondent for GQ magazine. And he's going to teach us how to tie a tie. Now there are a couple different kinds of ties, right? Yes. There are over a dozen different ways to tie a tie knot, but I'm going to show you one of the most popular which is called the Four in Hand. And it's used quite frequently because it's a moderately sized tie knot and it's also quite easy to tie. And that's sort of the traditional knot that we're used to seeing is the Four in Hand. Exactly. It's called the Four in Hand. OK. So let's go to it. What do you do first? Well the first place to start is to just drape the tie around your neck. And then you want to get the right size so that the wider end is about halfway further past the narrow end. OK. OK. So that's the place to start. So you want to have like a mini tie? You want to have a little mini tie, exactly. And you might have to try it a few different times because different ties have different lengths. OK. So you're never going to get it on the first try normally. The first step in tying a Four in Hand knot is simply to put the tie around your neck and to figure out the right length about halfway, or possibly a little less, for the narrow end compared to the longer end. You take the wide end of the tie, and the first step is to bring it around like that. Then you simply bring it towards the front, you wrap it around, and now you can see that the Four in Hand knot is starting to take shape. The final step is to bring the wide end up through the loop created in your neck and put it right back down-- Drum roll please. Drum roll. There we go. --through the knot that you've created, and you want to feed it through taking your time to make adjustments so you get the right tie. Now holding on to the narrow end-- --to the mini tie. --you simply adjust and bring it right up. And then I can come around and fix the collar. Yes, and you can help me since I don't have a mirror and it can be difficult without a mirror. But that's how good you are. You don't need a mirror. There you go. Excellent. And that's a Four in Hand knot. And now you at home know how to tie a Four in Hand knot. Thank you, Brett Fahlgren. Again, he is the style correspondent for GQ Magazine, and I'm Jennifer Morris for Howdini.

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Learn how to tie the popular four-in-hand necktie knot from GQ's style correspondent, Brett Fahlgren.

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