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The Theory of Everything

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[Focus Features] ♪ violin music ♪ [bicycle bell] [Brian] Come on. Get up. [Stephen Hawking] Morning, Brian. [Brian] Stephan, are you aware that you voluntarily embarked upon a PhD. in physics? [Working Title] [Stephen Hawking] Hello. [Jane Hawking] Hello. [Stephen Hawking] Science. [Jane Hawking] Art. [In a Place of Great Minds] [Stephen Hawking] I'm a cosmologist. [Jane Hawking] What's that? [Stephen Hawking] I study the marriage of space and time. [Jane Hawking] The perfect couple. [Stephen Hawking Made a Connection] [Dennis Sciama] One never knows from where the next great leap forward is going to come or from whom. [That Changed Everything] [Stephen Hawking] What if I reversed time to see what happened at the beginning of time itself? [Jane Hawking] Wind back the clock. [Stephen Hawking] Wind back the clock? [Dennis Sciama] Keep going. [Stephen Hawking] I don't know how. [Dennis Sciama] Yet. Rewinding. [Jane Hawking] Where's Hugh? [Frank Hawking] It's called motor-neuron disease. Life expectancy is two years. [Jane Hawking] I want us to be together for as long as we've got. [Stephen Hawking] It will affect everything. [Frank Hawking] You don't realize what lies ahead. This is going to be a real heavy defeat. [Jane Hawking] But I love him. And he loves me. We're going to fight this illness together. [This November] [Jane Hawking] Good luck. [Dennis Sciama] How are you? [Stephen Hawking] I'm okay. >>So this black hole at the beginning of time, brilliant. Brilliant Stephen. Well done, Doctor. [Hope Is Everything] [Doctor] He has pneumonia; the only way he will survive would be to give him a tracheotomy. He will never speak again. [Jane Hawking] Yes, he will. [computer voice] My name is Stephen Hawking. [Jane Hawking] It's American. [Technician] Is that a problem? [Life Is Everything] [Dennis Sciama] It has been a great joy to watch this man defy every expectation, both scientific and personal. [Stephen Hawking computer voice] There should be no boundaries to the human endeavor. However bad life may seem, while there is life, there is hope. [Stephen Hawking] Thank you. [Jane Hawking] Sorry, did you say something? [The Theory of Everything] [Stephen Hawking] I said thank you. [November 2014]

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A look at the relationship between the famous physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife.

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