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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~09:32:58 - 09:47:58

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I am going to bring a cup. -Who has not had a drink yet? -Let's drink. -She came, she came. -Whoever wants a drink should come here. She gives you a drink by turn. Good morning. -Aya! Aya! Where is Alaa? -Is there someone on the stairs? Where is Alaa? What about me? What about me? Mr.'Abed! Ok. Let's go. By turn, by turn. Here. Omar, You should take your place in the line. Behind Wael. Come here. You have plenty of places, but you took mine! Why did you eat all these teeth? Haha. -Ask those who are downstairs to come. -Wafaa and... Yes yes. All those who are downstairs should come to me. Yes, all of them should come. -Did everyone drink water? Isn't it? -No. -Yes. Now, we are going to work on the Shamalia with the second group. Shamalia? -All of you are going to work on it with the second group. -Shamalia? Yes, I said everyone everyone. -Come here Hamada. -Hamada or Hammouda? Sit down here, Hamada. Sit down here, Hamada. Let's go there, children. We want to work on the Shamalia with the second group. Alaa... Narimane... Never mind. Aya! How old are you? Aya! Ten years? Sit down here. Hicham, who is left? Aya! Are you ten years old? Hurry up, you should come up quickly. Aya! Come here, Aya. You should accompany them when they come up. Israa! Israa! Who gave you this name? I forgot it. So, can you tell me again? Hum? I forgot it. Can you tell me again? -Israa and Aya, don't go away. -I forgot it. So, can you tell me again? We are going to start the Shamalia as soon as we finish. -Haven't you practiced? -We did like this. You are going to practice now. -Tell me, which step are we going to do? Tell me, which step are we going to do? -You are going to practice. It's enough. Ask them to come up now. Tell them that Mr.'Abed asked you to come up now. -Let's go young men. -Tell me which movement we are going to start with? I want them now. Quickly. 'Abir, tell them that he wants them. Aya! Come here. Bring the swords here. You should bring the swords here next to me. You should bring the swords here. Hurry up, everyone should stay in their place. Give them to me. Give them to me. All of you should sit here. Hurry up, all of you should sit here. They don't eat! They remain for 24h. Then, they go to sleep when they get tired. Come here. Come here. Nour, come here next to me. Nour, take Omar and Wael and go downstairs. Hurry up, Omar and Wael. -Khaled, sit down here, sit down here, sit down here... -Hamada. -Hurry up, Hamada. You should go home. You should go home. -Hurry up, Rabii. -Enough. Are you happy with what happened? -Go home, go home. You should go together, do you understand me? Hurry up. Hurry up. Rabii, go home, go home. Next Friday. -Hayat! Come here for a while. -Do you want to put the table here? Do you want to turn the table or put it here? -Leave it there. -On the ground or somewhere else? -Do you already know it? -It's the first time. Put it above. Yes, put it above. We don't need a table. We don't need a table. Me and Ghadir have the same kind of hair. Wafaa! Enough! I am going to beat you. -Look how her hair looks. Look how her hair looks. -It is harsh. It is harsh. It is harsh. -Your hair is long. -It is straight. Who hasn't yet come? It is forbidden. What did we say about jeans last time? Look at me, I told you several times that jeans are forbidden. How often have I told you this? You can wear them when it is rainy. But now it isn't the case. It is inappropriate. When it is warm you aren't allowed to wear jeans. Rim, when did I tell you that jeans are forbidden? -From a long time, but I don't wear them. -You don't wear them? So you can stay. Stand up, Wafaa. -I'm not wearing jeans. -Wafaa, go and change your clothes. You are wearing jeans. Do you think that you are coming to a trip? You don't know that there is a training. Take your place in the line. Take your place in the line. This is a short short. I told you that you can wear short shorts. Take your place in the line. You should remain sitting here. Look at me. You should stay here. Mr Abed is addressing you. The line, the line. Is this a line? You should take your place in the line. You should take your place in the line. -Leave her, leave her. -Ok, it doesn't matter. It is forbidden. Enough. It's forbidden. We can't make a en exception between you and allow one of you and prevent the other. You should take your place in the line. This isn't a line. Where are you going? It isn't your place, it isn't your place. Ok. Get up Ayaa, Wafaa, 'Abir... Aya, you can't attend the training with jeans. I am talking about the jeans. Why are you wearing trousers, Aya? Take your place here. Come on Wafaa. Come here Manal. Jamila Jamila. Come here, Jamila. Jamila, take your place here. Come close, Jamila. Come close, Jamila. Come here, Jamila. Come close. Come close, Jamila. Come close. Leave a space, Ghadir. That is ok. Come here, Jamila. Come close... Take your place here. -Take your place here. -Never mind. Haha. I feel that I'm going to fall down. Ok. Ok. What is going on Israa? Who is left? Hicham and Chahd. Hicham, come here. Take your place here. Change your place. Change your place and come here. Take your place here. Come close to the line. Ok. Did Jamila come? If she wants, it is up to her. Yes. Ok. You should turn your faces in this direction. Your faces should be directed this way. Ghadir, come here. You should move forward. You should move forward. Stop, come close, and turn your faces this way. Come close, come close. Turn your faces. Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up. Shamalia shamalia. When i say shamalia i want everyone to go to the place he wants. Oh! You mean this! I forgot about it! You should go backward. Go backward, go backward, go backward. Turn your face to this direction. Now, we're going to mix the small group with the bigger one. Look at me when I'm addressing you. If you want to talk, go downstairs. Shut up. I'm going to mix the small group with the older group which is bigger. So as to see how their level is in comparison to yours. They dance the dabka of Shamalia very well. They have small problems. The head, the sitting cue etc. I put you with them so as to train them on the sitting cue. How we make a half circle... How we cry and sing the song together. Do you understand what I'm saying, Manal? Now, we're going to work on shamalia from the beginning till end. I don't want anyone to make a mistake. Do you hear me? Let's start. Hammouda Hammouda! Where is Hammouda? Let's start. Together. Go back a little bit. First of all, you should go back a little bit. Enough. Do the first thing, the first thing; come close, come close. Let's go. You should stay in the line, Khalil. Let's go.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GL Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera/Ron Carr
Views: 176
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 26, 2009

Jamila at the social care center in Shatila.

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