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Are you too young to know what a yo-yo is? [PLAYERS:] Yes. That's it. Do it again. I like that. OK so what a yo-yo goes what and what? [PLAYERS:] Goes up and down. OK, good now in this game there's going to be ups and downs. OK, are you happy with that? In this game there's going to be some learning but there's going to be some leading. Here's the game, now it's attacking. So I'm looking for fun, exciting, interesting players. Here we go, the first game we're not going to use them right we're going to play this way. So you're going to have your players on the pitch however you want, against another team and you've got to try and score in their goals and they've got to try and score in your goals. Happy with that? Simple? There's always going to be two footballs on the pitch so I want you to decide if we score, probably me, I'd dribble all the way to goal and smash it in the top corner. Once it goes in the goal who should start them or us? Hands up for them? Hands up for us? So if we score we keep the ball. So you'll notice there's footballs in the goals. Happy with the game? OK. Harvey and James you are the team captains , So go and get yourselves by the water bottles team captains. We will start in 30 seconds, get yourselves on the pitches. OK here we go. James and Harvey off the pitch. Daniel you've got to ball, yes. Riley, you've got to ball. Daniel and Riley have got the footballs. [WHISTLE] Play. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] OK, so we're gonna see if they defend or attack see if they can go on both sides of the pitch. And if you notice the goalies [COACH TO PLAYERS:] Great finish 1-0, [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] the goalies have gone both in the same ends. So that might be a tactic we talk about with the managers [COACH TO PLAYERS:] Well done for getting the ball out. Good, well done keep going. Love that. Brilliant play you two, what a save Riley. Who could you talk to? Riley, your team were shouting here but I don't think you were loud enough. Riley you're on top form, still 1-0. Woah. [WHISTLE:] Rest there, that's a one minute game. OK, quickly come to me for ten seconds and we're going straight back out. What's the score? 2-1 OK, Happy with the game, understand the game? Here we go. Go back to the pitch, but see if you can play for your team more, does that make sense? And the other thing for the two goalies if you want to make it harder for yourselves, try and use both goals. So decide when you need to be in one goal and decide when you need to be in the other, happy with the rules? Starting in 10, 9, 8. 0-0 First game to the Reds, [WHISTLE] Play. Keep going, don't worry if there's 3 balls, go on. See if they notice. Great defending, I like your position now. I like that. So now try and recognise when you need to go to one pitch, and when you need to go to the other. Number 2 what's your name? Come here, don't worry about this ball for a minute, excellent position for defending. I want to see how many times now you can intercept a pass that comes all the way across so you can attack. I reckon you'll score more going that way as well. Good boy, good luck.

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Posted by: dannyfranklin on Aug 22, 2018

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