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'Non-Stop' Movie Trailer Stars Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore, Lupita Nyong'o

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[The Following Preview Has Been Approved for Appropriate Audiences by the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.] [] [] [♪ music ♪] [jet engines revving] [Liam Neeson as Bill Marks] I hate flying. The lines, the crowds, the delays. [Julianne Moore as Jen Summers] I always kind of liked it. Six hours, one seat, nobody can get to you. [Linus Roache as David McMillan] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard our non-stop service from New York to London. [as Summers] Fly much? >>[as Marks] All the time, actually. [Universal - A Comcast Company] [Silver Pictures] [StudioCanal] [cell phone buzzing] [Hello, Marshal...] [This is a secure network. Who is this?] [cell phone buzzing] [I'm going to kill someone on this plane every 20 minutes.] [as Marks] Someone on this flight is threatening to kill someone every 20 minutes unless $150 million is transferred to this account number. [as McMillan] We're midway across the Atlantic. How do you kill someone in a crowded plane and get away with it? [cell phone buzzing] [Do I have your attention now?] [This February] [as Marks] Ladies and gentlemen, I need every passenger to raise their hands above their head. [Michelle Dockery as Nancy] This is a bad idea. [Corey Stoll as Austin Reilly] Marshal, we have a right to know what the hell is going— [as McMillan] Agent Marks, the account number you gave us is in your name. [as Marks] What? That doesn't make any sense. This is a setup. Something else is going on. [bell dings] [At 40,000 Feet] [bell dings] [No One is Safe] [beeping] [bell dings] [reporter] The FBI, the White House, and Interpol are confirming reports that an international flight has been hijacked by an air marshal. [fighter pilot] Agent Marks, our fighter escort has you in their sight. Do you hear me? [as Marks] We're running out of time. Do you hear me? [beeping] [jet engines revving] I'm not hijacking this plane. [jet engines revving] I'm trying to save it! [Non-Stop] [February 2014]

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Posted by: aarp on Feb 28, 2014

An air marshal springs into action during a transatlantic flight after receiving a series of text messages that put his fellow passengers at risk unless the airline transfers $150 million into an off-shore account.

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