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>> Well, I want to first thank you for getting this tutorial and taking the time to look through how to move forward with the new ESPRIT TNG, which is the future of ESPRIT. There's just no doubt about it that the future of ESPRIT lies in this product. So, I think the more we learn about how to migrate to ESPRIT TNG the better off we are. ESPRIT TNG of course is an evolving product. There's new functionality being added all the time. There's also a great deal of resources being put towards releasing a high-quality product that far exceeds the capabilities of the ESPRIT 2000 series. For some time I suspect there'll be parallel tracks of ESPRIT 2000 users and ESPRIT TNG. Of course, you noticed that the ESPRIT TNG can co-exist with ESPRIT, so you can run your ESPRIT 2000 and TNG on the same computer with no conflicts. We also talked a little bit about how to migrate data from ESPRIT 2000 to TNG, both in the form of .esp files existing machine set-ups with solids, and also how to modify post-processors to work in ESPRIT TNG as well. And so, I'd say we...this tutorial was really just to begin to kind of get you pointed in the right direction and maybe help you get your feet under you as you start exploring the ESPRIT TNG product. Plans are to next work on a full line of TNG tutorials just like we've done with the 2000 series. So, we'll probably be releasing at some point in the future probably starting with Wire EDM, because that's one area that's there's more users clearly of Wire EDM and they will move off into the Milling and Turning. Unclear yet how we're going to package these, because, you know, the layout of ESPRIT TNG is all different than 2000 series, but suffice it to say that we will come up with very in-depth tutorials just like we did with the 2000 series product line, and to help teach you how to use and get the most out of your ESPRIT TNG. So, for now, that takes care of this first look tutorial and I've learned a lot through this process I've spent probably more time working on files with this... for this tutorial that I've done with TNG for the last couple of years. So, I've learned a lot in the process and I know that the product will keep getting better, stronger, and it's going to continue to improve. that takes care of this tutorial and we wish you the best of luck as well as all of your future ESPRIT projects whether they be in ESPRIT 2000 series, or ESPRIT TNG. We wish you the best with all of your ESPRIT projects.

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